Hello sexy beasts

The D word I was searching for was DENOUNCE.

Mao used to have denunciation sessions akin to what we saw in the House of Commons on Wednesday where the individual is smeared with ludicrous accusations (in this case antisemitism).

That person then becomes an official enemy of the state.

Welcome to Maoist Britain. 🇨🇳🇬🇧

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Thanks for the lovely welcome Abi! What a friendly space you've created. I can't tell you how how great it is to look forward to hearing you and having a laugh in these batshit crazy times. The only thing I missed about not having a T.V was watching comedy but you have filled that space. Hope you have a great weekend x

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Abs I was feeding the dog while you read out my comment whilst pissing myself with laughter, the dogs looking at me gone out😅, have a great weekend you legend and Monday can't come soon enough..❤❤

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You make washing up so much fun Abi. I've got my earphones on while I'm listening, shoulders heaving up and down. Husband wondering if I'm OK! Yep, just listening to Abi.

Watched V for Vendetta a few months ago, really good and relevant for these times. Have a great weekend Abi and everyone x

If you could go on a short break where would you go?

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Great pod as usual Abs,

Hope you’re ok and everyone here too.

I cannot believe you casually dropped in another sound effect, you’re getting too big for your boots young lady.😂

Glad to see new people in here, welcome to the madness👍

The training is online, which I felt a tad awkward. I’m more of an in person kind of gal, zoom makes me feel anxious and uncomfortable.

Let’s see how it goes.

Love everyone’s comments on here, they don’t half cheer me up.

Tomorrow marks 2 and a half years since I lost Benjamin. The world still spins😔💔

Glad you mentioned Cathy, I was just about to file a missing persons report.

Talking about old songs, when Ben was younger, my dad used to play a song called ‘Wooly Booly’ it’s by a group I can’t recall their full name, but it’s something Sham and the Pharoahs.

No idea what era it’s from, but Ben loved it.

Last time he was here, he found it on YouTube, the pair of them laughing together. ( Ben and his grandpa)

My dad still plays it as it’s precious memories.

Have a great weekend everyone 🥰

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It’s Saturday afternoon, I’m a little late to the party! Went out for an early dinner last night then submerged myself into football misery. Sat in a pub Saturday morning waiting three hours for my car to be serviced. Didn’t dare play Abi’s Friday instalment. I could just imagine the looks from people in the pub as Abi screams ‘fucking cunt’ multiple times😂😂

Abi, you need a silk pillow darling to avoid those facial lines!

Not one MP supports Andrew Bridgen when Hancock and Sunak throw him under the bus.

I’m too old to get a wolf whistle but I just loved them.

Abi, I loved your escalator moment. I absolutely hate zoom too, refuse to use it.

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Chatted up on an escalator,fair play to you Abs.

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Abi, is the word denigrate??? I was excited to hear you have expanded your helicopter sounds. 'Oh this will be great to hear' I thought. THEY WERE THE BLOODY SAME!!!!! Oh my God I laughed 😅🤣😂😭😆

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Gosh that Mike is loud! Ears burst! 💥

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😂re Sisyphus , my sister was once caught in a works lift for 15 mins, would go up to the 3rd floor and then drop down shuddering to a halt just before it got to the bottom, only to have it grind up and go smoothly to the top floor all over again.

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Can the missing ‘D’ word your losing be denigrate? New to the show and loving it.

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Can’t find you on Telegram 😌

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