You are wise to distrust everyone, even good Doctors don't know what they're talking about. It's not a virus they don't exist https://georgiedonny.substack.com/p/seeing-is-believing

but gaslighting, cognitive dissonance, outrage, madness, irrationality will cause build up of stress products which need to be detoxed- the body is telling you it needs to rest- physically, psychologically, emotionally.

I prescribe yoga, sleep, water, walking, swimming. I have even stopped posting for now and am letting it go for awhile.

We absolutely don't need the NHS nor a new thing especially not with Malone and Lawrie! It lies with us listening to our bodies and emotions (with access to clean water and fresh fruit and veg). xxx https://georgiedonny.substack.com/p/a-healthy-future-does-not-lie-with


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That’s crap you’re feeling rubbish Abi. Take it easy and get plenty vitamin D and C down you,I’m finding that great for fighting/keeping infections at bay and I used to get loads. The shit show is so draining and all consuming and that’s on top of our own personal circumstances/heartbreak....I’m surprised we have made it this far tbh. I think when we all connected,we knew we were prepared to die on this hill,you do feel you’ve found your tribe and this pod has 100% helped me through some tough times...🙏 You must miss Terry terribly....I can’t even imagine...you really are still early on in the grieving process and have had a shit load to deal with on top....he would be very proud of how well you’ve done and the work you are doing,as are we. I really dunno what to say about the job offer wtaf?

Christie,that poem was beautiful 🙏Baroness,thank you,that piece really hit home,I think I’m 3/4 there 😂 It was my birthday last week and Mr Jules always laughs at the amount of cards I get compared to him....the side board used to be stacked.....this year,not so much 😂 the ‘shedding’ process is in full swing. Thank you Charlotte for being the connector of people,from a few bants on Twitter to meeting u all has been a real tonic and for that I am very grateful. Here’s to our new lives 🥂

Spot on Gavin.

Sorry for taking up so much space I’m not even going to start on the NHS!!

Take care and get yourself better for Friday Abi,Mr Jules is looking forward to some shits and giggles.

Love to you all xx

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Abi, sorry to hear that you are not feeling well. The shit show takes a toll both physically and mentally on us. A relaxing day tomorrow so you are fit for Friday’s Delingpole sounds like a good plan.

Like you, I pray that I don’t become ill and have to go into hospital. I don’t trust the medics especially being unvaxxed. I would panic that the bastards might jab me in my sleep!

A lovely poem from Christina and Charlotte’s letter was beautiful. Thank God for our SubStack family with Abi as our wonderful leader 💖

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Wow! Today really was “meaningful Wednesday”! Just want to say the wild geese poem was beautiful.

So sorry you are not feeling great Abi, i truly believe its all the stress and exhaustion of everything that you have gone /going through its ur body telling you to have a break and rest.

Everything you said reflected my day today,i spent over an hour at the psychologist today discussing things you have spoken about ie the loss of family and especially trusting the NHS and the system i just feel exhausted again from it.

I don’t think having to see the oncologist again 2moro helps,i said i just cant keep doing this i don’t see how i can move forward from it.... but hey 2moro is another day in the shit show of life.

Hope you are feeling better 2moro.......much love Lisa xxx🥰

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Hey Abi. Sorry to hear you're not well hope you feel better soon, it hasn't dampened your style because this podcast resonated so much with me from not trusting the medical profession to baroness Charlotte's talk of a new life, a new life imposed on some of us, a new life that my family think I've abandoned them for when all I want is for them to join me. Love you Abi xx

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Aww Abs,

I thought you sounded as though you had a sore throat yesterday.

Happy belated heavenly birthday to your beautiful mum💖💖💖

Your wonderful Terry , I can’t imagine what you both went through as he was having treatment, it breaks my heart as you both clearly idolised each other. What a beautiful man and loving husband. 💙💙💙

Christina’s poem by her friend was beautiful, her words are yours to treasure forever and bring comfort when you need it. Thankyou for sharing something so special 💖💖💖

The letters you were sent are testament to how we all feel about you Abi 🥰

Charlotte, thanks for sharing, those words resonate with me as I’m now in a different life to the one I had before.

I think we all are but in different ways.

Love you Charlotte💖💖💖

Regarding this BBC email Abi, are you absolutely 💯 that it is legit and someone not playing a prank on you?🤷‍♀️

What would Terry Say or advise you to do?


I hope you are feeling better soon and that you get a good nights sleep, plenty of rest for you.

If you’re not feeling well enough for tomorrow’s Abi Daily, we can wait.

Your health comes first, always🥰🥰🥰

Catch you all later 👋👋👋

PS... I’m so glad I found you all and had the pleasure in meeting some in person.

Life is so much better with you all in it

Thankyou 💙💙💙

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Hi Abi. I’m a new listener that looked up your substack after you were mentioned on the lotus eaters. I really appreciate your heartfelt commentary. You are like the voice of the silent scream in my head as I walk amongst the zombies! Best wishes from Perth Western Australia. John G.

