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I walked past the “wall of hearts” for first time this week and it made me feel very queasy. It reeks of the ‘clap for the NHS” thing.

There are an awful lot of hearts without any messages in them so it looks more extensive than it really is. But let’s take it at face value and say that all the messages are genuine and written by relatives. How many of those people died alone because of government policy? How many of those people died unnecessarily due to suppression of treatments?

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Abi I think you should just treat us to a podcast of a medley of songs of your choice! Love you, you talented lady ❤️

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Hi Abi I did see the Laurence Fox video on Twitter. What an absolute disgrace the police in this country have become. There's all those Pakistani grooming gangs up north and they've had the equivalent of a slapped hand and then this poor guy had just retweeted the flag that Laurence Fox had posted.

They are an embarrassment. How about going and catching some criminals. And as for the person who reported it, christ! If you don't like it, don't look at it. We do not have the right to not be offended. We are supposed to have free speech in this country and this shit is a slippery slope. The police have got to stop kow towing to these idiots.

You do have a fabulous voice Abi. Maybe you could do some Dolly Parton 😁, although isn't she a jab pusher? So maybe not then😬.

Good on you putting the stickers around your area. It is creepy that you were followed and then the stickers taken down. I also go out for a daily walk and a few months back now, there was a little notice pinned to a gate post explaining we must resist the great reset and keep using cash. I thought brilliant there's others in the village thinking like me, but alas the next day, someone had shredded it and pinned if back on the post, bastards!

I admire your determination Abi, so keep on keeping on and as Trudi said, let us all have some stickers so we can help spread the word.

See you next time. By the way, Duncan is perfect! I cracked up when he said 'peace and love ' and then started swearing at the end. Neil seems a genuinely good guy, but what if it is all for show? We have to question everything in these crazy times😉xx

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What a brilliant podcast today Abi... Thankyou 💖

Sounds very creepy when you were out and about today, glad you’re ok, I’d have definitely felt spooked too.

Glad the mouse is nowhere to be seen, hope he’s long gone.

Tell your mate that we all need some stickers 😉👍

Have a great weekend Abi and to all of the substackers 🥰

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Great podcast again today Abs.

I think I remember Loose Lips 🤣😂🥲

Thanks for trying to answer my question.....in hindsight it is a hard ask. As a music lover myself (but pretty much tone deaf) Its impossible to come up with an all time fav song,the list is endless. Who can live without it? I ask in all honesty,what would life be? Without a song or a dance,what are we? ( said in a McCockin style monologue ). 😩

I like a bit of Country....went to see Dolly a few years ago,cracking girls day out to Glasgow.......but she can go fuck herself now.....and that Jolene/Vaccine song 🙈🤮 Do u like Nanci Griffith Abi?

Have a great weekend y’all

PS I find bootlegs on a man repulsive 😂 Mr Jules likes to point the bootleggers out for a chuckle 😂

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Friday = cider. herbs. weather report a bonus 💋thanks hun. X

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Glad your furry fucker hasn’t made another appearance Abi.

When you are out alone I think you have to follow your gut to stay safe. It must be very unnerving to feel that you are being followed.

I really do not understand crypto currency enough to invest any money into it. Crypto has taken a hit recently, so may be nothing is a safe bet.

The Police can be relied upon not to do any proper policing but post anything on Twitter that doesn’t follow the narrative and watch the cops appear on your doorstep.

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