The NHS had lots of time to make up dance routines for Tik Tok because...breaking news...they were never overwhelmed with patients as we were all being told. I don't understand how so many people have 'moved on'. Why on earth did people see the footage of doctors and nurses dancing and not think ...hang on a minute.. isn't there meant to get a pandemic ? And why did the penny not drop for these people? They just believed the propaganda and kept on clapping on a Thursday night for the wonderful NHS. When I first heard about the clapping for the NHS, I thought WTF! It made me feel really uncomfortable and I couldn't understand the mindset of people doing it. I thought it was very wierd, but again, I think a lot of people did it to virtue signal to friends and neighbours. Just like the wearing of masks. It was easier for people to just go along with it. It makes me feel ill just thinking about it.

Question for AAA: can you tell us more about the Wall of Cunts? Where will we be able to see it? And are you going to put it on a billboard and drive it around London, stopping off at House of Commons, Downing Street, talk radio studios, good morning Britain studios and GB News too of course 😉😂xx

I sound like a broken record Abi, but I love these daily podcasts. I love it too how its reaching other countries where they've endured even more hardship than here in the UK. The podcast is a life line to so many Abi and we thank you for it 🥰

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Lmaoff here all ny myself! 🤣🤣😂😆😅👨‍🚒🕺 Thank God we can laugh because it truly is grim whats happening. Thanks so much Abi. You are a tonic 😇 ❤️ My Mom is in care, she’s 95 .. I’ve been able to visit her in the care home garden outside through summertime but it’s cold now so that’s it for me visiting. I’m not allowed in. Wtaf. My sister is double jabbed so she visits Mom. But she has to test every damn visit. I don’t trust the tests. Wonder why 🤔 There is no reason to keep this evil up now. Jabs have been proven ineffective and dangerous It’s beyond words that 🇨🇦Govt is keeping me from my own Mom 😢💔 I have constant guilt. I imagine mysef just going in there and being hauled off by the police one day. I get so angry. Have sent the home a few letters but its useless. Mandates must be dropped. It’s just not believable really is it. I will NEVER forgive the bastards. EVER. Thanks for listening all. 🥰

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Evening all


I saw that New Zealand woman, she seems nice 🥴

I also dated a kiwi and spent 3 and a half weeks over there.

The dancing fireman🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

I was asked if I’d give my perspective on Wancock going into the jungle for Piers Morgan’s show tonight..... I declined👍🤣

I’ve nothing more to contribute this evening as I’m in a mood😠😠😠lol


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“Murky cunts” 😂😂😂😂😂

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Abi, love all the accents tonight. The Great Wall of Cunts, revenge will be sweet💯

How depressing to learn that NZ has conspiracy theorists on their list of potential terrorists. Just goes to show, as you say, there is a rocky road ahead for us. I’m so glad that I don’t live in NZ, Oz, Canada, California or NY, life would be unbearable. Even with all the Pfizer documents and excess deaths recorded they are still pushing the 💉💉💉💉

More people are awakening in the UK but I don’t think it’s enough. So many people still in denial, won’t do their own research or won’t admit they were duped.

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Spot on, this is a full on communist agenda. Agenda 2030 really is so evil its unimaginable. But the interesting thing is that vaccine take up is highest on the left, so that will be interesting when they start dying off in huge numbers.

Also the jabs are making people transhuman, they contain nanotech that makes jabbed emit a Bluetooth MAC code.

We are in big trouble in the coming months and years

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