Thankyou Abi for reaching out to me today, Ben would be loving your singing 😊

Thankyou also to all on here who have been so kind and thoughtful, I appreciate you all, I really do🥰

Your letter is just beautiful, the love you have . Just incredible 💖💖💖

You write and read so eloquently Abi, that must have been so difficult to read out loud.

I do hope that you are okay. Your darling Terence will be so bloody proud of you, you won’t go under Abi, we won’t let that happen 🥰

People can be weird when the subject of grief arises and I know what you mean about being let down.

I am also lucky that I have you all to moan to, yet amongst the moans and our woes, we always seem to have a laugh.

So once again, thankyou Abi, without you, our Substack family wouldn’t be here.

Lots of love and gentle hugs Abi💖💖💖

Love to you all 💖💖💖

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That was a hard listen but by the end I realised how deep your love was and still is and then I thought how beautiful your letters are. Still including him and sharing your life with him. That is true love and to be cherished, not everyone has that deep connection x god bless you Abi x

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Hi Abi and all friends here.. It was so lovely to hear you reading one of your notes about Terry, I had read this yesterday, all your notes are so moving and heartfelt.

For Trudi - I've had thoughts for you all day , your shepherds pie for Ben looked scrumptious.. and Abi's " Happy Birthday" was lovely... he'll be looking down on all his loved ones.

Tired today, couldn't sleep past 2.30 last night ...

Sending lots of love to you all.. hold the line , folks..

Jan S xxx

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I try to live in the moment and enjoy the here and now but with the crazy world we live in it becomes harder to do that. When my mind wanders I worry about what the government has planned for us in the near future, other than starving and freezing us to death!

I’m glad to hear that there are less people in London wearing masks. There will always be some people who won’t give up their masks and they are the lost sheep.

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Thank you Abi for sharing that with us, it was very emotional 😘 grief is love in disguise and the love you had together is palpable, Terence sounds like the most wonderful man ❤ god bless you both 💕 Happy Birthday lovely Benjamin, sending a whole heap of love Trudi my darling ❤🙏❤ xxx

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Well that was a very meaningful Wednesday.....beautiful words Abi and a gorgeous happy birthday to Ben. Thanks so much for sharing your letters to Terry,losing him must’ve been your toughest gig that’s for sure. And yeah,people are fucking weird! The kindness of strangers is something special,there’s too little of it about but yet when it happens it can mean the world,sometimes just when u need it most. (I’ve just realised that completely sums up our substack family!!) Sending love to u Abi,thanks for bringing us all together.

Trudi,glad u got thru another tough day...’just keep swimming’. Hope the monkeypox is on the mend! 😩❤️

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Sending big hugs to you and Trudi

I found it very moving, listening to you read the letter to Terry. I strongly agree with you when you talked about how some people don't know what to say or make it about them, when really you just want them to listen, actively listen. I find that not many people do actually listen. They are too busy thinking of what they can say. Sometimes you just need to get things out. You don't necessarily want a solution or opinion. You just want someone to listen and quite often just saying your thoughts out loud is enough.

I do feel very moved by your letter and I thank you for sharing it with us all. I think that was very special xx

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