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Hi everyone - and yes wishing our Trudi a lovely birthday, Ben will always celebrate every one with you... hugs. xx

Abi, I remember your reminiscenses of caring for our loved ones at the end of life - and as you say, only when these situations happen in our own lives, do we understand the mixed feelings that occur .

Next week on the 12th, is the anniversary of our beloved son Mark, who tragically died to suicide.. my love goes out to all families who have endured this.

I agree Abi about the folk who are still wittering on about "the 'rona" and masks, and jabs and isolating as if a plague is circling around the country ... the doom-mongers soon stopped blethering on about Monkey Pox, since barely anyone took notice, so I wonder what the next horror may emerge on MSM to frighten the life out of those who believe every damn word..

Time to go and make a cuppa now. At least we dare switch on the sodding kettle now!

Catch up again soon friends, take care and lotsa luv to you all

Jan S xx

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It's just been announced that the Queen has died. Like you Abi, I feel very differently about things to what I once did. She was a mother and grandmother, so I feel for them as a family for their loss , but just as I would any family . I won't forget their part in the shit show. Like you've said about celebrities who have pushed the jabs and narrative, they believed it or were paid to believe it, but they still did it. And for me she pushed it and called those who chose not to take the jab, selfish. So yes it's sad, ofcourse it is, but what about all those who died and couldn't have their family with them because of the lies ot the shit show. For me now I have grave concerns about King Charles . Christ, that's going to be a whole new shit show. Question for AAA: Do you think people will accept King Charles and Queen Camilla? It makes me feel nauseous if I'm honest xx

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Hi Abi thought you were very respectful. Unlike you though I am refusing to watch any tv coverage, yes it’s sad but she is 96 so not unexpected and at least she can have her family around her unlike the thousands that couldn’t. Dreading Charlie boy taking over! Hope today went well for Trudi and for Stuart x

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Oh ffs... Princess Diana died on Ben’s 3rd birthday, now the queen has died on my 50th.

I am emotionally disconnected with it for reasons I’ve explained already.

Something came to me and it was that she has now gone to where Benjamin is, there is no hierarchy up there, is there?

It gave me a little bit of peace in a strange kind of way 🤷‍♀️

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Thank you Abi that was wonderful and total respect to those dearly departed loved ones ❤️❤️❤️

The Queen's health began to significantly falter post jab. Her husband died during the post jab period of April last year.

These times we live in, “… first they will ignore you, then they will laugh at you, then they will fight you, and then you will will.” Thank you Gandhi.

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Stuart , thinking of you 🙏❤️

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It’s sad when anyone dies but the Queen has had a long and privileged life. The Queen went down in my estimation when she promoted the jab. May be she was coerced but I was so angry listening to her peddle the lies about the jab. Charles will be a nightmare as king, he is a hypocrite and woke beyond belief. Queen Abi, now that has a certain ring to it!

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Aww thanks Abi, I enjoyed lunch with my folks and had a visit from my brother which was nice.

I understand your sadness and mixed emotions.

I’ve not had to deal with that yet, my grandparents lived in Scotland so I was never around it.

I only know the aftermath of Ben’s suicide 😞💔

His card has pride of place today, he will be up there somewhere with a JD in hand saying, “Happy birthday mum, I love you”

Bless him😊🥃

He will be glad that I’ve spent time with his grandma and grandpa today🥰

Thankyou to everyone who has wished me a happy birthday, this Substack family is simply wonderful 💖💖💖

Thanks again Abi and hope you’re ok

Lots of love to you all 💕

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Sorry, I don't think the queen was what the royalists believe. I think there is something sinister about the whole institution. There is no such thing as a divine right to lead. They have been complicit and possibly instigators of dark and nefarious deeds. I am not sorry to see her go. To me, she is a 95 year old privileged woman who I don't know and have no bond with other than of her being a human being. If her family grieves that is their business and not mine. There will be enough rhetoric and fawning over her passing so I won't be needing to join in. Maybe I am, as someone once said a 'saddo' and at my passing the crowds wouldn't even fill a post box. It's so sad. Boo Hoo.

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To our lovely Jan,

You are very much in my thoughts today as I know how incredibly difficult today will be.

Please know that you’re not alone .

I so wish we weren’t a member of this club.

Whatever you do today, be gentle with yourself.

I will light a candle for your wonderful Mark this evening.

Sending lots of love and strength to you 💖

God bless you

💙💙For Mark💙💙🕯🕯🕯

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The Queen was literally here one day gone the next .

This has the B word written all over it.

May she RIP 🙏

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I hear you Abi,we all feel sad,overwhelmingly sometimes,it’s really hard going isn’t it? I kinda had that foreboding kind of feeling when I woke.

Got a phone call from my mums at 9 this morning,she had fallen. Bombed straight down to hers,she’s ok,shaken and bruised bless her. Her new slippers stuck to the carpet as she stepped forward and down she went. She is a total worry,suddenly seems really old. Stayed with her most of the day and had to endure not only the TV but the BBC royal footage 😂 that was a tongue biter.... she loves the queen, i have completely changed my mind about the Queen in the last 2 yrs (but then I’ve changed my mind about most people 😂) she was a tough one but I’m now thinking they are a very sinister family....

I really feel now that she’s gone that’s a big signal things are about happen🙏 the financial market might crash sooner now and shit will hit the fan but I think it needs to hit the fan before good things start to happen 🙅🏼‍♀️ I think the good guys are in control,I might be wrong,hope not. The nxt 10 days might be a bit of a distraction for something else. It’s all very unsettling but it will be great if things are happening for the good🤞the next couple of months will be telling.

Happy birthday Trudi xx

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