James Deningpole pole found rats down the hole but as for you Abs you got Stuart Little😂🤣, accents galor in this one, American, Italian, Northern, hint of Spanish, Russian, 👏👏, the subject of weed popped up again so I'll admit I was a stoner for 25 years, quit when I was 40 (15 yrs ago), loved it but didn't want to lose my bike / car liscence. I've seen John the undertaker on a few streams and he seems like a really good bloke, you know he has a high moral compass unlike the scum in Westminster, anyway Abs throw a custard pie at Edwina when you see her for me and enjoy the Fred's.. ❤

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I look forward to you roasting that awful woman Currie. I can't fuckin stand the witch.

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Abi, The Battle of Ideas in Buxton with Charlotte sounds a hoot. I hope you give that bitch Edwina Currie a hard time. There is a train strike on 5 November btw.

I was saddened to hear that Sir Graham Brady said that to discuss covid was above his pay grade. Another person who does not want to take any responsibility and speak up. Yes, Matt Le Tissier is a fantastic guy, I must start listening to his podcasts.

There were no excess deaths until the jabs came about, now there are over 1,000 excess deaths per week. Some are related to the jabs, others are because people couldn’t get the treatment that they needed during lockdowns. When my MIL died (pre 💉💉) the funeral director said they had not seen an increase in deaths. The priest at her funeral said he wasn’t attending any more funerals than normal.

Enjoy your weekend SubStack family xx🍸🍹

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Useless sack of custard 🤣🤣🤣 you have me in stitches, and laughs have been needed this week!!

That's shocking about Francis Hoar, people do show their true colours that's for sure, it makes your heart sink 🙄 I am going to listen to Matt's podcast in the bath, I am child free for 4 days...and breath 😊 glass of merlot poured 🍷 🍷

Edwina Currie, ugh dreadful woman, she's on Mark Dolan at the mo, I can't bear even looking at her let alone listen, that train comment won't be forgotten, bloody disgusting fascist view!! How hilarious if you did say that to her at the ideas event, will it be filmed 😁?!!

Lots of love to you Abi and all you guys, I hope everyone has a fab weekend xxx

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Its Nath again. Had to create a new account as I got deleted for stating something about the you know what juice.

Well I stand by it, the people who have had the "you know what" are emitting bluetooth MAC codes, they have been given tiny nanotech with their juice.

My video on Gettr showing me scanning a busy Asda and finding over 100 bluetooth codes that should not exist. They are not phones, wearables etc


Also plenty of videos on rumble or odysee about it, search bluetooth challenge or bluetooth phenomenon.

Anyway great pod, I am a huge fan of Abi my absolute hero!

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I wouldn’t be surprised if Johnson comes back.

The normie Tory faithful have proved they are quite happy to accept tyranny from the blond scarecrow because they’re simply unable to conceive he could be working against their best interests. His bumbling buffoon image provides great cover. Sunak is at a disadvantage - if they install him and go in hard then they risk waking way more of the members up.

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