Get your Crunts out

Don’t follow the sheep, follow the Crunt

Cathy for PM

You’ve got some Crunt


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Hi Abi. I love these podcasts 🥰.

I was going to suggest 'I'm with Cathy!' For the merch, but the suggestions below are brilliant lol😂 .

Sad to hear of that lady dying on her wedding day. I suppose they'll say it was the stress from organising her wedding that did it 🙄 and sadly people will believe that. But as you say, we know what caused it😉.

I am so tired of the 'trans shite '. I just feel there is so much mental illness around now. I'm not belittling mental illness btw, but its like those who still wearing masks. Someone needs to take them to one side and have a quiet word. Why are these parents encouraging their kids? I seriously don't understand. Life is hard enough without piling all that shite on them. Let them be kids! What's wrong with that?

I'm sorry you've got to close the just giving page because of moronic people who can't work out which page is for the charity. And why are people so bloody horrible to you when you're doing such a kind gesture to help out a fellow who has fell on hard times. Cathy is so right when she says 'Stay stupid!'. Christ people are idiots at times.

I used to moan about Brexit and all the media going on and on about it, but what I'd give to go back to those times. Those were the days😂...not, but I'm sure you catch my drift xx

Thanks Abi xx

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Half past hypocrisy or half past …. one of the others 🤣

I’ve had more pricks than a second hand dart board 🤣

I’m a #Crunt or I’m with crunt - I don’t know, it’s all funny

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How about Stay Safe, Stay Stupid, Watch Crunt

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Removing boris’ coke bogey lol

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Klaus Schwab needs some crunt in his life.

I used to be a crunt, then I discovered Cathy.

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Keep Calm And Crunt On.


No Vax No Problem

Stay Stupid

Cathy Says Stay Stupid

Love ya Abi 😘

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How about " May Contain Crunts"?! 😂

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What lovely thing to do for Jan Abbie you sweetie. Love Cathy says Stay Stupid on a T shirt. Emmas I’m with Crunt is good too. Watched Delingpole calling Joanne whatsername a useful idiot on gb news. Hilarious. Ukraine is such a sham

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In bed with my guilty listening pleasure.

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