Abi, you say you can't believe there hasn't been more outrage over the jabs and injuries caused, but I think the majority have no idea. If you only get news from MSM, you wouldn't have a clue.

At my new place of work, a colleague declared in a loud, excited voice 'I'm getting my 4th booster this afternoon!' I just thought 'What a fucking idiot!' In my head I'm screaming, why? Why don't you know?

I took my son for a hospital dentist appointment last week. On the previous appointment the masks were much diminished and the atmosphere was more relaxed. We went last week and there were people literally on the doors thrusting masks at people entering.

I said to the man 'why do I need to wear a mask?' He looked at me with a perplexed expression. 'Because there's covid all over the hospital '. Again I thought 'what a fucking idiot!'. I replied 'you do know it's all a load of rubbish don't you?' He just thrust the masks at me and said we were not allowed in without one. I took a mask, but didn't put it on. I got a lot of disapproving looks as we walked to the clinic, but I was so angry. Why are people just rolling over and taking this shit?

My son had his braces removed and when he came out, I said you must walk out of the hospital with a big grin and show everyone how amazing your teeth look. He's worn braces for 5 years, 5 fucking years and the dentist said 'oh you must wear your mask until you leave the hospital ' I repeat ' what a bunch of fucking idiots!' They've even stolen Will's moment of joy and pride at the end of his treatment, bastards! We didn't wear our masks btw. Will felt awkward, but I'm determined not to comply. It's hard but I was so angry. It was like being amongst a load of zombies.

Good to hear the Lotus Eaters podcast went so well and will definitely take a look.

Question for AAA: did you see the footage of Rishi Sunak going into the conservative headquarters when he was pronounced PM? If you look, you can see Matt Hancock clapping frantically, hoping Rishi would shake his hand, but Rushi just ignores him completely. I thought that was hilarious 🤣, but a little disturbing that Matt the cock is still hanging around like a bad smell. Anyway long story short, what do you think of our new PM?

By the way, we're so glad you started the podcast too. It's been a life saver at times and most importantly, you've made us laugh. Just think if you hadn't started Abi Daily, we may never have met Cathy Crunt and the gang. Can't imagine a week without them now. Thanks Abi xx

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Can't wait to watch The Lotus Eaters, I love Connor, he is my secret crush 😍 even though he could be my son...damn 🤣🤣 but seriously he is great, he is going to go far! I can't believe how the police behaved towards him recently, accusing him of being anti LGB blah.....just shocking! I hope he is taking that further!

Ah the memories of Swindon, I used to be there alot with work, the wonderful roundabouts on a roundabout...you will know what I mean if you know it!!!

Most people still have no clue abt what's really going on with the vaccine, plus I think alot of people will not want to know, which I can understand cause it ain't good 🤨😒 I would be terrified and I am really starting to worry about my sister, bil, nephews, both in their twenties, all had 3 😓 is there damage waiting to happen for them, I 🙏 there isn't!

I'm off to watch Connor 🤣🤣

Hope everyone is OK, love to all 😘


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I’ve just watched the Lotus Eaters podcast it was so good, I highly recommend it to the substack family you will love it! www.lotuseaters.com

I'm taking my 17yr old son to an appointment with a cardiologist tomorrow as he has developed cardiomyopathy after his second Pfizer jab. I’ve mentioned before that Alex has Cystic Fibrosis which is a chronic lung disease, and unfortunately me and his Dad didn't get to choose if he had the vax or not as we were threatened with social services under the guise of ‘child neglect’ if we didn’t comply as he is considered clinically vulnerable.

I’m hoping he doesn’t collapse like he did last time they put him through a series of exercise tests! Keep your fingers crossed for him guys, he’s a such a lovely young man who never complains about anything but this has been a major setback as he’s missing out on so much of life at the moment.

Hope everyone is ok, you’re all fab!

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I must watch the Lotus Eaters podcast, just found them on GETTR.

So Elon Musk has at last bought Twitter. It will be very interesting to see how quickly he reinstates the people who had their accounts closed for no more than telling the truth.

I cannot see the mRNA jabs being pulled. The backlash would be huge by those people who were coerced into taking the experimental ☠️

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That’s great Catherine, now Alex can make his own decisions. It’s dreadful that they are still plugging the ☠️ How did it go with the cardiologist today? 💖

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It was ok Trudi but they play everything down like it’s no big deal! He has to wear a heart monitor for the next two weeks so they can check out his response to exercise. I just feel so sorry for him, he has enough to contend with!

Thank you for asking, it’s really appreciated x

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How awful Catherine for you and Alex, truly shocking. Bastards the lot of them, medical ethics no longer exist. sending love to you, Alex and all your family xx

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Hey Abi when can we listen to your stint on LE?

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