Abi you litterally made me cry with laughter with the ELAINE Paige vaccine melody🤣😂😅, Also the foreigner speaking to my deaf mother 🤣😂, have a wonderful weekend Abs and the substack family..

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As much charisma as a glass of water 🤣🤣🤣 I am looking at my bottle of rose I had to buy, to cope with the Jeremy Cunt news, god help us!!! Looking forward to the interview next Friday with Nick 😀

Aww you're very welcome Abi 😘 I can't be arsed to scrub up either, i do, but its defo more of a chore these days, the older you get the more effort it is 😊

You are cracking me up about Elaine Paige 🤣 if only we all had an Abi Roberts in our house, life would be sweet 😋

Bless Stuarts dear mum 😘😘

Have a blessed weekend everyone, much love to all and see you next week 😊 xx

Ps. Welcome back Peter, rubbish weather today 🙄😉

Pss. Bolognese was better than expected 😁

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Great stuff Abi! All the best for your gig tomorrow night. Have a fab weekend everyone. See you next time xx🥰

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Great laugh tonight Abi, loved your Beth Rigby it was spot on! 🤣

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Evening everyone and welcome back Peter, you’ve been missed and hope you’re ok?

Jeremy Hunt🤯🤯🤯🤯

Abi, your musical theatre story is similar to mine. I went to see Wicked, my friend asked if I’d enjoyed it. I said it was okay but there was too much singing and it done my head in.

She was crying with laughter... I got pissed🤗

Talk about pissed, are you sober tonight Jan?🫣😃

Great questions tonight, have a great weekend all💕💕💕

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Thank you Abi, you made me laugh so much, I needed it after hearing about Jeremy Hunt's appointment, god help us! Have a lovely weekend everyone .xx

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My heart sank when I heard that Jeremy Hunt had been made Chancellor. Hunt shouldn’t be anywhere near government, he is dangerous. Liz Truss as expected is a very weak PM and has zero charisma or credibility. Have you noticed she does a funny walk which makes her boobs bounce😂

Your Elaine Paige rant and song was great Abi. Unlike you I love musical theatre and ballet too but I haven’t been since pre Covid. I had an email about The Nutcracker in London in December, a decent seat is £120 and I don’t even know if the trains will be running in the lead up to Christmas😳

See you at The Two Bridges xx

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Hi everyone.. late to the party again.. apologies..

Been a bit exhausted the past couple of days, couldn't get on at usual time to listen. PMSL at Elaine Page ( Abi) trilling along about the poison thingies. Sick of these "celebs" pushing the damn things. Glad to see hardly anyone is flocking for the next ghastly booster ( apart from the usual sheep who believe everything MSM pushes out..

Loving you jokes on here Abi..

Well, what can I say, we are truly effed to the eyeballs now J H (c)unt, is the new chancellor, FGS, we can say goodbye to our NHS, friends, and be taxed to high heaven as well. As for the PM , I have no words at all. You are putting into words Abi, my feelings on everything wrong with our poor country, along with sublime expletives . I'm away for now , everyone. Will pop on again soon, y'all take care darlngs. Oh God Abi is doing her Tourettes now ( shouldn't laugh) poor souls. Wetting meself. xxxxx

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Brilliant Abi, thankyou for making us laugh! So important in this upside down crazy world where so called eaders, of all descriptions look and sound insane. Really hope we see justice in the end. Will look out for you on Ickonic. Have a great weekend everyone x

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