I’m loving the heat 🤣 but I’m in Scotland and it’s a rarity!

I’m with Trudi re the politicians,trying not to give it headspace,even if we had the vote there’s not a thing we can do,it’s all noise in my already cluttered head,there’s not one of them that isn’t complicit in some way or another.

AIDS and AZT,Abi....I read Robert F Kennedy’s book on Fauci last year,it is mind blowing what goes on in the pharma industry (well most of us know that now) but it is honestly jaw dropping.....for those that haven’t read it,it’s a long read but I would recommend. I cheated and got the audio book so I could listen whilst doing other things.

I’m still feeling that low/dark energy this week too and hubby was quite low yesterday,which is unusual for him. We are both fed up with people,it’s so hard having normal conversations with them and sooo draining.

My mum broke her wrist yesterday and her friend took her to a&e,they were both told to wear masks and of course they complied,both of them in their 70s,neither of them could hear or lip read the masked Dr.....I was raging when she told me.

I went to the GP today for blood tests,receptionist masked up to fuck behind her screen,nurse was the same....quizzed the nurse on a couple of things,totally clueless and obvs not a GP in sight. It’s hard to keep upbeat with so many sleepers still sucking the life out of you. That’s what’s made my blood boil this week and it’s only Tuesday 😫

Onwards and upwards guys,we’ve got this and we’ve got each other. Love to you all

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Evening all,

It’s been cloudy and a little fresher in Leicestershire with spots of rain.

No worries about the telegram group Abi and to be honest, I don’t blame you for having it on invite only.😊

I’m another moaner about the heat, today’s been much better but it’s to get really hot again. 🥵🥵🥵

Regarding the Tory crap, I’m not bothering myself with it.

Ben’s anniversary is on Thursday.. 2 whole years, I don’t want my head filled with anger towards those murdering bastards!

One of my twitter friends sent me a lovely card with a lovely positive poem inside.

I will email it across to you, for you to read at a later date.

Again, huge thanks to you all on here.

Abs, you’re fabulous, oh and please hurry up with the merchandise.

I really want a tee before my birthday 😉

Love to you all


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Once again Abi, I agree with all that you have said. I too wonder if justice will be served for the crimes against humanity that we have all been witness and subjected to.

Honestly, I think most have moved on, politicians and the public. As you said it was the Government's response that caused the damage. Not covid or Ukraine. The media like to portray the Ukraine conflict as the cause of our problems, but that is wrong. The printing of money by the bank of England to give to Sunak is the root cause. You cannot print billions of pounds and then be surprised when inflation rises 🙄. The government are responsible and nothing else. They are all clueless idiots, all of them. They are too busy virtue signalling and worrying about offending trans people. The tories seriously need to grow a pair , get someone who has real experience of life and who has the guts to stand up for the ordinary folk in this country, but alas we know that will not happen.

I saw Matt the cock on GB News when Boris resigned saying 'We need to do this and we need to do that'. I just shouted F off at the tv. He is trying to squirm his way back in. He needs arresting, not being interviewed about his views on the leadership. Christ! It makes me mad.

So I do hope that the inquiry goes ahead, but as we know, these things take years and I think many people will forget about the nightmare we've all been through.

Interesting podcast today Abi, thanks. You're like a dog with a bone about the covid shit show and God bless you for that because these people cannot be allowed to get away with it. Thanks for keeping the fight going Abi. Until tomorrow xx

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Missing Crunty on Twitter. Have a bit of this to cheer you up:


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The politicians got us into this mess. They sure as hell aren’t going to be the ones getting us out of it. There will be no apologies and no backtracking. Best not to invest any energy in worrying about which puppet is picked next.

Have a look at Sir Christopher Chope’s answer to this question about the lack of courage in MPs. Apparently we shouldn’t have any concerns because they are fully dedicated to their constituents...


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I think the "missing apologies" are due to 2 things. Officially, none of them can comment in advance of the public inquiry (unfortunately) however much we need to hear reassurances about the future and that they've learned from their mistakes. The public inquiry is hugely important to all of us who have suffered, whatever our reservations about the process, it must take place and be done properly.

Secondly, I think a lot of people put their own bad behaviour of the past 2 years down to a collective madness or hysteria. I think the politicians do too. I know this isn't satisfactory but I think they really do. I honestly don't believe we will see any restrictions in winter, that ship sailed. Our best chance of avoiding them altogether is Sunak. I know, I know. But he detested restrictions (I have it on good authority he kicked off at Halloween 2020) but he's a career politician with an eye on a prize. And his backers come from the hospitality industry.......

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Abi you need to read the RFK book about Fauci - he gives the whole story on the AIDS/AZT scandal. Evil, evil bastards.

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Spot on Abi. My first post.

People keep saying "Never again" - If they get away with this - with accolades, promotions rewards.


I live in the constituency of this politician. She has zero interest in local issues, never lived here, lives in London, never answers the phone, never holds regular surgeries. "Diary too full". Occasionally does a photo shoot for the local newspaper usually with a couple of firemen or policemen at random places around the county without notice. She represents herself, and her party in government. Many of the cabinet fall into this class of groomed politicians. Suella Braverman is another.

I have written to her on 20+ occasions during the last two years - as have many others locally - she never once even entertained an inch of common sense and was 120% full on pushing the lockdown, Plan B, mandated vaccines, vaccinating children, passports - NOTHING. Never abstained, never against. Even the much praised words spoken in the last few says regards Online Safety Bill "I can not support it in it's current form" - note she did not say she'll vote against it.

Why suddenly have these silent conspirators found voices?

She had a bit of a twitter tantrum when a reporter asked her a question.

She and several others could not write their own resignation letter, just followed the herd and signed on a joint one. Clearly paper running out at the photocopier, or was told to "sign here".

The hypocrisy of cabinet members resigning so they can take the boss's job shows what a great team they are. They resigned - go sit silently on the back bench then.

People need to look deeper or stay stupid.

Sadly I don't see many I can trust.

Love Cathy Crunt.

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Thanks for drawing out all the issues in spite of this heavy weather! Well a ray of light this evening on hearing Stabbit Jabit has pulled out because nobody can stand him. Just another twelve to go…I thought Neil Oliver nailed it on Saturday when he said it was like looking through a microscope at something revolting in a Petri dish..

Looking forward to an uplifting reading tomorrow Abi 🌟 They go low , we go high! ❤️❤️

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Yes Abi it is too hot and humid atm but I’m also grateful that it’s not winter with the horrendous heating bills that we will have to face.

Mark Steyn is the main man for me on GB News. He isn’t afraid to cover any topic and has done so much to help the vaccine injured be recognised by our government.

As for the Tory leadership hopefuls, there is not one that I could vote for. We need a PM who is against any future lockdowns and vaccine mandates. A PM who will actually deal with the illegals and someone who has not bought into net zero.

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