Abs I heard a joke yesterday it goes as follows,, MRS Brown appears in court and is found guilty of stealing a tin of peaches, The judge asks " Mrs Brown roughly how many peaches were in the tin you stole " Mrs Brown nervously replies 6 peaches I think sir ", The judge responds " I therefore sentence you to 6 weeks imprisonment, 1 week for each peach " Husband Mr Brown shouts from the back row " She nicked a tin of peas as well" 🤣 impressive spring impression Abs it took me back to my sofa bed days😂. Question, Abs living in London have you ever been asked directions by a foreigner and been tempted to respond in your glorious Italiano.

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Tom Harwood is the worse example of the younger generation. I really cannot listen to that soy boy.

Let’s hope that YouTube doesn’t take down The Great Wall of Cunts. I really like abirobertscomedydiva, it suits you.

June Slater is now into self promotion and is a Malhotra and Bridgen bootlicker.

An Abi birthday gathering, what a brilliant idea. PLEASE do not organise it between 13-24 June as I will be away on holiday. I don’t want to miss another event!

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Bloody hell Abi, for a minute i thought you had kidnapped one of the chimps from nearby twycross zoo while you were down our way at kegworth l🤣🤣 even George the dog went mad barking lol! I find you get the best conversations whilst in the back of a taxi i have certainly been enlightened to some local goings on whilst travelling to work( i do miss that)

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Fabulous pod tonight Abi,

Your taxi driver sounds like a hoot🤣🤣. Bet he was telling all his cabbies that he had a miserable comedian in his cab🤣🤣

The trailer is looking good 👍

Planet of the apes is just brilliant, all of them. Makes me cry and I don’t like the nasty one 🥲

Terry had a good sense then about Alistair Stewart, bless him💙

Did I hear someone say ‘PARTAAAAAAAAAY🥳🥳🥳

It’s a hell yeah from me, I’m in Leicestershire, where’s everyone else? Poor Jules is way up in Scotland, but her and Mr Jules won’t miss this🎉🎉🥳

I’m staying in a hotel this time as not missing out on the late night shenanigans 😁😁😁

Bloody Nora, poor Charlotte will be run ragged again, that woman is remarkable 💖💕💖

Will there be cake? Asking for a friend😂🎂😂

Something to look forward too... Cannae wait!!


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I wish I lived near London. I live in the US. I would love to hang out with this community for an evening. But maybe if it’s in June we have time to renew my passport.

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Love a Planet of the Apes especially the new ones. ...the old ones creep me out a bit.

The taxi driver sounds like a belter.....pissing myself at ‘I won’t be using it’.

Alastair Stewart,a nod to Terry on the GWOC....nice.

June Slater......brilliant,loving the ‘you’re off the rails’ what’s app msg I’ve experienced this particular slur and I think it’s code for ‘ you are far smarter,funnier and much braver than me’ ,(well that’s how I translate it) from my padded cell).

Birthday meet up sounds fab....we’ve been talking about it for the full gestation period of GWOC! It’s time we celebrated its birth and your birth Abi 😀

Love to you all....it’s difficult being off the bloody rails and still ‘part’ functioning in society xx

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Feb 3, 2023·edited Feb 3, 2023

I remember how outspoken lord Sumpton was at the beginning, he came across as a highly principled man and very intelligent and then all of a sudden he sat down and kept his mouth shut. I remember how outspoken Peter Hitchens was, always posting Bob's amazing cartoons saying 'Bob gets it' then he said nothing in defence of Bob when he was hounded out of his job on the telegraph and being vilified on twitter. Hitchens write an article explaining why he took the jabs and was a lot more cautious about what he said afterwards. Neither of those two were consistent and they didn't defend people when it really mattered.

Would love to come to your birthday party Abi and meet everyone in the substack family, that would be wonderful.

Although i love good films, books seem to affect me more than films. My all time favourite is Nicholas Nickleby by Charles Dickens. Its an emotional roller coaster, very moving and all of humanity is in those pages. Compassion, love, cruelty, ignorance and in the end karma. You could relate to it today and at any time.

Your Italian accent is definitely better than your Greek one Abi 😉

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Great laugh tonight Abi, loved the chimp impressions, I used to act out the PG Tips adverts in full when I was a kid (you’ve got to be old enough to know what what I mean) I loved those monkey and wanted one as a pet 🤣, obviously I loved the Planet of the Apes films too!

I saw The Peoples Princess June Slater on Twitter explaining why she doesn’t go to marches cos London is too far and she’s too busy helping people!!!! I bet she’d be there faster than a speeding bullet if GBeebies invited her to the studio. I’d love a June Slater type character, perhaps she could do an interview with McCockin I’m sure she’d love it!

I’m definitely up for a party Abi, I would love to see you and the substack family in person it would be fab!

Hope everyone is ok and having a great evening! x

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Loving the chimping 🐵 im also a huge fan of Planet of the apes. I would love to come to your party and definitely stay over. Would be amazing to meet the substack family x

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Wish I could join you all for Abi’s birthday but I’ll be with you in spirit from South Africa. I couldn’t live without Abi’s daily pods - always thought provoking and inspiring.

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Another great podcast Abi perfect end to the day and loving everyone's comments too xx

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Jesus Christ... just had a look for smutboy, hope it’s not the one I found, he was having a Tommy tank 👊💦🫣😳🤭🤭

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Bloody hell Abi , you had me choking with laughter over the squeaky bed noises. sorry my minded digressed to dirty thoughts. I did needed that giggle Thank you. hell yes with bells on to a birthday party so would love to meet you all, I really need something to look forward too. Been struggling for months ,the love of my life my husband is not well hasn’t been since he was a twat and got the 2nd shot ( long story but he knows now I was right which doesn’t help) but anyway he been back and forth to see doctors and the optician about his eyes and headaches to be told it’s his age and it will improve apparently he has some gel like stuff floating around back of his eye. Well my husband is only 54 . Never had an issue until he was a twat. It’s not getting better it’s getting worse. Then throw in the every day crap and kids etc etc and other family members being sick. Me being told by friends am a tin hat nutter. So yes party would be good . Wish you all a wonderful weekend. Much love to you all ❤️❤️

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Abi and substack family, if we did a great wall of heroes, who would you put on it? Several names pop into my head including Abi, obviously, but who would you choose?

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This made me lol today. Abs you’re such a knob 😂 the chimp, columbo, the accents, the taxi driver. Much needed laugh.

I have a question for Ask Abi Anything. Have you ever been arrested? If so, what for? Or if not have you ever come close?

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Ps I can’t believe none of you commented on Christopher Plummer being a complete hottie in the sound of music 🤷🏻‍♀️ The Captain would just have to blow that whistle and my clothes would fall off 😀

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