Great to have you back Abi. Brilliant rant as per usual. I too find living in a parallel world exhausting. I feel drained most of the time if I'm honest. It's a constant battle in my head, trying to understand how these bastards want to do us harm. Obviously I know why, but I have another part of me that struggles to accept it. So I totally understand you needing to have a time out from the shit show.

On a happier note. I started a new job today. Although grateful to have my previous job, as it took me an age to get it, it just wasn't working out. So fingers crossed this job will work out.

Hope everyone in the family are doing ok and looking forward to tomorrow's pod already 😊 xx

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Great to have you back Abi.

Everything you said.

Something didn’t sit well at all about that Carlton Club gathering.....you called it months and months ago about the what’s app group and the stately homes weekends etc and you haven’t bn wrong yet.....if half of these people had your smarts,guts,morals etc this fucking thing would be over by now.

I,for one am so sick of being disappointed by people. What was the story with all the glam young women/eye candy that were there draping themselves over Malone for selfies?....ffs have any of them been on a single march(not in those heels anyway) are they even awake or have a clue what’s going on ??? Don’t even get me started on Malhotra......

Get Trudi in a room with Bridgen and me in one with Malhotra.....they’d shit it. Right,I’m off before I wind myself up too much thinking about it,I can feel my heart pumping just typing.

Mr Jules remembers that Twilight Zone episode u were talking about.

Hope everyone is ok xx

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Welcome back Abi,

The mental exhaustion from this shit show also manifests itself in a physical way too. As well as covid, we have to deal with the scam of climate change and the fake war in Ukraine. Following a routine I am sure helps but I’m no good at that. Meditating too but whenever I try it my mind wanders off🤷‍♀️

“the smiling assassins” is a great description of those who wished us harm. I won’t forgive or forget any of them. I want to join your club Abi, what a wonderful place with amazing people that would be.

If Malhotra thinks it is funny to be on The Great Wall of Cunts then that says everything about him. Andrew Bridgen is not to be trusted.

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So glad you're back Abi, hope you had a good break. Hi to all of the substack family, hope everyone is well. When you have strong principles you're prepared to defend and die for, you are going to make those who are prepared to bend and yield and compromise, feel uncomfortable.

It has always been like that. When I'm listening to someone speak, if ego and arrogance dominates, then I turn away. Don't care how learned, eminent in their field they are. If they love bring in the limelight and lauded wherever they go, a little bit too much, I turn away.

Was dr Cartland or dr Sukarit Bhakti or Mike Yeadon or dr Tess Laurie or John Ioannidis at the carlton club?

Some people knowingly do harm, they dont care. Others do it unknowingly but leave a trail of disasters wherever they go. They lack the self awareness to see the harm they have caused, and continue to plod along making mistake after mistake. It would be great if both parties were aware of the harms they were causing and took steps to make amends in a non show biz way.

I have an ongoing situation with my mum that is causing great stress, worry and upset. I'm doing my best to see she is safe and well cared for. The responsibility for this is mine because no one else is available or close by to help and support me. It doesn't stop family members giving their opinions about what I should or shouldn't do. Not one of them had shown gratitude or appreciation while they carry on with their lives. Last week I was at breaking point. I was talking with a family member who just kept saying the wrong things and I exploded. My gut said I never want to see or speak to you again. My head said listen you idiot, you have to deal with these people for the sake of your mum whether you like it or not. So I picked up the phone and called them. We both apologised and a heavy weight was lifted.

Sometimes you have to compromise and sometimes you don't. You have to chose your battles as they say.

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Great to have you back Abs.

The Carlton Club saga….. sigh.

What are they hoping to achieve, mappin, malhotra, Bridgen et al? What was the point of this soirée? What is their strategy for getting us out of this shit show? Men who endorsed the injectables and for people to lose their jobs. 🤯

Those people will never have my trust. I would however vote for the following:

Bob - PM

Abi - justice sec

Freds- culture, arts, entertainment

Dr Cartland- health & social care sec

The baroness - home sec

JD - environment, food, agriculture

What am I missing?

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And just like that... You’re back🥳🥳Thank fuck for that😜

I saw that Ruth Tyler😉 couldn’t wait to post a video of her invite to the Club.

