Hi Abi. I think you should change the name of this podcast to 'the pissed podcast'. That made me laugh when you said that, but it has got a certain ring to it 😁.

It's been roasting here too in the east Midlands and I made the mistake of going shopping for a prom suit with my youngest son. We were like zombies by the end 🤪 and very, very sweaty. Nice!

I liked the cooking question. I am so envious of you and Heather. I had covid in March 2021 and lost my senses of smell and taste. After 6 months of having no taste or smell, it changed, but everything is disgusting. Taste and smell is either non existent or it is rancid. I am so jealous of your fish and chips. That's something I keep fantasizing about with mushy peas ofcourse 😊 . I'm hoping it will return, but it gets me down at times because I just want something nice to eat. That salad sounded amazing.

Thanks for answering my question . It sounds like your faith is a big part of your coping mechanism. I have a friend who has very strong faith and she strongly believes that God will protect us and get us through. All we have to do is ask, she says, but I'm not sure. I want to believe there is something out there, but I'm not sure. She is a lovely lady in her 80's. I only see her occasionally and haven't broached the last two years with her. Not sure whether to or not atm. I will ponder that one.

I too listen to music. I love film scores by John Williams, so Star Wars, Jurassic Park. I love Somewhere in time with Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour. The music is lovely and has some Rachmaninoff (probably spelt that wrong) in it. And I would recommend Outlander on Amazon. Absolutely beautiful music accompanies that. So I do immerse myself in music because it lifts my soul. I find it incredibly moving, I listen when I'm baking usually, even though I can't bloody eat it ! Lol.

So thank you for your comments. I'm so pleased I found this podcast and I too really look forward to hearing it every day. It's like catching up with an old friend you haven't seen for ages. You just feel comfy, you share their views and most important, you have a laugh!

I know I go on a bit (well quite a lot actually 😉), but it is like chatting to a good friend and it's nice to listen to your thoughts and see what the other listeners are thinking too.

Thanks again Abi . See you next time xx

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Thought you’d dumped us😂😂 yes, what a scorcher today, there’s been a nice breeze though, thank fudge.

I talk to Ben every night when I go to bed, I tell him about my day, I can’t start the day without saying,”morning son, I love you “.

For Mr Dinsdale, it’s going to be raining in Leicester tomorrow 😉👍

Glad you had a good interview with James and I’m surprised you had a few ciders Abs, seeing as you very rarely drink 🙄🙄😂😂😂😂

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

Abi will be in her garden, trimming her overgrown bush🫣🫣🫣😂😂

Lots of love 💖💖💖🥵🥵🥵

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Abi you are totally committed to this podcast and you walk the walk and talk the talk! Thank you for your genuine humour, you make me laugh out loud! Xxx

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Lovely to see all the 'usuals' on Abs podcast.. we are are all of the same mind, which is great..

Hi everyone ! I can't see where to add emojis on here, 81 year old brain can get around most techie stuff, but this foxxs me. Maybe it's my Mac playing silly boogers!

See you all after the weekend.. xx

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Dearest Abi, Thank you for being there , even on a sweltering June night ! Fry ups and fish and chips of course!

Your wonderful Terry, so precious hearing you talk about him. Thank you .

I love Freefalling, loud! And all the others you mention especially The Cure.

Looking forward to your talk with Jennifer Arcuri. I tried on Telegram yesterday but could not find it. Did hear Jason Gardiner who was a judge on dancing on ice, amongst others. He has just been taken off instagram after showing a copy of pfeizers latest ‘adverse effects’ dump. He did not sound like he would be letting it go. Good man!

Have a brilliant weekend everyone.


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Thank you, Drunky Abi! So appreciate you doing this every day - even when it’s sweltering. Loved the way you described getting through all this - God and your darling husband. And a useful hint for making salads bearable thrown in too! Have a lovely weekend. 🥰

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Fuck sakes Abs, can’t believe u stood us up at teatime😩 a cider in the sun sounds great though tbh…… we haven’t had a wiff of summer here in Scotland,so the weather reports not going down too well in my house (sorry Peter) Listened to Jen’s chat last night ,it was great,thank you. You said something word for word that I’ve been saying on a loop for the last 2 years ‘why doesn’t everybody feel like we do?’ 🤯

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Exactly.. but just found it on jennifer’s YouTube channel ! 😃😃🫖 xx

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Can't always listen live Abi, but I really enjoy your podcasts . Thankyou.

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👍👏John candy It amazing in trains planes good taste sometimes so you have 😉

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Haha, I was frantically searching for your podcast for the past hour, Abs, had just about given up, then up you popped! ( computer changed that to pooped !!) Hooray!.. Now listening, and whew what a scorcher, I can't bear it.. xx

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Love you Abi and thank you! xx

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