Crazy and off the wall, just perfect 👍🏻 you make me laugh every day, thanks 🙏

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Your singing has made my night 😊 what a fab voice you got going on there Abi 🎵 and always happy to listen to anything The Breakfast Club, Judd Nelson omg twit twoo 🥰 Simple Minds are my fave band in the world and DYFAM my fave song of all time, so the ending of the movie gives me goosebumps, bloody love it! Not meaning to be morbid but want that played at my funeral! It's the song I go to when I am needing to sort my head out, so it's been played ALOT the last 3 years lol!!! Look forward to listening to the podcast with James, 🤣🤣 Justin Welby or the Pope...brilliant! Lots of love to all you guys xxx

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Absolutely love your Rizzo. What a fabulous voice you have. I think if we ever do all manage to meet up, you'll have to do a little concert for us all. Then maybe a bit of karaoke so Trudi can strut her stuff.

Very much looking forward to seeing you and James. The last one was fab.

Love this podcast Abi 🥰. See you tomorrow x

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Abbi you are a breath of fresh amidst this haze of madness and corruption we are currently subjected to. And as for the Delingpod whom I discovered during my‘somethings not right’ here’ mode about 3 months into the plandemic !! I literally can’t wait to hear the Abbi and James podcast !! So excited.

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Cable car( had to say it before I forgot 🤣)

Evening all, hope everyone is ok?

I’m melting in the heat... I am Scottish you know😊

Abi, you and the wall of hearts😁 I’m going to make a confession.

I was going to do one to make a stand for Benjamin, I was going to say that he was murdered by the government.

I decided against it, that wall does NOT deserve my son’s name on it.

Your stories of the giant turtle and a dog having a shit... Only you🤣🤣

Jazz by wankers ... I’m in hysterics 😂🤣.

ONJ... how sad🥲

They can’t remake the Breakfast Club, love Molly Ringwold, pretty in pink.

Love your singing voice, bet you can pelt some tunes out.

My pelt out song is creep by Radiohead, the end bit. Some bloke asked if I was a professional singer, I just laughed. I can’t sing quietly, I have to pelt it out like a crazy😂

Thanks for the giggles, you’re the besterest 😉🤣

Laters 👊💖💪

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Aug 10, 2022·edited Aug 10, 2022

I'm so looking forward to that Delingpod now.

Exercise is completely essential for mental health, never mind physical health. Keep it up, being healthy without pharma is a massive fuck you to all the wankers that hand over responsibility for their lives to the various government agencies.

Have you noticed just how unethical EVERYBODY is becoming? I'm so sick of all the coonts I have to deal with.

Greece - always wondered why Rizzo appeared to be a middle aged Mum.

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I particularly enjoyed the impressions of the tourists at the wall of ❤️ 😂

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Love a bit of JD,he always seems really sweet and funny....Justin Welby or the Pope 🤣 I thought about it too,why not cut out the middle man and go straight for Satan? 🤔

I just knew you were gonna sing ‘there are worse things I could do’ ...what a song,my fav from Grease.

I love a sneaky ciggie in the sun,nothing like it.

As Trudi said,thanks for the giggles.

Trudi,I didn’t realise you were Scottish, where are you from?

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Loved all this Abs.. Know what you mean about the London Eye. Love your voice.

I agree with Trudi about Creep by Radiohead, just love that massive riff ha ha. Also Trudi mentioning cable car, yesss!

Abs, you do all the obscenities that I mutter to myself all day, alone here, about the state of the country, and ludicrous politicians. What the hell are we going to do about energy bills of 4 grand in January? Do they think we are all as well off as they are? I'll be wrapped in me 13.5 tog duvet, with all the radiators OFF. ( thinking of my childhood days in the 1940s, when we had one cosy fire in the sitting room and the rest of the house was FREEZING!).. but everyone was the same so we thought nothing of it at all. We were hardy souls then.

So sad to hear of ONJ passing... lovely woman.. Really enjoy your musings Abs. Keep it up.

Catch everyone soon. Lots of love to all, and keep your chin(s) up, folks.

Jan S

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I was surprised to see James Delingpole on the Colin Brazier show being asked about the FBI’s raid on Trump’s Florida home. James spoke his mind, Colin Brazier looked a bit shocked! Looking forward to seeing your podcast with James Delingpole.

Yes, there is something very attractive and sexy about bad boys.

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