Hi All.. Nice one Abi! Leather pants! 😃👍.. I’m with you on Malhotra. A heart surgeon I believe? And he didn’t clue in until recently. Really? Sure says a lot about the state of our doctors doesn’t it. I so want to believe he is on the up ‘n up but it all seems a bit off. Kissing Morgans ass makes it seems like (as u Brits say) “ he’s taking the piss”. It’s when you have to step back and re evaluate this guy’s true motives. Can’t trust anyone anymore. Seems like the scam is everywhere and we have to figure out who’s genuine and who isn’t. It’s an evil 🤡 🌎. Have a good evening all! 👋xo

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Hi Abi, Hi everyone, hope you are all good SS familam 😊

How did secret gig go on Sat Abs? Amazing I hope!!! Cannot wait for delingpod, not long now, proper excited 😆

I did listen to every daily last week, sorry for no comments, it was a rough one, more teeth probs and got fired, in that order, well kind of, more like forced to resign 🤷‍♂️ Italian boss..tossed his pizza out the pan...was bit harsh, but relieved as my gut told me it wasn't right, if the last 3 years has taught me anything it is you must stay true to yourself, So, onwards and upwards in this shitshow, what new war are we fighting this week 💪?!

Listening to such personal and heartfelt stories, last week sure was a very moving one on here 😪😘❤ thank you all for sharing xx

Has Harold Shipman the 2nd been bitten up the arse by a nasty aussie snake yet 🤔 am gutted as I am a big Boy George fan and normally wld be watching but it sickens me to the core that murdering midazolam matt, 3 M's, bit like 666 😆 is in there, I did catch a bit randomly other night when the cock was made leader of camp (I mean you couldn't make it up) and was sitting in the big chair giving out roles and George was saying 'look at him, he's loving it' and Sean Walsh, who I also love, well he said yeah but so wld I be in that chair, and George was like, No, he is LOVING it!! He's got his card marked and not happy he in there!!! But its all a plan isn't it, to make people think he's actually a good guy, he asks to be forgiven, then back in government and all forgotten! Not a fucking chance!!!!!

Oh and apparently he said they were only ever guidelines not rules so he didn't break the law! WTAF! If I've ever felt I'm living in some kind of bad joke it's now!!

Leather trousers, nice voom voom 💥 👌 need talc underneath to get them on and off 🤣 but not baby powder, as J&J like to give you cancer 🧏

Hadn't seen that Aseem tweet to Piers, how disappointing, that heinous pig bastard will never be forgiven, along with the rest of The Wall!!

War mongerors honouring the dead whilst thinking hmmm what conflict is next on the schedule 🤔 sickening isn't it 😡😡

Thank you as always for being our shining light in this darkness lovely Abi, you massively helped me get through last week, and most weeks tbh, I laugh with you, cry with you, definitely get angry with you 😊 and your company through my phone is a lifeline ❤ can't wait to meet you in Dec at gig, and if I'm lucky enough, a big hug and and even bigger glass of something not non alcoholic 🤣🤣

Lots of love you guys, I'm having a Monday rose 🍷 🥂 fuck it! Xxx

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I am seriously impressed by your leather trousers. As you say, there are advantages to a totalitarian state. 😂🤣

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Hey Abi, sexy leather trousers👍 You have definitely still got it babe.

How can anyone give Matt Hancock any credence. So what, he has done a few trials in the jungle and got a bit weepy.

I did think about going to see Dr Aseem Malhotra in London tonight but I’m not sure about him. Why on earth is he giving Piers Morgan a pass for his evil rants about the unvaccinated. No amnesty....ever.

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Listening to this on Tuesday and once again agree with everything you've said.

When you try to think logically about all this shit, you just can't get it to make sense. But as you say we are In a globalists world now and when you look at it from that perspective, it does start to make sense, even though it's a twisted sense.

The globalists of which Sunak and Hunt are fully paid up members, want countries to have no borders and they want depopulation. We have just hit 8 billion and organisations like the WEF think the world should in their twisted, fucked up thinking, be half a billion. Now look at the jabs. The fact everyone in the media, except Mark Steyn on GB NEWS, are ignoring excess deaths , the vaccine injured and bereaved ,the invasion of our southern border. It's all deliberately being orchestrated by big corporations and powerful people in the shadows. Sounds crazy? Yes it does, but people like Sunak don't give a flying doo dah about you and I. They want to make money for their friends and themselves and are puppets for those who are really in power, so when they leave office, they will get a cushy position in one of these big corporations for a sizeable fee of course. They are evil and corrupt and as soon as the 'useless eaters' disappear, then so much the better. You're right Abi, we have got to say NO! Because this is scary stuff and I agree, if things had carried on, then cockroaches like matt Hancock and piers Morgan would have quite happily had us rounded up and taken away.

Last Friday, I had one of those days where I knew I was in the real world, but felt totally detached from it. People busy going about their business, but totally unaware of the real reality we are in. It really hit me, I don't know why particularly. I just think you can go on for so long and then your brain says, hang on a minute i can't deal with this shit today.

Great podcast Abi, thanks x

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Good for you with Malhotra Abi

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Oh and meant to say am looking forward to hearing about the event tonight!

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Hi Abs I'm getting my question in early, Do you think our current political situation ( shit show) can be resolved politically or like me do you believe this is going to lead to mass civil unrest.

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