I love the united prayer idea, will definitely join tomorrow. Dan Andrews is absolutely without a soul as you say Abi. I think these leaders were blackmailed/bought and out of thier tits on coke throughout it all. May God have mercy on them because I won't.

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Oh Abi, you have no idea of the trauma and the devastation wreaked upon the kids. I'm here in South East Melbourne and now we are seeing, written in referrals, the results of the death injections on little kids I'm seeing (I work in schools, in Allied Health),the behavioural, emotional and neurological damage done to children 4- 5 years old now coming through.

That fascist wankeR pig locked down two high rise towers in Melbourne at 2 hours notice, not the rich towers nearby, mind, just the social housing for refugees. People inside had no food or medication and some had autistic kids. They weren't allowed out to see therapists and we weren't allowed in.

Schools and playgrounds were shut down, reopened and shut down on a whim. Golf was banned and fishing! Lone golfers, people in one boat on the ocean! We couldn't go out apart from one hour per day and no more than 5ks from home.

Pregnant women were arrested for making a facebook post saying I stand with Victorians, helicopters and drones were flying over our homes to ensure we didn't have guests or families in our backyards. People protesting in Melbourne were shot in the back with rubber bullets, pepper sprayed, held down and BearCat trucks were deployed which are weapons of war blasting low frequency sound waves. See Avi Yemenis post. "quarantine" facilities IE camps were set up in Middleton. And everybody clapped and said how brave he was.

I never thought I'd see England again. I've never been so frightened.

Everywhere was closed for the unvaxxed, and that smirking fox, that destroyer of people's liberties, thinks he can get away with it. It feels like I'm going mad, but more and more of us are speaking up. Thank you, thank you. Jx

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Abi it’s not just New Zealand care homes I’ve had a very disturbing phone call today from my Mum’s care home the Cedars. They’re on the verge of lockdown they have an alleged covid outbreak including my Mum apparently and all been put to bed! Remember they were all vaccinated 2 weeks ago with the autumn booster - not my mum I gave them strict instructions but I don’t trust them. I can honestly see they’ll all be locking them down in the UK again. We then had an interesting conversation when I said you know this is all bollocks and she actually agrees but said their hands are tied by the rules. So I’m concerned I’ll be heading there probably Thursday.

As far as Dan Andrews he’s pure evil he will never be safe on the streets, always be looking over his shoulder and may he rot in eternal hell.

Great podcast again Abi x ❤️

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So the psychopath Dan Andrews has resigned, but who will replace him, another evil bastard no doubt.

I’m so sorry to hear about Kerry’s mum being subject to lockdown in her care home in NZ. The inhumanity towards the elderly in care homes in NZ kicks off again.

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The Pod has saved me too and the TG channel. The laughs have been a life saver in all the misery and I’ve met some amazing people virtually and in person, a beautiful thing to have been born from this shitshow.

If the word cunt was made for anyone it was made for Dan Andrews.

See you lovelies at prayer in the morning xx

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Good to hear you Abi, i have missed you.

Not sleeping well since i got back think its the fatigue and anxiety because of what is ahead of me this week( if i go ahead as still having doubts)

I don’t suppose Dan Andrews has suffered from sleepless nights this past 3 and a half years the evil bastard.They may think they get away with it but i just hope the people never forgive or forget.

Sorry to hear about your mum Kerry, my heart goes out to you (i had months of it with my mum). Xx

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In the same vein, David Icke got his Netherlands court ruling against his appeal! Quelle surprise they ruled against him! He is so close to the target and they have no idea how to handle him! Like he says, let’s run at them cos they are actually scared of us, so obvious by the new online safety bill etc

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I believe I heard from the Lord at our time of prayer …

2 things …

1. The weapons we must use are not of this world ( 2Corinthians 10:4…The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds)

2 . The second was a reminder about our identitiy …

I was once again taken back to the Bourne Trilogy…where Jason is looking to find out who he is and why TPTB don’t want him to know who he really is ….

Because imho if we really know who we in Christ we and the world will know the power of God and we will shine in an ever darkening world ..not because of us because of what God has done in us …

What I like about Bourne is that he took the fight to them ..he didn’t cower ..he knew he was equipped for the fight, so he knew some of his gifts, but not why he had them or what he was supposed to do ..which was to expose the evil system that had deceived him ….

Sound familiar?

I remember thinking at the beginning of this nightmare…

‘We will yet see Angels and eat Manna’

Every blessing, Dena 🙏

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Great pod Abs,

Kerry, I’m so sorry about the carehome lockdown and I pray your mum is doing okay, bless her. You must be going out of your mind with worry🥺🥺

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Great pod Abs, you're so right, Dan Andrews and his ilk are already in hell, at least they will be acclimatised!!!!

So sorry to hear about Kerry's mum, not again 😡😢 sending love to them both.

Love the idea of a united prayer time, thats so beautiful, I missed first one as catching up on Weds, but I'll be there tomorrow!!

What has happened to Australia is so disturbing and has never left me, like none of this will, I was close to my cousins in Oz and have spent alot of time there, especially Melbourne and around Vic, but they bought right into it and that soured our relationship at the height of it all, hopefully in time that will mend.

Abi, me and my friend were chatting about you and Katie Hopkins recently and we have decided you two should start a podcast together 😁 now that would ruffle a few feathers 🤔😊

I'm sorry I'm not very active on telegram, I find it a bit bloody confusing tbh but need to be on there more, it's hard to keep up with all the different platforms, though with the Russell Brand and rumble situation and threats to block in the UK, we will be lucky to have any free speech spaces left in the end!!

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Oh how refreshing to hear my favourite word, cunt, used liberally. I have only just ‘found’ your daily podcast since seeing you on the Delingpod.

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Sorry to hear about your Mum, Kerry. It must be hard being so far away 🙏😘

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I remember when a couple escaped from those Australian camps, the media was reporting on them like a scene from Running Man!

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I’ll definitely come and see you in February Abs. Hopefully Trudi can go as near to her.

Will join in prayers tomorrow 🙏 there is so much to pray for. I often include our Lisa in mine.

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I watched One By One today, it was the last film of Rik Mayal, gosh it was good, can’t believe it was made in 2014! He obviously took the red pill! He was right over the target of NWO! Probably what got him killed

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Dear Abi, this is true ©heart speech, and it comes from the bottom. Keep that up. I agree, with all my love and confidence, on your wish for Dan Andrews and his compagnions all over the world: May they rot in hell for eternity.

Feel hugged, my dear.

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