What a brilliant evening !The Freds for PM, definitely! I can’t think of anyone better other than La Crunt 🥰

Have a wonderful weekend one and all


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I would’ve loved to be at that book launch, how wonderful to be with so many like-minded people!

Guardian angels, as a child I always believed I had one but I think it’s been on strike for years now or my angel really doesn’t like me very much 🤣

Prime Minister, Abi I’d love to have you in charge you’d sort everyone out, and Laurence Fox as your deputy.!

Hope everyone is ok in this heat, I’m thinking of sleeping in the garden tonight! Have a fab weekend substack family ❤️

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Morning everyone,

Hope all is well?

Just catching up with you all as yesterday was a right off for me emotionally. However, todays a new day and all that.

Abi, sounds like you had a great time last night, the photos look great. The Fred’s are just lovely aren’t they?

Also, glad to see Sonia enjoying herself too.

Brilliant night had by all by the looks of it😊

Great question by Jan and your pavement story made me smile , how lovely.

I remember not long ago, my dad picked me up to take me to my parents house.

My dad said,”Trudi look”. I looked up, there was some fancy sports car in front of us, the registration plate read ‘BEN’.

I took a photo of it, it was very surreal, I’m glad I was with my dad, Benjamin had a wonderful relationship with his grandpa 💙💙💙

Today, I had a sign from Ben, well, more of a make my mum smile and laugh kind of thing.

I will reveal more at a later date.

My email to you Abi will reveal what I’m on about😊

Not sure who I’d choose as a PM 🤔🤔🤔

Have a great weekend everyone 🥰

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Sounds like an absolutely amazing evening at The Fred’s book launch Abi. Just like you I tend to go over the top a little with booze on such occasions!😳 The following day I quickly check my WhatsApp to see if I have sent any inappropriate messages to people, as I cannot remember a lot of what I said or did the previous night! It never changes, I never learn😂

Look forward to the T-shirts. You say the T-shirts are long, well I am short so it may look more like a dress on me. Can you do a child’s version?😂😂

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