Welcome to the Abi Roberts party!

Hello. I am a comediator (comedian/commentator) and last month both my Abi Roberts twitter account, which had close to 48,000 followers, and then my satirical character Cathy Crunt account were permanently suspended. I have consistently questioned the Rona shit show and in particular the jabs, which also got me uninvited from appearing on GB News, having been a regular, popular, outspoken guest for 8 months. However, out of the rubble I stumbled to this place, which has led me to all of YOU!

Join the club

All lovers of truth, liberty, free speech and the pursuit of justice for the crimes committed over the last two and a half years, are welcome to this party. Pour yourselves a drink from the non-globalist drinks cabinet, grab some salted nuts and have a mingle with great people. You may not agree on everything, but that always makes for an interesting atmosphere.

Nobody will be bullied, silenced or cancelled here.

We fight on. And we will win.


Abi Roberts
Hello. I'm a comedian and commentator. A comediator. As well as being naturally hilarious, I have spoken out seriously against the Covid insanity, especially the government darts. I fight on. "She's a big, foul-mouthed yob" - Jon Gaunt