I LOVE Abi Daily! I know we talk about the serious shit that has happened and continues to happen, but the pod genuinely makes my heart sing and I wouldn't be without it.

All the best for the gig tomorrow at Kegworth. By the way, Mr and Mrs Jules and Trudi, hope you have a fabulous time too and we'll look forward to hearing all about it next week xx😊

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Great podcast Abi, great accents been laughing very loudly! I’ve had a quiet week not wanted to interact as much as usual. Met an old friend this week, doubt we will be in touch again! She thought I had lost my mind over the shit show, climate hoax etc! She was quite nasty really and it upset me! I said it doesn’t matter we have different opinions but she kept shouting me down! I now think she is a cunt! I also found out my brother had a big operation on face tumours this week! Anyway going to Malvern next week to see him. I am trying to keep my vibrations high so thanks to all this group for being there xx 💋

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Love the accents Abi, I’m going to make a confession now…I’m a Scouser!!! I’ve been living in rural Lancashire for over 20yrs now but can quite easily slip in to the accent when I’m around other Scousers 🤣. Abi I can’t believe you did your research in The Grafton, who told you to go there??? You were lucky to get out alive, when I was a teenager The Grafton had Thursday night grab a granny night (seriously), all the old birds would turn up for a dance and a snog with the young lads who were too ugly to pull a young one! True story, I’ve never set foot in the place obviously, and I don’t think it’s there now - grab a granny would be grab a tranny!

Trudi, I’m really jealous that you’ll be going to see Abi tomorrow and of course getting to meet Mr and Mrs Jules! I can’t wait to hear all about it. Don’t be self conscious you are a beautiful human with a heart of gold and that’s what people see, have a wonderful time. 🥰

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Abs I must apologise for not being able to attend the comedy weekend I couldn't find a dog sitter and I have a German shepherd puppy in a very destructive stage.. ( gutted) Secondly my birthday shoutouts were fecking amazing and I can't thankyou enough for making my day that extra bit special.. We have AAA on the Friday ( ask ABI anything) surely it's time for another AAA, may I suggest Abi's amazing accents 👏, I know your gonna smash the gig right out of the park so I'll end by simply saying..❤❤❤❤❤

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Try saying “deck” in a NZ accent😉

Loving the Elvis

So true the part about grief leaving you with a more raw version of yourself.. I literally dropped a carton of milk today and cried.

God love you Abi 👏⭐️

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Nice to hear you sounding brighter today 🥰

Your accents make me chuckle😃

Please make sure you say hello as can’t wait to see you🥰

Just had a look and yes, it’s East Midlands parkway 👍

Hope everyone is okay and I hope you all have a weekend...

Stu, don’t get too bladdered👍

Excellent song choice, “I wanna be free, like a bird in a tree”


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Yes, some of the most educated people have fallen for the covid bs. They have been completely brainwashed in many cases. It’s the covidians that want to tell me how I should live my life that really makes me angry.

I’m sorry that you have had a tough week Abi. Depression is a terrible thing because it can often appear unannounced.

I hope you have a wonderful successful weekend in Derbyshire. Much love💖

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Good fun with the accents, Abi 😀 My grandad was a butcher from the East End. He taught us all butchers' back slang, where you reverse the words to confuse the police. So Traff would be fart, dirty dratsab = dirty bastard and kalobs = Bollocks. When I ran away to Salt Lake City to get married to an ex Mormon, she took me to the temple of Mormon for cultural reasons.. and as we went up the stairs we saw a painting of the holy planet , where all Mormon families go after death. It's name? Kalob. We are all in Kalobs now!

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Everyone has been so kind and supportive tonight, thank you all from the bottom of my heart ❤️

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Happy birthday Stu, so glad you have a new pup 🐶 loved Abi’s singing and the accents she did for you, you are a lucky lad 👍🏻

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Saw Abi at Kegworth, she was the only Comedian that actually made me laugh most of her act. Could see Right Said Fred also enjoying her routine

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