I cheered when I heard that Matt the cock had been assaulted. Whoever he is, well done that man! You deserve a medal and you've done what I and so many others would love to do. As you said Abi, this piece of shit should be behind bars not walking around as a free man. It riles me to the core. Those people on the March last weekend, alot of them can't fucking walk because of the jabs and oh yes.. .a lot of them are...what's that word? ...Dead!

I heard Isabelle Oakeshott on talk TV this morning talking about the excess deaths and she was pussy footing around the subject and what the reason was for those deaths. She said it needs to be investigated so that 'conspiracy theories ' could be quoshed. She even said it may be down to the weather...the fucking weather! Jesus christ! We all know Isabelle what's causing the excess deaths. Talk radio and gb news need to grow a pair and start investigating and and putting it out there. She also suggested it may be because a lot of baby boomers are now dying that were born after WW2...what? They're grasping at straws because they don't want to say what they really know or admit they've been hoodwinked. Our government and their policies are killing and maiming people and they don't give a shit or have I read the room wrong?

It's a seriously fucked up world we are living in. Thank God (and Abi ofcourse) for this podcast xx

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Thankyou for doing your podcast tonight Abi. I'm sure there are times when it's difficult. As usual I love to listen while I'm cooking and as usual I agree with you.

I was in a rage from 2020 through to 2021, so so angry all the time. I had to find a way to deal with my anger before it swallowed me up! I focused on the people and things that meant the most to me, i tried to make my little world a happy, supportive and loving place, I had to for my own sanity.

I will never forget or forgive what these people did, the way family and friends treated each other and the despair that drove some poor souls to end their lives because they could not see a way forward. It is unforgiveable and ALL of them need to go to jail. I hope I live long enough to see that happen. In the meantime please take care of yourself Abi. Sending lots of love and hugs xx ❤️

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Welcome back, Abi! Missed you! One good thing - Sturgeon has had a sudden attack of sanity and realised (as a result of enormous pressure) that putting a man in a women’s prison might not be the best idea. The people can make a change when they keep up the pressure.

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Abs it's always good to have a break from the shit show you can come back recharged.. Project Veritas have an undercover video on Phyzer and I garauntee it will shock you.. I watched it today and it was a W.T.F. moment for sure.. I would also like to wish Jules a very happy birthday and I'd also like to say hi to Fred West🤣 my birthday tomorrow so I'm off to buy jelly and icecream🤣

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Christ on a bike Abi I had watched the video of that guy confronting Matt Wanksock,he didn’t assault him, he was holding the arse wipe to account for his crimes, and he needs bloody holding to account as MSM isn’t going to do it. He was asking relevant questions we all want answers to. So the guys now been arrested for assaulting

Wanksock with words, just more insane shite to go on the long list of fucking insane shite being spewed out of every orifice by the scumbag media and their paid shills. I hate the lot of them more everyday.

Thank you for your podcasts, glad to know I’m not the only one ranting at all this bullshit. God bless you Abi, keep it going, much love Ange x

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Thanks soooo much for the lovely Mr Jules Marilyn Manson birthday msg,he is cock a hoop ...says he feels like JFK 😂

Fred West had us chuckling too.


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There is nothing to investigate Abi, I agree. Do not pass go. Go straight to hell after a stint in jail for these malevolent buggers. And the Pfizer thing with Project Veritas? Don't know what to think about this now. All I know is that the Devil wants to cause mass confusion 😕.

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Indeed Abi, the inversion is evil. True evil. As in Satan’s game.

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Yes, the man was forcefully questioning Hancock because no-one will do it!!! There is no accountability!

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People like Isabelle Oakeshott, JHB and Allison Pearson are either deluded or toeing the line. They are not anyone's friend. As soon as the latter two started praising the vax at the start I was horrified and turned them off. Allison Pearson is still saying on Twitter that the excess deaths are due to the lockdowns and NHS. Really!? Both her and JHB are Cambridge educated journalists; are they really that dim? Either they have been lazy and not done their homework or they are doing as they are told. Of course they have also both taken the jab so likely in the rather large Stockholm Syndrome group. Reagrding rolling back the vax. They are not rolling it back for the over 50's, clearly they need shot of them asap and it's not occuring quickly enough. Also they have enough shots most arms now for their agenda. Things carry on it is simply slightly different route- now stuff evryone full of statins, new mrNA jabs for cancer, heart disease and just about everything. I pray and hope that a few more young wake up now. As indoctrinated as they are by the education system, most took these jabs to go to a disco and a trip to Greece. Now they can't get one if they wanted unless vulnerable (if I have read correctly). They may all now be on the way to clots, heart inflammation and sadly for many most likely infertility.

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Sometimes it is just necessary to remove yourself from the craziness Abi. Saturday must have been exhausting both mentally and physically.

It was hardly harassment on the tube of Matt Hancock by a 61yr old man. Please God let there by trials and prosecutions for the likes of Hancock and the many other evil bastards.

I blocked Tom Harwood some time ago, before he blocked me! Harwood is an absolute arsehole.

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Missed you on Monday Abi, I felt just as you did. However it’s so important for us to listen to our minds and hearts and cut off from it all when we need to. I need to do it more often.

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Missed you yesterday Abi. I think we could all do with time away from social media xxxxx

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Omg Hapoy birthday Mr Jules 🥳💙🥳💙

Marilyn Mansun😂😂😂

Evening all,

Well , I’m in a bloody brilliant mood, why? I hear you all ask...

🥳🥳I’ve won tickets for the comedy pod at Kegworth 🥳🥳

Can’t wait to see everyone, Mr and Mrs Jules will be looking after me( they don’t know yet) as I’m a bit nervous. I’m so bloody excited and if you don’t come and say hello Abi Roberts, I’ll be most upset😉😄

Great pod tonight and don’t blame you Abi for removing yourself from the BS.

I’ve decided I won’t comment about Bridgen or Wancock unless absolutely necessary. I just find myself wound up and that’s never a good thing.

Hope everyone is ok? Have we heard from Peter yet?

I’ve completely forgot what hi was about to write🤦‍♀️


Jules, Abs and anyone else from the Substack fam that are going to Kegworth..

See you on Saturday you sexy mother fudgers 👊👊👊


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Abi, the ONLY person who has called out ALL the bs from the word go is Michael O' Bernicia AND he is the only one to try to get it in the courts. The current circus of cuntwaffle is a joke, all a distraction from actual solutions.

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Sorry, flooding you with comments today! You are wonderful. ❤️

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