Hi Abi, where is Denise? I’ve been on holiday and my brain has stopped working! Come back to the bloody shit show!

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Great pod today Abi,

Hope everyone is good. Trust you to mention cock as I’m eating my bangers and mash🤣🤣

These fucking morons are trying to eradicate women, I’m no feminist but this makes evil shit gets me so mad.

They are women haters and paedophiles.. End of!😡😡

I’m glad your electrician knew what’s actually happened over this BS, my heart breaks for the young ones 🥰

Right, I’m off to do the washing up, Ffs, I sound like a right old hag( Peter, no comments please🤣🤣)

I’ve been rather sweary this evening, ah well, fuck it!!

Over N out🥰🥰🥰

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I often wear tight leather but motorcycling can be hazardous, as for Denise could you pass on my personal details including a picture of my enormous #*#*, ( bike) not cock you perv🤣

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I consider myself a compassionate person but I'd be quite happy watching certain individuals suffer pain and even death.. as always Abs its a pleasure listening to your good self weather a rant or a poem👍

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Btw had the same experience with a guy doing some plumbing work for me the other week who was totally switched on about it all. There’s plenty of us.

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Forgot to say it was hilarious. These lefties are brainwashed into thinking labour are for the working classes nothing could be further from the truth

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Doing good thanks abs. Checked out Bobs new cartoon of Truss pushing Jezza Hunt on a trolly with his Hannibal lector face mask

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Barbie pouches!! This is just sick, keep these perverts away from our kids.

I hope that Calvin Robinson is successful in getting a meeting of all the small parties together. Alone they can do nothing but together they could be a force to reckon with. There is nothing to differentiate between Conservative and Labour, they are all globalists. The future is grim if we are in their hands.

The scouser, who I’m sure you are paying well Abi, needs to keep his eye on your technique. Don’t let him slack! I will never understand why dog owners cannot bag the poo😳

Jon Gaunt doesn’t deserve any compassion btw x

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I had to jump on to say that I just went on twit twoo to check out jon gaunt as was curious, and I am blocked 🚫 🤣🤣 that must have been from ages ago, i had no idea!! I did wonder why he never popped up on feed anymore lol! I won't be able to sleep tonight now 🤔🤔 😝

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Hi everyone, great listen as always 👌 I usually have a favourite line from every episode and today's is...we are not kangaroos down there 🤣 quick check in tonight as having child dramas this evening 🤨🙄 up in the big smoke tomorrow but sadly only for the dentist at guy's hospital 😬 so mama needs sleep! But will be catching up with Denise and Fanny first 😊😊 xx

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Listened to this on Wednesday and you've packed a lot in to this one Abi.

Paul the scouser sounds like an idiot. Sorry, but how can he think Starmer would be the answer to our prayers? If anything, labour were worse than the Tories. Wanting longer Lockdowns and more restrictions. As you say, they are all the same. So good on Calvin Robinson trying to bring the smaller parties together. We desperately need a new approach in our political system.

As for Jon Gaunt, I'm afraid I do not share your compassion. That man like many others would have gladly seen the unvaccinated segregated and locked away. He was vile and nasty to you and in general, so although I do not wish him ill, I think it is karma. These people were so righteous and sucked up the propaganda like good boys and girls. I will never forget the hate and loathing directed at me and the immense pressure to conform and comply put on me and my family by the likes of Jon Gaunt, so I'm sorry I cannot feel any sympathy.

I've said before I find it hard to get my head around the trans stuff. All I think is that its just more distraction from the main event. The msm always seem to be around to film and support these people and the stupid extinction rebellion idiots and yet protests across Europe are ignored. So I try to ignore it because it is just nonsense.

Really enjoyed this one Abi. Keep up the good work 👍😁xx

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