Oops. You’re right, Trudi! Sincere apologies to Kerry Murray for calling him

an Aussie when he is of course from Kiwi land. 🤪

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They really are evil aren't they? Christ, I said that like I only just realised it. Rishi is part of the WEF, so will be continuing the agenda. This Strep A story is getting on my nerves tbh. Why are people surprised? We all knew covid restrictions and Lockdowns were a huge mistake, but still, we had to 'follow the science '. I've seen on Twitter that a side effect from kids flu sprays is Streptococcal infection. People are blind to what's going on and I heard also that doctors in the areas where the nine kids have died are going to prescribe antibiotics as a precautionary measure. Who ever heard of antibiotics being prescribed just in case? It's just going to cause those kids more issues with their immune systems. This is so evil and sick. People have lost touch with reality. We can't pop a pill or take a vaccine for everything and we are all going to die of something. Its ridiculous!

I saw Laura Dodsworth on Talk TV this morning talking about Matt the cock and his book. It reveals that the masking of kids happened because Nicola Sturgeon made the decision to mask Scottish kids and Matt Hancock and Gavin Williamson didn't want to be out done by her so implemented in England even though they had advice to ths contrary saying masks would not prevent infection. And Gavin got a knighthood for services rendered. Jesus Christ! Apparently the book reveals how totally incompetent and clueless the government were in the covid shit show. I know its shocking isn't it? I was so impressed with everything they did to protect us...NOT! Jesus, these people need to go to prison for a long, long time. In fact forever. I have no interest in reading his book, but Dodsworth says that he tries to portray himself as the saviour and hero of the hour in his role as health secretary. This book should not have been allowed until the enquiry into the shit show is complete. Even though it will be a whitewash and achieve nothing, I feel.He should not be allowed to profit from the misery his policies caused to millions of people. I hope and pray they all get their comeuppance.

Good to hear about the free press guy. Any help to spread the word is good news. People need to hear the truth, however uncomfortable. Thanks again Abi for fighting for what is right. You are a light in the darkness, you really are xx

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Evening all,

Absolutely fucking heartbroken and angry about this roll out!! How dare they do this? It is 👿

So proud of my niece who refused it for her and her daughter ( Ben’s best friend 💖)

My niece is near the end of her pregnancy and no chance on earth this new baby will have it.

My niece is very clued up. Thank god!

Kerry Murray, im familiar with him as he is a regular on Sonia Poulton’s BNT Rise show. I thought he was a kiwi 🤷‍♀️

He contacted me and asked if I’d approached the press regarding Ben.

Told him I’d been on Rise etc, he never mentioned it again. 🤷‍♀️

That Malhotra, I knew he was a fame hungry whore from the beginning. 🤮🤑🤮

I’m a bit sweary tonight, so I’ll leave it there.

Catch you tomorrow pop pickers👍💥💥

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Your writing IS really good Abi,very succinct and the word cunt is a joy to see in print😀your conservative woman piece and the Leather girl vs Malhotra were excellent. I used to be decent but these days fail to find the right words,vocally too,this shitshow has in fact quite literally left me speechless.

I could’ve cried when I read about the children and babies. Over a year ago when I said to the Dr in my family that they were coming for the babies,he was very nippy and said ‘but we are not doing that here’ ,he was the one who had a ‘good lockdown’ and said the bodies were piling up at the morgue. Well fuck me,I wonder what he’s thinking now,I would ask but I think we are over talking about it,talking at all in fact. Covid has ripped apart so many family relationships I wouldn’t have believed it could’ve happened in my family. I always thought I just had a bit of middle child syndrome,turns out I’m the black sheep......happy to have that moniker now except for the sheep bit lol. Most of my lifelong friends proved to be a massive disappointment too. What a lesson in human nature we have all had. I’m so sad and angry at them all but I am going to use that anger to shout from the rooftops about injecting babies. The Hippocratic oath might well be getting plastered all over Drs surgeries on the east coast of Scotland.

I laughed out loud at the thought of the wall of cunts stealth mission,that should be a lot of fun. You and Martin will be like a couple of kids up to no good of an evening. Can’t wait to see it all in its glory ❤️

I’m going to try and catch the Lotus eaters live today and excited for you re the United Free Press.

Love to all u everyone ,hang in there xx

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Pod such fun as always! The Queen and Charles... 😂🤣😂😆😅🤣👏👏👏👏

Feel like I've had my reality fix! Love it! and love you Abi! With you 💯!

It's all so sad. My Dentist receptionist called today to book me in and we had a lovely chat. She's had two jabs but is now awake. Her and her husband on the same page. Her kids have had no jabs and will never. Always reassuring to find folks who actually think and question this shit.

Lovely evening to you all ❤️xo

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Loving the queen impressions! Loved it when you said she’s dead so doesn’t matter! Nearly choked on my sherry! Love you Abs xx

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You are so right Abi, some days are definitely better than others! I’m feeling so tired lately. I think it’s probably a combination of stress and a cold that is lingering on.

Good news about United Free Press. Your rants and writing will reach a bigger audience.

Yes, I read the article about smaller doses of the poison now have been given the go ahead for 6 month old babies. Sadly there are parents who will be willingly jabbing their babies. With all the information out there showing what harm the mRNA can do, it is criminal that they are still pushing the jabs.

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I've never used the c word as much since that night at the Quaker centre.

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Thanks Abi, fantastic food for thought while I clear up the kitchen. Love the swearing, you're so good at it. Some people are rubbish, they can't even say 'fuck' without ending the word with a soft instead of hard consonant, so it's like a stale cracker.

Regarding those who don't go the full distance in saying how bad things really are, in a mirror version of 'damning with faint praise', these people are "condoning with faint criticism".

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