Hi Abi , It’s terrible that gb news did nothing about john gaunts behaviour .. at the very least a fulsome apology to you and something on air over not tolerating abusive and aggressive behaviour .. still waiting. You were an absolute Hero and that you said you hoped to be able forgive him one day, wow! An utter disgrace but out of his wreckage you emerged Shining ! 💫

❤️Keep strong ❤️

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Hi Abi. With regards to whether we forgive people for going along with the covid BS...I would find that very difficult to do. I suppose it very much depends on your personal experiences of the whole charade. For me, as mentioned in my letter which you have read out already, I have been judged and cold shouldered by work colleagues because I didn't go along with the testing at my place of work. I have been cut out of conversations and had backs turned on me and to be honest that has been upsetting and at times hard to handle. Now some might say I need to ignore it or just deal with it, but I think a lot of these people who have gone along with it all have shown their true colours and have been down right nasty. So I would say ' why is it me that has to be forgiving and understanding because they fell for the lies and BS? Because they were not understanding or accepting of my personal choice and assessment of the situation'. They are of course allowed their opinion and allowed to make the choices they did, but the hatred and judgement shown to me from people I thought were decent, for me is not easy to forgive. My husband says I'm too harsh, but with all due respect, he has worked at home throughout and hasn't had the same experience as me.

It still staggers me how the majority just accepted everything when there were others like you and my fellow listeners on Abi Daily who smelt a rat right from the beginning and were asking questions and spotted things just didn't make sense. Why didn't more realise it was all lies?

So there is a part of me that says they were lied to and hoodwinked and I should forgive them, but it's a very, very very small part. I apologise, its not very Christian of me, but as I say personal experience has taught me that my fellow man has lost their hunter instincts, but also they have a nastiness to turn on those who have chosen a different path, rather than respecting their decisions and agreeing to disagree.

I think it is interesting how the atmosphere is changing in the media. They are now starting to talk about harms and as you say, you were cancelled for saying those very same things. So so many people should hang their heads in shame. It is absolutely deplorable what has been done, but the sheep that so many people are just want to move on, book a holiday and think we're back to normal. But again if they can't see what's happening now then they aren't going to are they?

Another great podcast Abi, thanks x

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Forgiveness?? It’s a no from me...Period!

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I think it would be easier to forgive them if they said 'I'm sorry, I was wrong' Unfortunately that seems to be beyond most people. Really appreciate your humour and wisdom Abi.

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