Pants, bra and wet dishcloth... im crying 😅😅

Ooh, I remember the ozone layer and aerosols had something to do with it🤣🤣

I’m in a T-shirt dress , slouching in front of a fan. I get a freezer delivered tomorrow, if it’s still warm, my head will be in it.👍

The merch is sounding great as too are the mugs, when can we start to preorder? I’m so excited and a tad impatient.

Hope everyone is ok, if you want a laugh, please check out frustrated farmer on Facebook. He’s posted a video about the hot weather. Be warned, there’s a lot of swearing but it’s hilarious and so on


Abi, you’ll have to name the Scottish male character Fraser or Drew, I was thinking Fraser mc Numpty🤣

Enjoy your evening folks 🥵🥵🥵

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My hubby laughed out loud a few times listening to Abi Daily tonight 👍

What about Fanny Schniffer for your American character?! Too much?! 🤔

Sending love and thanks Abi,we enjoy your company every evening whilst having our tea xx

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Really looking forward to seeing the merchandise. I have never liked tomatoes, but I'm loving pineapple atm. I have distorted taste and smell, but juicy pineapple tastes soooooo good😁. And yes, I do need to get out more 🤣.

Fab stuff again Abi, looking forward to the poem tomorrow. See you then xx

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Loving the sound of Denise Dinglebury🤣

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Looking forward to the new characters Abi. It won’t be so hot by the time your new wigs arrive! The sound is great on the podcast btw. I will listen In tomorrow babe for the next Abi instalment on life and bs.

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How about Klaus Schwaab X girlfriend as a character.

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How about Jock Mcdrivel for the friendly Scottish talking head?

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I remember the hole in the Ozone. What happened to that? Surely it would be useful now for all the 40 degree heat and smoke from " London's Burning" to escape through .....😂

You make me laugh, Abi ! Stay Stupid, for all our sakes 😂😎🌞🔥

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Hi Abs and everyone here! Your idea of bra nad knicks to wander about sounds great, Abi,

I'd never get dressed in time though if anyone came to the door.

The merch sounds great, I've looked and "Stay Stupid" floats my boat.. still so many brainwashed folk "staying stupid" ..

How did everyone sleep last night? I had no sleep at all. Today on Suffolk/Norfolk border it was 41c, and I was a melting heap, swigging water and going to pee all day..

Trudi, I'll checkout Frustrated farmer on Farcebook, thanks for the heads up.

Relaxez vous, friends now the day is over ( isn't that a hymn?)

Back another day, loads of love to all

Jan xx

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