Evening Abi and all the Substack family,

Glad you survived the event Abs and I am 💯 with you regarding the compensation/hush money.

To all those complicit in the tyranny over the last few years need to face justice.

I can only speak for myself, if I was ever offered compensation for my Benjamin’s suicide, if they admitted lockdowns were wrong( this won’t ever happen). 1) how can they put a price on his life? 2) no amount of money could ever bring him back and 3) I would never think that accepting compensation would put an end to it.

I will always want those culpable to face a courtroom and be imprisoned. GUILTY! GUILTY! GUILTY!

I still don’t understand why Bridgen was there other than another PR stunt. He can fuckoff to the gates of hell, along with all the rest and I won’t ever think otherwise .

Sonia poulton gave you and the wall of cunts a shout out today on rise. I’d recommend you all watch the last 30 minutes of today’s show. Sonia is speaking with Lucinda about forgiveness regarding the likes of those who’ve swapped sides... It’s brilliant and it questions their motives ( Malhotra etc).

Ooh houmous on your ring🤭🤭🤭 bet you were giggling like school kids 😂😂

So, did you get an answer to your question regarding arrests?

Enjoy your weekend everyone 👍

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Totally with you on the compensation. I'm not after compensation - can't even get my GP to stop gaslighting me, which makes it worse, but ££££ doesn't cut it. Doesn't make me healthy again, doesn't give my kids and my huband me back again. Doesn't give me my life and business back. I want justice. I want these evil people on lamp posts if need be. That's my justice. GardenerSpike.

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Completely agree Abi. It's a spiritual war between good and evil, light and dark. If you care about this it should be the hill you are prepared to die on otherwise it will be too late.

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It's good to see events highlighting the injustice of the lockdown/persecution era. Thank you Abi for representing all truth seekers who have travelled the yellow brick road. We have pulled that curtain back to see the truth behind the lie, maybe some of them are still travelling. We have the soul to be what we are and pray for more good souls to end that journey in realising the truth is all in us. Keep up the fucking good work you brilliant lassie. My prayers are always with the children of our creator. See you later sister.

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That’s was a fantastic pod thank you x

A good run through of last nights event...I did watch loads of clips last night. I was lolling when I heard James mention Satan,he doesn’t hold back. You made me think about how weird it would be to be in that room if you’re just waking up....your mind would be blown but then again,at least they would get some truth bombs,something we never had . A lot,obvs not all of the vaccine injured are only awake to what’s been done to them and not the bigger picture,which can be tricky. Andrew Brigden looked uncomfortable if u ask me but to be fair,his clothes didn’t look comfortable and his cuffs were massive!!! The whole time I wanted to stand him up,pull his shirt down and tuck in his cuffs but they were so massive they wouldn’t have got up his sleeve....wtf?! The after drinks,late night food and meaningful conversations is the best.

I’ve had a really shit day but the pod cheered me up,even got forced into a wee dance to Primal Scream! 😀

Have a good wknd guys,love to u all xx

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Evening everyone, or actually good morning as it's 2am!!

Thank you for updating us on last night Abi, it sounds like a frustrating event in some ways, totally hear you about the vaccine injured etc which is of course god awful, and we are with them all the way, but there is also a much bigger fight to be had!! If the rollout hadn't happened in the first place, they would not be in their position, justice must be served, and never any forgiveness to those at the helm.

I love Mike Yeadon, the applause he got 🥰🤗 so deserved, he is a good man. I do wonder too about whether the virus was what it was, honestly its all too much of a headfuck!

These jabs need to be stopped lmmediately but they are not going to be are they by the looks of things, just as whilst trials need to take place, will these people ever be made accountable?!!!

The US are adding the State Injectable to the list of childhood vaccines, good god 😡😡 Satan is excelling himself right now and all of his disciples 😈 👿

People out there still don't get it, or see all the other stuff like id, cbdc, 15 minute fucking cities...offity piss to all of it as Katie Price would say 🤣 it truly blows my mind 😑

What do we do? I mean seriously, there has to be a way to build enough people, like an army of millions of us, to take these bastatds on !!! People need to remember, or even be made aware of, that we are sovereign beings and there are laws in place written in various human rights and common law acts, what they have and are doing to us is illegal!!! We didn't even vote in these bastards that work for us!!

