Welcome to the Abi Roberts party.

Great to meet you. *big hug, no mask*

Bit of intro: I perform live stand-up, I write articles, and I record a daily podcast.

I’m proud to be a stone in the shoe of the cowardly bauble-chasers in politics and the media.

Join the club

All lovers of truth, liberty, free speech and the pursuit of justice for the crimes committed over the last three years, are welcome to this party. Pour yourselves a drink from the non-globalist drinks cabinet, grab some salted nuts, and have a mingle with great people. You may not agree on everything, but that always makes for an interesting party.

Just don’t be a cunt.

Be seeing you.

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Abi Roberts

Hello. I'm a comedian and commentator. A comediator. As well as being naturally hilarious, I have spoken out seriously against the Covid insanity, especially the government darts. I fight on. "She's a big, foul-mouthed yob" - Jon Gaunt