Hi Abi and fellow substackers.

Thank fudge it’s cooled down a little( not much at all)

Cancelling his gig as people were offended ties in nicely with those two men getting arrested because someone had anxiety about a social media post. It’s complete and utter crap 🙄

As you so rightly pointed out, these people knew the content to expect, why go? Absolute cockwombles.

Can’t wait for this post later, guessing it’s the merch 😬😬😬.

You better not sell out of anything as I can’t place an order until next Thursday 🤬🤬🤬

Ooh get you with a new bed delivery, make sure Stuart isn’t under the old one 🤣🤣🤣

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Abi, I look forward to your article in The Conservative Woman.

People these days, mainly the left, are offended by anything. In fact they often seem to deliberately seek out things that will offend them, in order to silence people with different views. Comedy can only survive with complete freedom of speech.

I hope you are going to test lots of beds Abi before you buy one😂

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OMFG..... I’ve just seen it!!

I think I have done a little wee🥴🤣🤣🤣



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Hi Abi and the Substers.

Looking forward to reading your article on red lines Abi....I can’t tell u how uplifting it is listening to you everyday,vocalising my every thought on the shit show.

Re Jerry Sadowitz,I went to see him about 10 years ago and a few people walked out,I couldn’t understand that they not know what his material was like.......it WAS pretty brutal though 😂 I’m off to the Fringe on Friday,so will report back. I used to love the festival but it’s not the same, there’s definitely not much I would go see this year but I’m not really in the mood for anything,nothing feels right,so it could just be me but the whole thing is less appealing. Plus I’m going with a group of normies which is a bit of an endurance test in itself 🙈

Love to all x

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Just get drunk Jules. How’s Mr Jules? Hope he’s behaving himself 👍😂💕

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I’ll definitely be getting drunk Trudi, it all feels rather strange and am worried about my lack of tongue biting skills especially when alcohol is consumed but needs must,it’s a 12hr shift 😂 😩 Mr Jules is good thanks and says hello x

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Just be you Jules, don’t change for anyone 💖

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Hi everyone, yes, it's a tad cooler today, whew!

Agrre with all, Abs, have loads of stuff to do tonight, but lovely to hear the latest, will check out the The C Woman..

Away to my research project now,

Lots of love to all on here..

Jan S..

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Great points Abi where is all this shit going?

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