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I listened with interest Abi when you talked about the absence of morality in the medical profession. You know what? I remember in the earlier days when nurses were trained IN the hospitals and not at university. They had greater empathy and exposure in caring for the sick and dying. Add to that, alot of the hospitals, particularly those run by religious institutions, had nuns as part of the nursing staff. Some of them were wonderful and would have kept the doctors in check and the sanctity of life was paramount. Then they either shut down or outsourced to beaurocrats and contractors. That's when the rot set in.

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Rrrr Pauline was a wonderful woman a very good freind of my late mam Ann they met in early 70s when we moved into chipchase crescent, Pauline was a strong character & so good to mam when she got diagnosed she'd write every couple of weeks as well as occasional visiting each other and draw mam beautiful pictures which we framed a couple of them my favourite is a picture of 2 cats. I was so sad to hear of Terry's death I was watching you on Tele about a year ago & you mentioned Terry's passing then it was Jesus that's the Abi Pauline's daughter in law, Pauline's often spoke about you & thought the world of you. Rest up Abi listen to your body get some garlic down you & fresh ginger in hot water is good. Xx

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That Wild Geese poem is just beautiful!

I loved Countess Charlotte's letter, she is spot on. All the old certainties are falling away and it's good to know the ones who will remain by our sides are wide awake. I agree with Gavin also, we cannot forgive people who do not apologise/repent. I want an eye for an eye in this war. Keep your pecker up Abi, I am quite sure Terry will be sending healing vibes down to you on this early hellscape. Get some green tea down you with lemon, ginger, cayenne pepper and mint. It can only help x

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I was 59 on this Monday 20th Feb! xxx

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Meant to say Abi, I wouldn't touch anything to do with the BBC. I personally wouldn't want to be associated with them and I think any collaboration would definitely tarnish your reputation. Stay well clear my dear😁👍xx

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Oh, one more thing. The BBC??? Are you shittin' me? I say go for it Abi. Would love to see you lob a few hand grenades and saunter off 🥰🥰

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Sorry to hear you’re under the weather Abs. My heart broke a little when you said “where are you Terry?”. I know. I’ve been spending a lot of time at the rugby club lately and I can literally feel Jim there with us. Terry is still with you, just close your eyes and he’s right there all around you. Jim was my best friend even after we’d separated and there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t wish for one last bear hug. He drove me mad but his physical presence was always comforting.

Charlotte’s message is spot on . It makes me sad but I don’t belong in that place anymore. We’re all exactly where we need to be. It was pertinent as I leave my job tomorrow after years and years. I love those people but we’re on different chapters of the same book. My boss told me today that his cancer is back and quite bad. More chemo for him 😔

I need some help from the sub stack fam if possible? I printed off the E-book today at a printers. Cost me a small fortune. I want to make sure it goes somewhere where people will see it. Should I send it to a particular person? If so who? Or shall I leave it for people to read? If so, where? Suggestions would be gratefully received 🙏

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The wild geese poem was so beautiful and moving. What a beautiful soul.

Charlotte's letter was amazing. What a wise woman she is. All of those words really resonated with me. So happy and proud to be part of this tribe Abi. Please take care of yourself, take all the rest you need. Understand your fears and concerns about hospitals. After being in and out of them lately for my mum, they are the last places I want to go to!

As for the she/they from the bbc, i think she/they obviously doesn't know your work or they will let you down.

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Hi Abi. Sorry to hear you're under the weather again. This shit show takes its toll alright. For me, it's the living in two worlds that drains me. The fact people still don't see through the madness. And there's a constant bombardment of craziness. Bill Gates meeting members of the cabinet WTF! He says there's another pandemic coming WTF! There's the Ohio train disaster (all deliberate of course)and the bastard Biden would rather get photo ops in Ukraine WTF! There's Tony fucking Blair pushing for digital ID WTF! But it's all for our own good...NOT! The list goes on and on.

I feel like you about the NHS. I want nothing to do with it. All these strikes and demands for higher pay. They can fuck right off! Sorry, I swear like a trooper these days too. I'm sure there are good people amongst them, but I have no trust at all for any of them...NONE!

I feel the same about teachers they didnt give a shit about our children in the scamdemic and they still don't give a shit now. Our kids are right royally fucked and the hard thing to swallow for me, is that it's all deliberate.

The poem from Charlotte actually brought tears to my eyes. I find it hard, like we all do, to accept we are in a new scary world. I liked my old life. My eldest son took two jabs and won't engage when I try to tell him some truths about what's going on. I always thought we were close, but this shit show has built a barrier between us that wasn't there before. So I have read the poem from Charlotte, but I think I'm not quite there on moving on and leaving my old life behind. I know I have to, but I'm not there yet.

Sorry for rambling, but I find dealing with all this shit hard some days.

Sending lots of love to all in the sub stack family and especially you Abi. Look after yourself and take another break if you need to. I think your body tells you when you need to rest and recuperate , so please listen to it when it does. We all need to keep fit and healthy so we can fight the next lot of shit they have planned for us xx🥰

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