One minute she can’t go to the truth be told rally because how far away it is, then gets a golden ticket to rub shoulders with fake celebrities, as if it’s like the fucking Oscar’s! ( That’s if she went, of course)

She’s so far up their arses, it’s tragic, yet amusing at the same time. Stupid old fucking hag.... Aaaaaand breaaaaaaathe Trude 😂

I totally get the similarities between them and an abusive partner, like wtf??

I feel like the lot of them are again laughing in our faces.

Anyhooo, nice to have you back Abs and glad you’re feeling better, although you sound like you’ve a sore throat 😕

Hope all the Substack fam are okay 👍

That’s it from me

TTFN 💙💙💙


Malhotra and Bridgen and their hangers on are a bunch of cunts!!! 👊👊👊

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Feb 21·edited Feb 21

Abi, I had the horrific understanding that all of the hierarchical powers that were meant to protect the people and enshrine our freedom were compromised, when I worked for an NHS trust many years ago under Blair. Then again, when I became 15 PC disabled following a Hep B vaccination for work that is now mandated for newborns in Australia. . Health has been hijacked by big pharma and that includes the lie that is transgender. It's all for profit and the legalised gambling system that is the stock exchange needs to go. There are still a few honourable people in law and medicine, but this is a spiritual fight between good and evil. There is no other way to put it and the plasters have now been ripped off. There is no way that normal, healthy people could do such things unless they had no moral compass. As for the sheep, let them get on with it and no, we won't forget. Knit one, purl one . This is the same energy as every revolution with the same result.

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The last few years have revealed everyone’s true colours. 99.9% of politicians have shown us who they truly are which is they’re evil cunts.

I rewatched a really good film last night called ‘The Night of the Hunter’. The key theme of the film is ‘beware of false prophets & wolves in Sheep’s clothing’. I don’t trust Malone. And I can’t for the life of me understand why it took Malhotra & Bridgen to supposedly wake up.

Thanks Abi xx ❤️

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Good rant! I'm with you in spirit, but just a note of correction:

The Conservative party forming the UK government only stamped on the faces of citizens of England during the Covid debacle (supported by Labour and the Liberal Democrats).

Welsh citizens had their faces stamped on by the Labour party running Wales (supported by the Conservatives and Plaid Cymru).

Scottish citizens had their faces stamped on by the Scottish National Party running Scotland (supported by the Greens, Labour and the Conservatives).

In short, health diktats are devolved. Which just goes to show that they were all in on it. The entire political class. Rotters the lot.

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Yay your back Abi. Don't know if you have been following the story of the parents protest outside the hotel in Kirkby Liverpool regarding housing the immigrants. Jeremy Corbyn has called them all far right. Well saw a few clips of more protests from Friday and they were livid shouting fuck Jeremy Corbyn. The stupid thing is Kirkby is 80% voters for Labour. Have a feeling that is about to change soon. Parents are frightened for their children..

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Do it Abi. AbiDaily Club. Steak and whisk(e)y.

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So good to hear your voice Abi. I understand your weariness at times. Lately I just scroll through twitter and read the idiotic comments and articles and even tweets I agree with and I feel I don't have any energy to press the ❤ button. I just get so over it at times.

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Great to hear from you Abi missed listening to you, know what u mean about the exhaustion its a daily struggle been trying to find my “mojo” would highly recommend some reiki which i had last week the therapist said she could feel the tension in my head. That was the first night in nearly 3 years i was falling to sleep early and i slept like a log it was very powerful i am having another session in a couple of weeks.I listened to that Andrew Bridgen interview with Dominique and just thought to myself well why not just damn well name them now you have said that something just didn’t sit right with it all there is no way i could have kept quiet 🤷‍♀️Hope everyone is keeping ok.......Lisa xx

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You’re the best!

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I want to be in YOUR club.

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the twilight zone sounds fab. when I worked at the ICR in the 90s at the Royal Marsden in Sutton we spent a bit of time at the Downs club, I told this guy that my mum was the naked dancing silhoutte in the intro to the Tales of the Unexpected and he believed me! Hello to Dave Brett if you're out there, last working in Germany??? xxx

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