It's cold because of the fooking sun blocking geoengineering that's being done under the guise of tackling the fake climate crisis.

This is also confirmed on the gubberment website.

Total cunts.

The demonstrably false and disproven germ theory of disease is the reason most people complied during convid, through fear of non existent contagion. Until that false religion is recognised as a peddled fraud then the truth will not be 100% realised.

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Great pod Abs,

Cathy’s video today was brilliant, I loved it💖

I saw Alistair Williams Campbell videos, he’s so funny😂

All I’m going to say on AB is that you should read the open letter to him, it’s contents are sensational.

To Lisa,

I hope you’re back home, after your scan with a nice cup of tea. Take it easy 💖💖💖

Hope everyone’s okay 👍😊

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May 30·edited May 30

Abi they had one of those mountain toboggans in the ski resort we went to in France in January. Our ski pass included a free ride it, I took one look and said to kids I’d rather not shit a brick so we all decided to give it a miss.

The whole Schofield fiasco has me bored to tears, they all knew what he was up too when, he was stunning and brave coming out, ya know just to bury the scandal that was brewing.

The one thing I’ll bet a pound to a penny on is his conveniently understanding wife that had to be a beard marriage. I don’t know one woman worth her salt, who would have shrugged and said they’ll be supportive and best friends after been cheated like that. You’d have steam coming out of your ears and you’d take them to the cleaners for robbing years away of your life.

The public brown shirts and enforcers have a lot to answer for, not only did their common sense, but their moral compass levitated and left their bodies, some actually got great pleasure from shouting and badgering their fellow public. If the government had given them a little silver star to wear, they’d have strutted around wearing it like the town sheriff.

As I work in a chippy, we were open as usual, apart from a few weeks at the start, down to supply issues.

The whole covid scam revealed an array of some weird, strangely disturbing behaviour by the public.

Not only did we have customers arguing and fighting over social distancing and break the rules over how many were in the shop at once.

I had one who shut the door after he came in standing at the back of it stopping anyone else coming in, shouting I’m high risk so you can’t come near me, one customer shouted back at him that “you should’ve stayed at fucking home indoors then”.

I had more than one customer who didn’t want their change( we were cash only for the first few months of the scam) because they didn’t want to touch what others will have done.

I had one customer stand six feet away when ordering, when it came to pay they took a small step stretching their arm out so I had to stand on my tip toes stretching myself to reach their money. The best bit was when I had to drop their change into an open sandwich bag they were holding as far away as they could get.

We had several customers who insisted we place the change on the counter to be picked up by them, rather than us directly handing it to them.

I had another customer who stood at the door in the freezing cold while it was pissing it down with rain, they proceeded to shout their order to me from their. When it came to pay they scuttled quickly in stopping short, they lobbed the money at the counter, took the bag from another severely stretched arm and run off faster than Linford Christie.

As funny as it may seem looking bad at the extreme and funny behaviour. Not one drop of this would have ever happened, without our repugnant, duplicitous morally bankrupt politicians, celebs and medical staff. They have a lot of explaining and answering to do on why they thought it was ok to terrorise the public into such irrational responses.

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Yes ancient apocalypse is interesting.

I’ve started to learn more about the ancient Greeks since my boy became obsessed with them and asked for wall charts for his birthday.

I’ll post some pics on telegram of the Gods family tree and a timeline of the bible. The Greek gods seem very real. The statues are very specific.

Our whole historical timeline is skewed I think. Humanity is being dumbed down so much RN. Those with skills and trades will do well in future.

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We are definitely living in a parallel universe. I joined a zoom meeting last night by a whistleblower pilot. The FAA is moving the goalposts so that pilots do not fail their medicals if they have heart issues. The simulator that pilots have to go through every six months is showing a negative difference in response time for those pilots who have been jabbed. That’s a worry if there was an emergency. No wonder that the ‘elite’ are only hiring unjabbed pilots for their own private jets.

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Real comedy 🙂👍

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Love your “so I put”. Debate? What an absolute farce. How do the dumb dumbs not join the dots?

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