She’s back!!!🥳🥳🥳

Glad you’ve had a great time with your nephews, what a lovely gift too.

3somes in Pimlico..... I’m in 🤣🤣🤣

Malhotra and Bridgen make me feel sick and I avoid anything to do with them.

Hope everyone is ok👍

Thanks Jo, yes, very exciting news today.

My niece has given birth to a healthy son and named him Kitt Benjamin 💙👶🍼 weighing in at 7lbs6oz.

Honestly, the whole family were in tears, especially me and my dad.

Mixed emotions as you can imagine, but such welcomed news🥳🥳

Oh Abi, your wasp noise was better than the helicopter ones.... just saying 🤣🤣🤣

Love to everyone 👍🥰🥰🥰

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Abi, thank fuck you are back and the microphone is great! I’m glad you had a wonderful time with your nephews over Christmas. Your Chinese accent is just the best btw.

I love musical theatre and my all time favourite is The Rocky Horror Show. I saw that show on the opening night with Tim Currie in a small theatre on the Kings Road. Seen it many times since with all three of my husbands (and many boyfriends in between) saw it in Sydney too. Sorry, not boasting😂😂

Sorry you missed the party at Camelot Castle. I also had a ‘blip’ of depression over the Christmas period. Just the worse time for anyone around me, they get frustrated because they don’t know how ‘fix’ me.

As you say Abi, we are going to be ok, we have each other💖

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Hey everybody,the fam is back together👏

You know Abi’s back when you’ve heard perineum at breakfast and perineum at tea 😩 I enjoyed the ‘space’ too. I hope Mr Malone isn’t reading this but yes,the kindest way to put it is that Mr Jules dozed off😂 I hung in there for Bob and didn’t realise Smellville was up,sounds like he was a right cheeky bastard wtaf. Welcome back Abi,glad u survived those dreary days from fanny to bum 🙏

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Glad you’re back! Missed you. I listened to the Spaces last night too - I wonder if Bridgen was warned off? Very disappointing. And yes, Malone got on my t*ts too.... x

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Ooh you're back Abi, thank god 🙏 😅🥰 I just thought, I must check!!

Haven't listened yet, will be my bath time treat, just wanted to jump on and say Happy New Year to everyone, and Trudi, huge congrats on baby Kitt Benjamin, beautiful name ❤️ how wonderful 👶

Missed all you guys, have a feeling 2023 is gonna be another rocky ride, but we have our wonderful familam to help us hold our shit together 💪

Interested to hear abt the spaces, didn't see them, i would have jumped on!! Have had horrible bug last 10 days so not been online so much, need to bring myself up to date!

Hope everyone's OK 😘


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So great to have you back on the airwaves! Missed you and your straight talking analysis of this whole shit show. Glad the festivities are over with, time to meet this new year head on and as a team. The Substack family are great 👍🏻

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Happy new year abi and gorgeous Abettes

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Good to see you back Abi, didnt have a brill christmas tbh we lost our beloved dog a week before and it just bought everything back from the past couple of years having lost both my parents and with my devastating diagnosis i got some more crappy news on the 23/12. Found myself driving to my parents bungalow( even though its sold now) on Boxing day and went on a journey to every home my parents and grandparents had lived in, schools and places i went to as a kid…….i needed that so much……Lisa xx

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Great to have you back Abi. Thanks for your continued passion and support for all of us!

Congratulations to Trudi on the new addition to the family x

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Glad you're back! Enjoy listening while I'm making dinner so you have been missed. Thanks for keeping it real!!!

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Welcome back you’ve been missed! I particularly pissed myself at the thought of Bridgen in a threesome in a flat in Pimlico with an 🍊 stuffed in his mouth 😂😂 Lovely news today that Trudi has a little miracle addition to her family, I’m so very happy for her xx Happy 2023 everyone 🥰

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So good to hear your voice again Abi xx🥰

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Ah great to have you back Abi. Omg your accents! We used to have Chinese students living upstairs. One of them came downstairs one day to ask me 'ah Hani ka bowel your iron ball' excuse me? After several goes, ending with him doing the action , I finally got it. 'Can I borrow your ironing board'.

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Fucking wonderful to have you back Abi, but completely get why you needed a good break from it all. I was reading about the abuse Eric Clapton got for speaking out about his vaccine injuries and it really brought it home to me how the brave few, like yourself Abi really take a battering for what you do. Its so appreciated, thank you so much.

Our grandchildren kept us amused and exhausted over Christmas, they are 1 and 3 so by the time they left the house was in complete chaos and a total shambles but it was such fun.

You're accents are hilarious Abi, my daughter has a degree in German and studied in Germany for a year and she met with a lot of intransigent German bureaucracy whilst there and she's also perfected a brilliant German piss take accent and like yours it creases me up.

Congratulations to Trudi for a lovely addition to her family and so sorry to hear Lisa about your news. Much love to all the Substack family, you're all wonderful xx

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Love ice skating used to go every Xmas when my son was small. Had a great chrimbo despite it all xx

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