The tee is fabulous, well done 👏👏👏

Hope everyone is ok?

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Little tease 😈 x

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Hi Abi and all friends, pmsl at the vision of you looking like a DFS sofa!

Hope all goes well with The Freds, enjoy!

Just TOO TOO flippin' hot to type, whew.

Take care everyone!

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That was frantic, out of breath listening to it! Can’t wait for the T-shirts, take a pic with you wearing it Abi 👍🏻

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Abi has DFS got a sale on🤣, can you post a picture of your Cathy shirt for us stupid fecks.

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Love your energy today Abi, hope you have a fab time with the Freds.

Question for AAA. If you could choose anyone to be our Prime Minister, I don’t mean Truss or Sunak - anyone in the world dead or alive who would it be?

Love the Cathy Crunt T-shirt 🤣

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My nephew could not get down from Edinburgh last weekend . Trains cancelled.

‘There is something rotten in the State of Denmark’… that line always resonated . He got most things right and now comes with a trigger warning . What a state.

Enjoy your evening Abi !


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Was just talking with my daughter today about the weirdness of K-POP 🤯🤢

That’s a shame about Edinburgh Abi.....my friend couldn’t get back to Edinburgh today from London,her train was cancelled. I’m going to see Basil Brush at the Fringe next Friday......there’s definitely not any comedians I’d be up for going to see this year. I see Jimeoin has the Ukranianian flag on his Twitter profile wtf.

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When you said Denise Dingleberry had been released, my first thought was 'Where from?' Sorry, the old brain cell doesn't always work very well😂.

A very frantic podcast, but I'd be over excited if I was going to meet the Fred's too. Definitely good guys on the right side of history.

Catching up as I've been on my hols, so off to listen to AAA now 😊xx

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Why is it that people think naturally Afro hair is ‘frizzy, messy ‘ & in some ways unacceptable?

I find this attitude unacceptable having Afro hair myself naturally

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Abi, I hope you had a great evening at The Freds book launch. The manicure and the waxing is always worthwhile.

Just love the T-shirt. You could never look like a DFS sofa babe!

Yes, your Abi Daily is definitely therapy for me. We have a lot in common, as you say, a woman who has been round the block and flattened a lot of grass!

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