Aww Abi,

This will be such a powerful thing πŸ’–

Bless our lovely Bob, just love him.

Thanks Bob, if you’re reading thisπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’™

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I wish I had seen this earlier as I don't have time to write the pages and pages I would like to write.

From hearing about the October (yes October 2019) lockdown of Wuhan from a US fortune 100 Exec, to sitting down with the Chairman of the UK's only ventilator manufacturer in March who told me that he had to call No10 repeatedly to tell them that they existed.

From importing HCQ and IVM in July 2020 and using it to save the life of a work colleagues brother in hospital in Jan 2021.

From hearing about the death due to the vaccine of another work colleagues grandfather in February 2021 to forcing a personal apology from my children's school Head Mistress for the personal attack my son received from a teacher for not wearing a mask.

Quite the wonderful time we've all head hey?

Fuck me, what a shit show it all is.

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