Sucharit Bhakdi was the one voice that explained the inexplicable sense that all this was garbage, from day one.

I don't owe him my life. I wasn't going to take the stuff, regardless. But what he did was put flesh on the bones.

An unsung hero. Unlike the likes of Bridgen and Malhotra

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I think I can make the schlepp from Scotland down to London for a party!

When the first lockdown happened, like many I suppose, I'd watched the twitter vids of folk keeling over in China and knew it was bullshit because China/google only publish what it wants us to see. Even so, when the March lockdown came, what scared me was the realisation that our own Government was going along with the sham and actually preventing us from living normally. Anyway, my folks had just moved into their holiday caravan for what they thought was eight weeks while their bungalow was being re-built. Suddenly they were being told to get the fuck out, the park was closing to all residents. I knew this was wrong, there were re-assurances from Johnson and Sturgeon that those who couldn't leave if they had nowhere to go must be permitted to stay. My parents are 80, they also had my mum's mum in the caravan next to them and she is 101. Everyone was stressed beyond belief. The park owners were insisting they leave, despite government assurances and hinting that the gas/water/electrics may be suddenly 'faulty'. My dad had taken to locking them all in with a broom wedging the door and a bat. I can't even type this without crying at the memory. They were 80 for fuck sake! I had to call the national press and Talk Radio and really put the pressure on so that this was settled. Eventually they were granted grudging permission to stay but when I took their shopping over, I was not allowed into the park with my car and had to carry fifteen heavy bags from the top of the road to their caravan. I may have called one security guard a fucking Nazi. Just talking about this reminds me of the gut wrenching anger and powerlessness I felt then. I haven't moved on. Moving on is forgetting and we must never forget. I won't forgive the lies and the fact my dear, darling dad was so harmed by the muck they promoted either. He survived two train crashes as a kid, lost half his foot mind you. They won't win. They can't win. I won't allow it.

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Totally agree about Sucharit Bhakti and Mike Yeadon, they kept me going at the beginning of all of this. No ego, but huge passion and integrity, wanting to do the right thing and help us all. So grateful to them.

Went into town today with my daughter, arthritis really playing up. Daughter suggested alcohol to numb the pain. I very rarely drink but I drank the mojito she bought me. After 15 mins she said how's the pain mum. Pain, what pain! I talked gobbledygook for a while then fell asleep. Iife and soul of the party eh!

Hope you make it to Bob's tomorrow Abi, looking forward to listening to that.

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Thank you so much Abi for reading out my message and poem yesterday,and to everyone for the good wishes.(sorry it has taken me a while to reply)

Wednesday was 3 years since i last saw my dad and also both my parents together so it was quite a poignant and difficult day which led to a series of events some of which i spoke about.

I had another reiki appointment that day,when i got there she could see i was distressed so i ended up having a foot massage and a good chat instead. When i got home i was totally wiped out so i slept for hours ( which is quite an achievement for me)

I woke up and listened to Abi daily what a lovely poem Jay sent,and Brian and Alex thank-you for making a difference.

All i want is for people to never forget the horrors of the last 3 years, (it feels like a lot of people have just moved on )i hope this never happens again and would like a better world for my children and grandchildren……Lisa xxx

Ps Sucharit Bhakti and Mike Yeadon are absolute heroes❤️

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Father, don't forgive them, for they know what they do.

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Thanks Abi,love hearing about your chats with randoms...we do that,sound people out,it usually ends in a sigh 😀 our London cabbie to the airport a few weeks ago was brilliant though,he was proper right on it....him and Mr Jules were exchanging stuff to read and watch 😂 when we paid cash he bear hugged us both,an absolute star

So looking forward to the Pod with Bob tomorrow ❤️

Trudi,hope it went well meeting your suicide prevention team.

Love to u all xx

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Morning all,

Apologies I missed this last night. I was at county Hall meeting my suicide prevention team. It was lovely to see them and we all contributed with ideas etc. I’m so privileged to be a part of it , Benjamin would be so proud💙

I saw Bob’s pod with TNT, absolutely incredible 👏👏

Great news regarding the shin dig, I’ll drop you an email.

The Bhakti video made me cry, it was so beautiful 🥰

Catch you all later for the pod with Bob

Much love to you Abi and the gang💖

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Brilliant and yes Mike Yeadon I could listen to him all night. Very emotional standing ovation for Sucharit Bhakdi . Cannot wait to meet you all at the Party, please add me Jules to your list plus 1 my daughter. She’s in Richmond upon Thames so not too far. Love to Abi and all x ❤️

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Something a bit different, music-wise, which came to mind during Wednesday's stunning pod: "somebody touch i" by African Head Charge. Feels appropriate, since I was so moved by the poetry and messages, and your heartfelt thoughts Abi.


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I do love a cabbie. I have the best conversations with cabbies. Essex one's are very enlighten. Had a beautiful chat with a cabbie who was from Bangladesh and showed me a video of his prime minister who had turned her home into a farm,because she worried about food shotages. God im so upset that I won't be able to come to the birthday bash. Going on holiday with the hubby,1st hoilday in year's. Sod's law. So loved to of meet the good souls of Abi daily. Looking forward to hearing Bob later,two of my favourite freedom speaker's in one pod.

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A treat tonight then with Bob Moran👏🏻I hope he will be at the birthday bash as I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting him yet.

The black cab drivers are just the best and so friendly. I must say that I’ve never had a good experience with an Uber driver .....I’ve found them to be rude and often clueless, even with SatNav, on how to get to my destination. I was almost late to a funeral once because the Uber driver was a complete idiot!

Yes, we and many others are documenting tyranny. Our E-Book is a testimony too that will stand for all time.

Sucharit Bhakdi, what an amazing guy and so very humble. It’s a shame that we didn’t have more doctors and medical professionals like him that spoke up about the harms of mRNA jabs. I have been going to football matches all my life and never before have I seen matches stopped for 15-20 mins for people who have had heart attacks in the stands. At one stage it became almost a weekly occurrence.

Sicily is on my list of places to go Abi, it looks beautiful. We must get there before they bring in the Digital ID. If this happens the unvaxxed we will be fucked if we try to go abroad. What a miserable thought.

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Sorry 😮, could reel off plenty total fuck up females here 🤪... Wicked witch of Scotland, horse face, Von Der Liar, Merkel, Pelosi, Turdberg, hideous mayor of Chicago (don't remember her name and don't care 😝), too many 'celebs' & MSM presenters to name, my awful CONservative MP, to cover but a few. Got that off my chest 😁

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I stupidly allowed myself to be nagged into having the first jab and was really ill after it. Sometime later I watched Sucharit Bhakdi and he said if you have got away with one jab please do not take any more. I had no intention of having anymore despite my fathers care home insisting you had to have two jabs to visit which caused me so much anxiety and which I managed to get around by getting an exemption but I am so grateful to Sucharit Bhakdi for his sincerity, wisdom and intelligence and how he manages to convey things so clearly. He and Mike Yeadon are true heroes.

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