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I’m a third of the way through Abi and I’ve had to stop for a while as the tears are flowing. Such an important document with the amazing Illustrations from Bob Moran - capturing the whole of the last nearly three years stunningly . This needs to be seen by everyone.

What an amazing undertaking to have captured these stories. Bless you 🙏you wonderful woman xxx

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Abi, I have a meagre 33 followers on Twitter but tweeted out your e-book. Every bit counts. I predict it will gain alot of traction ❤🙏

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When your an individual, creating and doing requires certain skills and is straight forward if you know what to do, but marketing and promoting is a whole other thing! I am useless at it! This e book is different, it is a collection of many voices and talents, all authentic, honest and selfless. I like to think that words, pictures and stories have their own power and energy. Now that this wonderful e book had been put out there it will take on a life force of its own and just keep growing. We will do everything we can to help.

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I have shared on Twitter.

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Evening all

As far as your sound effects go, I bet the sound dept at The Archers is shitting themselves😂😂😂sorry, not sorry😉💖

Yes, it’s about time Elon reinstated you, this ebook HAS to be widely shared by all💪💪💯

Loved the video you posted, you looked great!

Canny wait for you and our Charlotte to be on Rise with Sonia.

Poor Sonia won’t get a bloody word in with you pair😂😂

Have a great evening wherever you all are💖💖


Will you be turning this E book into a hard copy ?’

That’s if it’s viable, as in legalities, publishing and costs of course.

There’d be plenty of people, I’m sure that would contribute to help with cost.


Oh my god, I really fancy some Jaffa cakes, I don’t have any.... shit times😩

I’m going now🤦‍♀️😂

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If you write a book Abi you could write "The real Pandemic diaries"! PS I Have started a bring back Abi Roberts tweet going! Come on Elon! Love what you do Abi listen to you every morning- sets me up for the day!

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Dec 15, 2022·edited Dec 15, 2022

Love to everyone in this Substack family. I started reading yesterday, and my heart goes out to each and everyone of you. We have all been affected in some way by the destruction and inhumanity we have either witnessed or personally experienced. I read all of your comments and it helps to know that we are not alone in this struggle. Thank you Abi for your hard work and inspiring us to stay strong and keep fighting ❤ I'll be sharing the ebook with people I know as every little bit helps.

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I’m not on any social media except telegram but I will share your e book with as many people as I can. I do hope Abi you get reinstated on Twitter soon. Thank you again for being such a warrior in fighting the good fight. Xx

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When I read ‘helicopters’ in the title I was hoping for tales of men whipping off their towels and flinging their wangers about like a helicopter. Nevermind. Next time?

I have my own plan for the E-book to try and spread it around. I hope it comes off 🤞🏻You’re an inspiration Abz xxx

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It's ridiculous you are still not back on Twitter Abi 😡 I tweeted Elon about it so he better damn well get back to me 😊😉

Been a long day, helped on school trip today to Science Museum which was good until lunch, as on the table was an advert for an exhibition running until Jan 2024 called, wait for it....Injecting HOPE, the race for a covid 19 vaccine, and hey it's free as well !!

I was fuming, I tweeted a pic of it, tagged you in Abi, or Derek rather 😆 and said if I'd had a pen I would have crossed out HOPE and replaced with EVIL!! Fucking hells bells!

Aside from that, two kids getting sick on coach and my daughter calling a boy in her class a bastard, it was brilliant 🤣🤣 or more like an episode of Motherland 🤔

Catch you all tomorrow guys, and I will be sharing the ebook as much as possible Abi, have some time alone this weekend to sit down, take a deep breath and read it all ❤ and Abi yes you must write a book 📖 😊😊

Much love folks ❤️

Rach xxx

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Oh fuck, Gates is at it again. Another table top exercise called Catastrophic Contagion. Here we go again. FFS.

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Good helicopter sound Abi!

A friend of the foul-mouthed yob Abi Roberts sounds so good, I will have to use that😂

The hatred for the unvaccinated was unprecedented, the covidians hoped we would die. The unjabbed hoped that the vaccinated would come to no harm.

Faith is more important to me now than ever. Covidians are satanic.

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