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I blame Bill Gates 🤣 yep another prick indeed, there are so many to choose from 💁‍♂️

Just listened to yesterday's pod, I feel as we all do your anger Abs, Matt Hancock omg what a display of his narcissistic character, he makes my blood boil and skin crawl!!

The beloved baby in New Zealand has broke my heart, the poor parents 😰 that is what it has come to, what an abhorrent world and future we are facing, I feel sickened every time I see the psychopath that is Trudeau, the bare faced hypocrisy of him saying we will stand up for human rights in China, wtaf!!!

Richard Tice at the MH book launch 🤢 if he is our only hope god help us, he gives me the same vibes as Toby Young!

The music at the end was divine and much needed, soothed my soul did that, thank you Abi 😘

Hope everyone is well and staying sane in this madness!! I still have a bit of the lurgy and still sulking about not being able to make the Delingpod on Sunday 😭 it looked amazing 👏 and i wanted an Abi hug 😊 that's been my week 😕 oh and my daughter bent my car key and the end snapped off, the codey chip thing has fallen out, I have no spare....apart from that all good 🤔🤣🤣

Sending ❤ to all you guys

Look forward to today's rant later 😆😁


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