Not every child is going back to school this week a lot of them have a 7 week summer holiday and many are not going back to school for months because of the dodgy concrete 🤦🏼‍♀️

It was 29c today in Kent, not before time, hooray sun at last. I’m on holiday from tomorrow for 8 days and the UK will have a heatwave .....typical.

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Justin Welby is not a man of God. All those speakers that you mentioned need to be avoided. How can they, hand on heart, speak in a church. The church needs to step aside from the fake climate change narrative and stick to the teachings of God.

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As soon as you said Welby, I felt nauseous 🤮🤮.

The meetings sound a right hoot 🤦‍♀️🥴

You do make me laugh 🤣

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Jeez that church🤦‍♀️shame you cant go along to the one with the drs and give them all a copy of “We the people”. Thank fuck that Dr Rachel is not near me , i keep getting asked if i want to see the palliative care dr i say “no thanks” i would rather drop dead at home than be in their clutches after what i have seen.Good news i have been given the ok to go away for a break they are pushing my treatment back a week so next week i am outa here......x

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The church has lost the plot, it’s completely bonkers. Welby is a sulphur oozing, paedo looking, creepy, evil mother fucker. And that Dr Rachel, was she the one who got Bob in the shit? She can do one too. Abi I would love to see you confront Welby in the style of Malhotra but at the same time, you’re right, I don’t think I’d want to be anywhere near him or look him in the eyes.....shudder. Plus you might get arrested ...again 😩

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Fab pod Abi.I really miss London and walking all the different neighbourhoods.You never know what you're going to come across.

You're spot on about all these soulless Marxists!My socialist workers party neighbours were the only ones to ask, "Have you had your vaccine?"I told them,"No, because I've had Covid so have natural immunity " There was a big argument which I won't go into.Anyway it was also them who were rallying neighbours to bang pots and pans too.I lent out the window and shouted this is all bullshit!

These Marxists never mix with any real working class people either.They don't even go to pubs.They only meet in secret it seems or at dreadful Socialist events like the ones you told us about and our annual 'Green Fest' here in Nottingham 🥺

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Lenin (the mass murderer) wasn't exactly who most people think, including your deluded brainwashed Marxist meeting man. Lenin was working for the British Intelligence Service MI5. Too much to swallow?

The British-American Pilgrims Society (1902) created the Vladimir Lenin and Bolshevik Revolution as a “false flag” to destabilize Russia so that British-American corporations would have access to Russia vast resources.


These historical figures - good and evil- don't just appear out of the blue; just like Osama bin Laden was a CIA agent.

And Al Qaeda (a CIA data base name) created by the US Neocons as the bogie-man-group of the time to scare the shit out of the Americans.

And if you dig deep enough, there are always a certain religion's banking mafia behind these movements and events. 'War is a racket' and serves two main purposes: depopulates; especially fighting-age males by the millions, AND feeds the Industrial military complex with £$ billions.


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Omg those upcoming speeches I actually had anger at their satanic audacity - I would not be able to control my anger if I was listening to any of them. Quick fix send the entire lot to the alleged front line in Ukraine. On a lighter note Primrose Hill was my daughter’s home for 4 years and I absolutely love it there. She lived just near Chalcot Square in the pastel houses, it’s a special place. Next time you go Abi visit Lemonia it’s a Greek restaurant on the high street, my most favourite restaurant in the whole of London. It’s apparently famous for a fight between Jude Law and Daniel Craig over Sienna Miller .. not sure if that’s true. But it’s got a big Greek family of owners and it doesn’t pretend to be fancy or anything it’s just a great place with great food xx

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Just brilliant Abbi.

You must get out on your walkabouts more often ,given that your journey today showed us a whole world of your genius, amidst the lunacies of London.

Satan in the Fields, it is!

I reckon that " Here I stand" series is a mockery of former Anglican and evangelical traditions...these clowns ran away in 2020, and locked up their churches too.

They mock themselves with that title, and they know it.

The likes of Wells and Welby are heading straight to hell.. They mock the weak, and miss the joke.

Whereas truth tellers like you will be required and loved by the God who is having a laugh with his Pride Festivals getting washed away, Glasto comedy chaos and Noel Gallagher, Sheeran and Springsteen gigs with their three hour traffic jams!

Popcorn out, Jesus loves a joke.

And you saw the jokes and had fun today!

Thanks for sharing it all. Makes me want to take a ULEZ camera home as a souvenir, and revisit Imperial etc...Clowntown Central.

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Hi Abi, I think these guys are ace https://www.youtube.com/live/mS72F7-XnCI?si=ZDw6_6gXJ6kAkqgK Why we need to leave Twitter X and great stuff about Fact checkers. I haven't shared much recently because I get bored and limit my time on the Internet. I started playing tennis with my wife, riding my bike around the streets (power ride) for 1 hour and drinking the same amount of beer as always which keeps me happy. I Love you! Keep going my girl. You're a rock.

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The mention Of Welby triggered me. FFS. What a bunch of gaslighters.

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Try painting iodine on a suspicious mole rather than deal with weirdos

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