Thanks Abi for another great podcast, I was totally engrossed in it.

Another day of all this shit just triggers my anger towards her and all of them.

Makes me want to project Benjamin’s face all over Downing Street and the H of P.

I want to scream at them, “Look at him, take a hard look at my son’s face and tell me how sorry you are that you murdered him”!

I’m going to sign off, I’m incandescent with rage!😡😡😡

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God, that was absolutely fan-f**king-tastic, Abi!!! One of the most on point rants I have ever heard about this enormous clusterf**k of a shitshow!!! I totally, utterly and completely share your absolute rage, as does this wonderful substack family. Thank you so much for doing this - it really does help to keep me and many others sane. God bless you.

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Ha ha, "surgical Truss", "personality of a glass of water", pmsl, Abi..

Totally agree with all comments, this gang of reprobates ALL need to be kicked out..

At least, the PP woman has decided to clear off, ( still on the back benches , ugh ) , we'll see if her successor can get her finger out and do what we want her to do..

If anything is done about the criminal energy cabal, you can bet your sweet life we'll end up paying for it for God knows how long!

We need you in Parliament Abi, you'd be on a par with Anne Widdecombe who never bites her words about anything ( minus the lovely obscenities of course, ha!)

Talking of 'Dame Sarah Gilbert", she looked like the ground could swallow her up when she had a standing ovation at Wimbledon - oh boy she knew what she'd done! It was all starting to come out around then... thank God that poison has been withdrawn. ( others equally as bad)

B.P fast rising again, thinking of everything..!!

Now going to listen to the wonderful Mark Steyn on GBNews.. he sure doesn't mince his words either.

Love 'n hugs to all friends here, till the next time..

Jan S xx

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Not a day to celebrate with Truss now PM, although whoever had got the job would be a WEF puppet.

Toby Young is a great disappointment for freedom. I watched him briefly on GB News tonight and he said that an MP should be earning £1 million per year In addition to still being able to claim some expenses🤷‍♀️ He has lost the plot.

The last 2.5 years has been a complete nightmare. The bastards will try and mask us and have more lockdowns unless we all stand up and say NO. Regardless of all the vaccine injury evidence the government still moves forward with flogging Vax No 5 and people are still buying into this shitshow. Sometimes I just despair at the stupidity and gullibility of so many people.

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" Woke Finder General" I'm liking that Abi now there's an idea for a new character and T- Shirt. 👍

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Love the title! Everything you said 😡❤️

And these comedians 😡 I will never go see any of them ever again.

Thanks for the tip Abi,we watched the George Carlin documentary over the wknd....it was really good and what a life he had! I loved all the old photos,he was a great subject to photograph. He is also one for the sexy list,especially in the 70s,hot 😅

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Listening to this on Tuesday and couldn't agree with you more Abi.

I think there's a majority of people out there who just think it's time to 'move on'. Well it's a big NO from me. All those involved MUST be held accountable.

I share your passionate anger about the whole thing and you're right, it isn't over. I've seen Steve Barclay on twitter pushing the jabs. They know what they're doing. The jabs are killing and maiming and yet people keep sucking it up. And quite literally in China as apparently they've created a new 'vaccine ' that people inhale. Christ !

Great podcast Abi. We must keep fighting because the covid shit hasn't gone away. Thanks Abi. Off to listen to Tuesdays now 😊xx

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Truss was groomed for this role. I knew she would be PM at Easter when she gave the keynote speech at Mansion House, City of London.... she got so close to actually declaring war on Russia and China that she may have been blowing the Black Nobility in a lined up gang bang.

She is thick as a plank. That makes her sooooo manipulatable!


Toby Young is still on Twitter?

I ain't, neither is anybody with a genuinely thought out opinion.

Anyone still there is a scab.

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Just catching up, I love this pod, I am as angry as you Abi believe me. I won't rest until these bastards are behind bars or strung up

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