I live near Runnynede where the Magna Carta was signed and I have a real pull to go down there, must be a spiritual thing but it feels important for some reason.

I feel useless as whilst I'm very vocal to those around me about where I stand, other than tweet, share and so on...that's not really doing anything tangible!

I am so limited with my own time in my life with Elena, I've never been able to attend any of the marches, would have been at all of them if poss!! It is starting to really frustrate me, I need to be doing more,!

I think it was Loiuse the other week that said she calls everyone fucking bastards, which cracked me up as I'm the same, often proceeded with 'absolute' or 'total and utter' 🤣🤣 that's all I say about most people that come on the telly, so I am contributing in that way 😉😁 oh and of course the C word, during school hours 😊😊

Abi, I was thinking how amazing it would be if loads of you came together and formed an online network, like the Daily Wire, I'm thinking Sonia Poulton, the delingpod, Bob, the Fred's, Matt Le Tiss, Neil Oliver, oh the list could go on....I am.of course not naiive to the cost and investment needed, but my god we need it!!!! More and more people will turn to online news, GB News have a task on their hands i think long term! Plus, they will prob eventually take away our tv's too, so our whole lives will be on a handheld device or a little screen that zuzzez out from under the skin on your wrist 🤪

Right must go to bed, and yes am sober, sadly 🤨 imagine the waffle if I wasn't 😴 the child came home from residential trip and first thing she said was 'you packed me too much stuff' followed by 'I didn't really enjoy it no' when I asked. Only cost 300 quid pfffff!! She's been grumps all night, but knackered bless her! And in my bed of course!! So have sat up very late, will regret in morning 😫

On the bright side, in Year 6 it's for 5 days 😁😉

Oh and one last thing, I bought Elena a Banksy canvas print for her room while she away, it's of a little girl sitting cross legged in front of a little blue bird , and the words are

If you get tired

Learn to rest

Not to quit

It's beautiful, I will put a photo of it on Twitter, but I want to leave those words for everyone, as this fight is very tiresome, so I think for our mental health we all need to step away from it at times and recharge our strength. Because, quit? HELL NO!

Have a peaceful weekend lovely people ❤

Rach xx

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Yes Abi, the plan is anti human and they are still on it. The vax narrative is changing, Gates says these vax don't really work and the NEXT pandemic will be man-made, GVBossche says the vaccines cause viral escape and NEXT TIME we will need different ones, adverse reactions are being admitted to in MSM, that Nice Mr Tony Blair says the NEXT TIME we will need digital id's.

If only viruses weren't a real thing and we could tell them to shove the whole thing up their arses! OH wait a sec viruses aren't a real thing we don't need to lockdown, wear a mask, take a toxic antiviral or BE VACCINATED EVER ever ever again. https://georgiedonny.substack.com/p/were-so-far-down-the-rabbit-hole our government is the sleepy dormouse in a teapot



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Very interesting that Mark Dolan pulled out of hosting Safe & Effective. I wonder if he was under orders from GB News to stay away.

Like you Abi, I cannot understand why there is not more anger about the vaccine injured and bereaved. I’m not jabbed but I feel so passionate about justice for these people who were brainwashed or coerced into having the jab. The mRNA has ruined lives and those responsible have to pay. “When do the arrests start?” .......good on you Abi!

I read that Australia and America are going to vaxx their cattle with mRNA. Do you remember when that Jacinda thing said that if enough people didn’t ‘voluntarily’ take up the jab then they would put it in the water supply. These bastards are determined to get this mRNA into us one way or another.

I hope your ring washed off ok😂😂 I laughed so much at that. I love to hear you singing along with the music.

