Hi Abi and everyone else here ,

I’m okay, I got through it with all your lovely words and kindness.

I’m a little out of sorts but I’ll be fine in a couple of days.

This Substack family is just wonderful and I feel so blessed to be a part of it all.

The weather has been strange In Leicestershire today, cloudy with a chilly breeze. Now the sun is out🫠🫠🫠

I used to have guitar lessons as a child, no idea how to play it or read music now. But don’t panic... I can still play London’s burning on the recorder so I’ve still got it.😉🤣🤣

I like to sit on my balcony and just take it all in, the birds chirping etc, it’s very peaceful where I am, especially first thing:

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and catch up with you all on Monday.

Abi, your CathyCrunt vids are superb, the outtake one makes me howl, I keep watching it to make me laugh. Today’s made me wee a little.

You are a national treasure 😊😊😊

Love to all


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Hi everyone, late evening here, but hey ho - been snoozing away and just caught up with all.

Laughed my socks off at more Cathy Crunt vids.

Trudi, hope you're feeling a little better today, it's my son's anniversary coming up, too, I'm dreading it..

NOT looking forward to the upcoming heat Monday/Tuesday. To listen to MSM it's Armageddon approaching, FGS! Map of UK coloured fiery red, oooerrr...

ALL over 50s etc to get boosters soon - errr - excuse me, they know what they can do with them - and by the look of many, many comments everywhere online agree with me.. what a total waste of taxpayers money again. I give up.

Off to me bed now.. Night night all, much love.. Jan xx

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I think you'd be great as a founder of an alternative way/communities for all of us who are awake. I think we all need purpose in our lives. I think you'd make a fab politician too, but would probably end up getting chucked out of the chamber in the House of commons for dropping truth bombs and for the C word🤣. You certainly have the passion though Abi!

I feel a bit lost and definitely need a purpose. I went back to college so I could become a teaching assistant. I volunteered loads and got a real buzz from it. Then covid struck and I now have a totally different outlook. Partly because of how I've been treated but also because I am not the same person I was before covid. I'm sure you understand that. I haven't been able to get a TA job and stopped volunteering a while back now. My heart isn't in it anymore. But finding it difficult to find any job tbh. So if you need any volunteers for setting up a new carry on and way of life, then let me know 😁xx

You have thanked us today Abi, but I'd like to thank you for these fab podcasts, the hilarious Cathy Crunt and especially for the laughs because we need those, God do we need those.

Have a great weekend everyone xx

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Hi Abi, thank you for a great week in which we have laughed and cried quite literally. And Cathy has done it her way and kept us going! ❤️😂❤️

I so agree with you about it being like a faith. It is overall , good against evil . I always think of Bob Moran’s brilliant illustration of this with cadaverous, grasping Pfizer and child.

I was very inspired hearing you’re into a daily exercise regime , brilliant! It apparently takes 21 days to change or form a new habit so, here goes!

Have a great weekend , Abi and our wonderful substack group 🥰❤️☀️

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Abi - love all you do; I'm a double-jabbed person but did it to get back travelling again for my job - which was a massive error of judgement. I never promoted it or said others should have it and feel that I may have dodged a bullet in terms of side-effects or worse. Proud of my kids who refused to compromise (and my wife) and who have all refused to have their kids vaccinated. I refused the boosters so I hope I retained some dignity! Roger (Registered Nurse)

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Abi, loved your podcast. If you stood as an independent we would have such fun canvassing for you. Cathy Crunt would have to go into retirement so on second thoughts something more spiritual might be the answer! Like you I am 🩸so not sure that America will ever let me in. I spent a week in Rome with Mark my eldest son, who spent 6 months of his language degree course living in Italy. I loved Rome and I want to visit Puglia and Capri.

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