Excellent pod today Abi, well apart from poor Harry not getting his op😩

No wonder you and you’re sister were furious! They’ve no idea how stressful it is for the youngsters, it messes with their heads and causes so much upset to all concerned. Hope he’s okay and that he gets it sorted on the new date .

It’s a shame to hear about you and your dad, as you say, we can all resonate with it im sure.

As long as you’re ok, that’s the main thing.

I agree with you on the Geordies, my brother lives up there, they are a terrific bunch of people👍

Christmas is a weird one here too, for obvious reasons, I’ve not bothered with it........ yet

I think we should do a poll....

Should Abi ditch Scouser Paul, the trainer?

Please answer

A) Yes

B) too right

C) calm down, calm down

D) make him clear the shit up in dog shit park

Choose your answer carefully


Have a fab weekend everyone 👍

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Loved todays Pod Abi, keep putting the fires out 👍 George Carlin is one of the best. I came across him many years ago and loved him till his end. Happy weekend to everyone, be happy 💕

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Abi, I’m sorry to hear that things have gone quiet with your dad. You described such a wonderful day when you met him with your sister in London, I had high expectations of that relationship progressing. You are so right, we all have our own family stories or horror shows! Long story with my own father but we had been estranged several times over many years. When he died my father left instructions that I was not to be notified of his death or allowed to attend the funeral!

Keep going with your scouser! If he is helping you attain your goals then you can probably suffer (short term anyway) the utter rubbish coming out of his mouth.

‘Sexy’ conjures up so many things, not just about a hot looking guy but also about the person he is. I wish I had the wisdom that I have now when I was younger. I would have made a few less mistakes😂

Happy weekend Abi x🌞🍹🍸

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Great stuff as usual Abi. I totally understand with regards to your dad. I have a very strained relationship with my mum. And like you said, you get to a point where you think, I just want to be with my family and I dont want the aggravation that she causes. So I don't feel comfortable about it, but I see it as self preservation.

Regards the scouser. I think he adds much entertainment value, so I'd say to Trudi's poll, calm down ,calm down 😂

See you next time xx

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Great podcast as always. I am as angry as you about the last 2.5 years, and it's going to get even worse soon sadly!

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