Have a lovely weekend lovely SubStack family xx💖

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Absolutely 100% agree with you Abi about compensation how can you put a price on someones life no amount of money can compensate that,the injuries & suffering caused,loss of jobs, businesses break ups of families, friends just everything that has happened ….u cant we need justice (god i have this exact conversation/rant everytime i see my psychologist) People are waking up albeit slowly 3 ex colleagues of mine all 💉💉are starting to question 1 of em has got 3 sudden death funerals to go (1 cancer 2 heart attacks )also their daughter was 💉cos of her job hasnt been the same since. Another her son in his 30’s just had to have major heart surgury, another one has spoken to a few people recently who have lost relatives suddenly at a young age they all said they think its the 💉💉they didn't even realise there had been a sickness policy at work that you didn't get paid if u were off sick with covid and unvaccinated🤦‍♀️All we can do is keep speaking out and chipping away at it . Anyway hope everyone had a good weekend…….Lisa xx

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If I had lost my husband or child because of the lockdown and 'pandemic' measures, all the money in the world could never compensate me for my loss. I would fight to my last breath to ensure that those who were responsible were held to account. I hope that if another lockdown is attempted, for whatever reason we will rise as one and say NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Great Pod Abi ...and Hello lovely Peeps...

Abi, When I hear you speak I am reassured that I'm not alone in how I think about this evil. Sure feel alone most of the time though. When I heard you talk about .. Vax is good for this age group... but if your a year older and on it's not safe.. and pregnant women can have it because you know.. it's safe and effective (how the hell do they know that when there have been no studies?) .. oh and it's fine for the elderly.. but not the middle aged .... and bla bla bloody bla... all these ridiculous categories! My logic is very simple... if it's not good for one.. it's not good for the other. SHUT IT DOWN. What the hell are people thinking.. oh.. that 39 yr old died... but I am 42 so I will be fine... Jeeezzusss...

trusting their damn TV's for medical advice ..... not to mention many Doctors who are only following protocols. Nobody to trust any more 😔 or should we have ever trusted? It's an awful realization. Sick to bloody death of it all. If people haven't woken up after 3 years I just don't know. 2 weeks to flatten the curve. THEY KNEW 😡

Hear about Toronto Mayor John Tory and resignation yesterday for effing around with staffer half his age? The Mayor is a jab pusher huge time and even gave out free ice cream to children for getting jabbed.. and told them they didn't need parental consent for jab. More to this story that's for sure. Glad to see the back of him... but his replacement .... 🤔

Rant over..

Thanks Abi 💖

Enjoy your weekend lovely people , love reading all your comments 💖

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Very disappointing to hear that this event which had the opportunity, metaphorically, to be red in tooth and claw was overall upholstered a la Hyacinth Bouquet vibes. You are spot on in all that you say. It is both criminal and abusive and with both of these scenarios what you allow persists and worse. This is a spiritual war - many are not capable of even seeing that or even willing to consider it. These past few years have forever altered some people - a mass brainwashing/fear-based conditioning has happened. Worse still is discovering that people who I once respected as intelligent, freethinking decent human beings are no longer that way. A spell of sorts has been cast and deep psychological dynamics have been and are being utilised. The Milgram experiments of the 1960's explain a great deal about how the majority of people can be socially manipulated very quickly to follow authority to the point of being complicit in inflicting harm to others even to the point of lethality - 'just following orders' - the majority will do this are the words that stick in my mind. What's it going to take?

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You’re bang on the money Abi. It’s a spiritual battle. You either feel the evil at work or you don’t.

On a lighter note, The Offer is shit hot. 🔥

Lots of love 💫❤️ xx

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Very good tonight Abi. Was in the hairdressers yesterday and got talking about the jibbi jabby. She said her first one she completely dropped to the floor and her husband thought she had died. A&E said nothing to do with the jab just a drop in blood pressure. She then went to have another 2 to have a holiday in Spain. Said she's not having any more. Can't believe she went on to have another 2.

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Primal scream!!! Fantastic band 👏👏

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I prefer country girl but I get the reasoning behind the choice..

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