Do you know I missed these podcasts when you were away, but I didn't realise how much until listening to today's belter.

You are fabulous Abi and I share your anger about bringing the bastards that did this covid shit show to justice. And it's for those people like Trudi and her amazing son, Benjamin that I get so angry. I too unfortunately feel the inquiry will be a waste of time. Look at Mark Drakeford in Wales. He doesn't want an enquiry because and I quote ' the world has moved on'. Bastard! Let's see how he feels when one of his children is murdered because thats what it has been. Old and young, they don't give a shit and are still pushing the lies and propaganda. And if they aren't brought to justice in this world, then I hope and pray they will get it in the next. Do you remember the film Ghost with Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore when the demons come at the end to take his friend to hell. I'd quite like to see Matt Hancock, Patrick Vallance, Chris Whitty and all the celebs who've backed this shit getting their comeuppance.

Sorry, the anger just swells up doesn't it?

So glad to be part of the substack family and it's great to know all of you.

Have a good weekend all xx

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Oct 7, 2022Liked by Abi Roberts

Tommy Lee jones

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Sterimar is great stuff!!

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Crying with laughter... You as a pig and being a satanist covering one eye.

We don’t need to know what you’re dressed up as😂😂

I’ve just got myself a ticket for the backyard gig, I’ll be a saddo on my own, so if anyone on here is going as doesn’t mind sitting near me, please let me know.

I’ll be the fat bird wearing a T-shirt with Benjamin’s face on( my boy would love it)

Hope I get to meet you Abi( that sounds extremely creepy 🤦‍♀️😂😂)

Thanks for a great pod, have a great weekend everyone 💖💖💖

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Hello u lovely people.

Thanks Abi,that was great....and thanks for answering my question confirming u are in fact a satanic high priestess 👁👌🤘🏼

Trudi,we are going the backyard gig....I actually seriously thought about getting u a ticket but didn’t want to impose or be over familiar so I just left it🤷🏻‍♀️Would be great to meet up and sit together and I think there’s a few on the chat going too! We will be in London for a couple of nights,so will def be in touch re our plans nearer the time. I hope Abi has plenty room at her place 😀

Been down at my mums all afternoon. She got her scan results today and has bn referred to oncology,scan showing multiple lesions....I don’t even know what to say anymore,I feel numb. She had an ovarian cyst diagnosed in March 2020 nothing to worry about,it’s grown to twice the size and there’s a good few more lesions spread around. They haven’t confirmed it’s cancer yet but the referral to Oncology kinda says it all. I could scream. I feel like I’ve predicted it all,my Dad dropping dead after x2....mum slowly going downhill since,cognitively too....and I pleaded with them not to take those fucking jabs. Not looking for sympathy,just to sound off and let people know it is fucking happening,it’s not even a shock,it’s just like Ive bn waiting for it.

Have a great wknd everyone,love u all and all your chat ❤️

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Shame the Russians don't have any knock knock jokes maybe there doors are just shit, anyway Louise all the best with your new job ( probably best not to talk politics ) , I don't think any Covid enquiries will make any difference it goes to the top but you never know, look at Epstein everyone knows what went on but when your in the elites your probably untouchable. Off to watch Duncan Mc.. ❤

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I cannot understand why GB News won’t have you back Abi. Ofcom are supposedly investigating Mark Steyn but he speaks out on his show all the time about vaccine damage, grooming gangs and he trashes Police forces up and down the country and their Police Commissioners.

My husband said that he couldn’t believe that Neil Oliver didn’t defend you against that awful excuse for a man, Jon Gaunt. I have zero sympathy for Gaunt being ill. Gaunt’s hatred and vile comments about the 🩸people was unbelievable. Gaunt can dish it out but when anyone even politely criticises him then he blocks them. The guy is a pathetic bully.

Yes, we all love Crunt👍💯

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After party at Abi’s, she doesn’t know it yet 🥳🥳😂😂😂

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