That was spot on, why have so many people lost their humanity? All by design, we must fight like lions to reclaim the goodness that exists and get rid of these hateful people ❤️

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I absolutely adored today’s podcast. Thankyou to Louise for sharing that, it was beautiful and it made me quite tearful.

I love the way you read Abi and I just get fully immersed in the words, so moving.

Hope all is well with you all💕

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You read that so well Abi, thank you. Someone once said that history doesn't repeat itself, but it rhymes. I would strongly recommend Neil Oliver on Patreon (after you've listened to our lovely Abi ofcourse 😉). He has done many episodes looking back into history where the parallels with today are uncanny. There was one about Abraham Lincoln and a speech he gave in 1861 which was extremely moving but chimed with what was happening in the Lockdowns.

But as you say Abi, those in power do not learn from the past. They do not care for the people. They care for themselves and their cronies. They are corrupt. I agree too Abi that the substack family definitely helps to get us through this living nightmare that still so many people dont know about. Your scouser Paul for example.

Thanks again for reading my email and glad that it resonated with you too. We are civilised and human and they can't take away our spirit. Go the substack family! Xx

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Thank you Louise, that was perfectly spot on, listening and having a blub, not having a good week, one of those...😑 Elena asked me the other day, why is your Instagram and Twitter name warrior mum, I told her it's because I am strong and tough and would take on a lion for her! Dont always feel that way but fake it till you make it, right ! We have the biggest fight on our hands and my spear is ready 💪 yeah baby 🤣!! Though if she drops the f bomb again as she did earlier 😳 the lion may get a little treat 😉! She's just given me a post it note saying sorry, she was hangry!! I was so shocked, I remember telling my dad to eff off but I was 14 not 9! and I got the wooden spoon ouch....ah the seventies 😂

How appalling that only 1 MP turned up for John Bowe today, I know we know they don't care but when it's reinforced it just blows my mind, the lack of humanity 😡 I'm angry, not hangry, just angry !

Grumpy chops is off to listen to Emma Kenny crime, another of my fave ladeez 😘 nothing like a bit of serial killer listening before bed 😬

I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when you were chatting to the fella abt having the call with Right Said Fred...brilliant 😅 those guys are ace 👌 for all the fuckers out there, we do have some great people fighting the good fight don't we 💪


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That was a fabulous meaningful Wednesday. Thank you Louise for that lovely piece. I felt quite emotional listening today and with Abi’s wise words saying what we all feel,I have to admit broke me a little. Morals,Ethics,Beauty and Truth sounds good to me.....there’s definitely been such a lack of this (although I think us lot have it in spades❤️)......can u head up this department please Abi?!

Hang in there u beautiful people,love to u all xx

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I could hear how moved you were today Abi, when reading the story of Steinlauf. I was too 😢. Thank you for sharing with us and reading it to us so eloquently. Thank you Louise also. Such a meaningful message for us. Meaningful Wednesday indeed. Is it just me or is the shit show ramping up again 😔. I stumbled across an American talk show (Rachel Ray) yesterday on tv. Has live audience in NY city and current show. When the camera showed the whole bloody audience was masked up I was thinking must be an

old show but it was current. Rachel, the host, was not masked and neither were her guests who were standing right next to her. The speed of effing science eh. Thanks again for today Abi ❤️

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A very moving podcast today, it touched me deeply. Thank you Abi and Louise. x

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Abi, what a nightmare with your internet crashing at such an important time. The worse internet I’ve ever had was TalkTalk and the best BT.

What a great email from Louise. It is so relevant to how our lives are now and shows that we have learned nothing from history. We must not submit, we must be brave, we must speak out, we must stand tall.

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Spot on as always.

FYI, I keep liking the pinned post on Twitter by Derek, and it has 2 likes and I bump it up to 3. Then the next morning its down to 2 again and I like it and it goes up to 3. Done this for 5 days straight now, Twitter are on to that fascist trans lovable rogue Derek I tell ya!!

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