Omg... you’re back🥳🥳🥳

Hope you’ve had a nice break, you’ve been missed .

Cathy saved the day for me yesterday. After the Boris rubbish was declared, my stomach was in knots and quite frankly, it ruined my whole day.

Thank god for the Crunt, who managed to make me laugh out loud.

The Platty Jubes....only caught glimpses here and there. Saw Duran Duran,what the fudge have they done to their faces?One of them reminded me of Michael from the Halloween films! I was terrified 🫣😂

Cliff Richard looked amazing... said nobody..EVER! You’ve got to laugh at the morons.

Also have to agree with your comments regarding the LD etc,there can never be fence sitters. They were WRONG... The End!

Anyway, it’s great that you’re back and thankyou 💖💖💖

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Hi Abi. You say what's the good news? I say Abi is back😊 and that is excellent news. Quite frankly, I loathe the royal family. I had no desire to watch any of it, so I didn't 😂. All I would say is that to me THEY are the useless eaters and I'd like to see them own nothing and be happy. F***ing hypocrites!

I agree that the Boris vote is just the next distraction to keep us from finding out more about the whole shit show of the last two years. This is how it's going to be. They will move from crisis to crisis to crisis because they want us in a permanent state of fear I believe. The economy is f***ed! And they know it and anything that takes our focus away from what's really going on is obviously what they want.

I watched an excellent interview by a chap called Bret Weinstein with Neil Oliver on YouTube. Talking about what they did to be able to get the 'vaccines' out and what it actually is. They deliberately suppressed treatments like Ivermectin because if there were treatments that could have been used, they wouldn't have got an emergency use license. What a bunch of b******s! Let's just say it ain't a vaccine, as you know Abi. Apparently there was a conference in Bath a few weeks ago attended by the 'covid dissenters '. All sorts of clever folk who spoke out against the narrative and who knew the 'vaccines' were morally and ethically wrong. I strongly recommend you take a look. They also talk about what needs to happen to stop the nightmare that as you say, is still ongoing.

A friend of the mine sent me a clip from the X files. I'm sure you remember that series from the 90's about aliens and stuff. Well in this clip Gillian Anderson's character is talking about MRNA, spike proteins and how the 'bad guys ' are infecting the citizens of the US as they want to depopulate the world...sound familiar? I'll try and send it to you on your email tomorrow, but I'm not good at technology, so bear with me 😊. I've felt since the start it was like we were living in a really bad dystopian film , so maybe Klaus and his mates were fans of the X files and that's where they got the idea! If it wasn't so serious, it would be hilarious that they copied the X files 😂.

Anyway it's so good to hear you again after your break. I hope you've managed to recharge the batteries and we'll be seeing you tomorrow.

All the best to you Abi and everyone who listens here x

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Hi Abi, So happy you’re back ! ❤️

On March 20th 2020 I felt like we’d slipped into a parallel universe overnight and so I did again at the weekend. Then to hear william declare their WEF standing in plain sight like that.. and never passing on an opportunity to push the jab. Thank you to Cathy Crunt for restoring balance to the Universe.

Meanwhile, they’ve just snuck through that GP’s are obliged to report all cases of the Pox to … the local authority !…

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Jun 7, 2022·edited Jun 7, 2022

Welcome back after your short break! I felt that the 4 days of the Jubilee Pantomime had a a very strange feeling to it. It actually felt like some kind of unpleasant ritual. As we know, the Queen is the head of "the firm"- that's the firm who are very much in bed with the WEF and the Globalists that want to cull quite a lot of us because apparently we are useless eaters and there's supposedly an issue with climate change. Whilst some of them then departed on their private jets afterwards.. The icing on the cake was a load of gullible waving at an image in a golden carriage. Oh and don't forget Basil Brush dressed in his union jack! Yippee!

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I agree with everything you said. Glad to hear someone else is as hardline as me in being done with any of these traitors. I’m particularly disappointed in what I naively thought were ‘rebellious’ artists in the theatre industry.

Almost all of them were quite happy to sit by in clueless and cowardly silence while their venues implemented medical apartheid last year. This from an industry that has been championing anti-discrimination policies for years! Utter hypocrites.

Last winter over 50% of London theatres were requiring the COVID pass as condition of entry (included many publicly funded ones). In December, I had a Google review removed for calling Finborough Theatre out on their discriminatory policy. In March, I sent 28 printed letters to the chief executives and all board members of National Theatre and Southbank Centre. I got just ONE reply which as predicted said that the (brainwashed) audiences had been supportive of their policies...

Those theatres that cheered on and enabled this tyranny (because they have no idea how much they’ve been deceived) won’t be getting a penny more from me after 35 years of regular theatregoing.

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I agree with every word, so lovely to have you back but hope you had a lovely rest. Thank you for everything you do.

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The first time I heard "Platty Jubes" I literally wanted to go wild with a machete.

Gratuitous infantilization.

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Everything you said ❤️

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Hi Abi ,Great to have you back. I hope you had a good break.

Please excuse my ignorance but what are The Platty Jubes? I'm from Australia if that's any excuse.

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Missed you Abi, you’ve become compulsive listening for me along with Maajid Nawaz. Couldn’t agree more about Prince williams dreadful climate blx

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Bloody brilliant…welcome back Abi

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Nailed it again Abi. 🙏❤️

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I love our substackers... Always remember that we are stronger together 👊💖🥰💪

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