like many no doubt, I simply want to say thanks. You've got actual guts. You radiate humanity, and a woman that says cunt, has to be admired. One side of my family is from the valleys and Cardiff, whatever Abi, I could simply give you the biggest hug and say thanks. Take care.

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Abi, I absolutely loved Speaking Rivers. A beautiful poem by Emily Dickinson too.

Eddie Izzard is not funny and definitely not a woman! “Elderly poofters” really made me laugh. I haven’t heard that word in a long time😂

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I keep thinking about what my Dad would say about all the He/ She’s..... he loved a bit of Les Dawson,Dame Edna,Hinge and Bracket etc but he would be doing his nut about all this 🤣 they do need to get themselves a sports car and leave their wife’s knickers alone.

There defo something odd about Lineker’s twitter account.....there’s no danger he gets that many likes and retweets of such drivel.

Your recording studio sounded so cool,living above,I bet you wouldn’t get up that ladder as quick now 😂 Rivers Spoke To Me Tonight was beautiful,loved it. Wtf was he on about ‘rivers don’t talk’? People are such stupid fucks sometimes 😄


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Evening All 😘

Oh wow Abi, your song was beautiful, your voice 👌🎶 ❤

Really comforting, thank you for sharing that with us 😊

Evans and Dorothy Perkins 🤣🤣 cracked me up!

Your Trigonometry impressions, just brilliant 😁 you sound more like these people than they do 😂 especially June.. we'll come round and kill ya cat 🤣🤣🤣 oh and when your Diana went into Maggie, all your accents are ace, you need to do a sketch show or something, it's an incredible talent!!

Been crying with laughter into the washing up, your one liners are priceless. I always listen on headphones and elena hears me roaring, she said earlier, are you listening to Abi 🤣🤣

I know i speak for all of us, so I would like to dedicate International Woman's Day to...Suzie...😜 no seriously...

I would like to dedicate it to you Abi, because you are one hell of a fucking woman!!!!

What you have done for us all is beyond words really, your strength is, well I wish had even 1% of that!! Your compassion and love you have for your tribe on here is so treasured.

To stay true to yourself and compromise your career, to lose friends, to be vilified, to be insulted beyond belief on tv 😡 to take a position that is really tough, however strong you are, takes immense courage and we all salute you for that 💪🙏👏

I am a gobshite and have had alot to say this last 3 years, some people dislike me for it and that's fine, I've always stood up for what's right, however unpopular it has made me, but creating hostility is not what most of us would choose is it ? You just realise in life that, in the cold light of day, you are often surrounded by cowards 🤷 thank you for putting these cowards to shame Abi !!

We NEED awesome human beings like you more than ever. Thank you 🙏 life has been so horrendous at times, but you and the SS family are such a light in my life 🌟

We laugh with you, laugh at you (in a good way 😉) cry with you, get very fucking angry along with you, get to hear wonderful stories about your life, get the naughty Abi 😉 and we swear. ALOT 🤐 well not everyone, to the non effer jeffers, how do you do it lolz!

And of course...The Wall of Cunts, We Are The People, and these podcasts, your writing, shows..such brilliant and brave work 👏 🙌

You are one of the funniest comedians ever 🤣🫠 im obsessed with comedy, laughter truly is one of the best medicines 😊 and you've been our medicine, our anti psychotic, to stop us all from going insane 🙏🫶

I feel like I'm at the Oscars 😁😁

I don't like GB News anymore, but if I had never watched it, I wouldn't have discovered you, as soon as you were on, i was like 'this woman's fabulous ' with fabulous hair 👱‍♀️ just all round fabulousity, I know that's not a word 🤣🤣 but neither is female anymore apparently, so who gives a fuck!!

Anyway, thank you for being you Abi RRRoberts 😊

Happy International Woman's Day 💕

Be seeing you 🫠



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Loved the song Abi ❤️

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Mar 8, 2023·edited Mar 8, 2023

Loved your song Abi. Yes I agree with you, I never thought Eddie Izzard was funny. Brothers would go and see him live and always would buy me a ticket and I always said give it to somebody who really likes him.

Gary Linekar is also a tosser. It seems certain words are used all the time and they have lost their meaning. Far right, Nazi, transphobic, racist. Its starting to get on my nerves xxx

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Wow ! Pipes on you girl in “Rivers”’👏🏼👏🏼 .

Amazing. As for Eddie Izzard he can get his weird paws off my name Suzy, he’s no more a Suzy than I’m a Ronnie or Reggie. 😂. As for the Krays bring them back they’d soon sort London out. My daughter was in Legend, the Krays movie with Tom Hardy he’s hot as hell she said 😉. As an unjabbed actor, refused point blank to take the jabs, it’s cost her a lot of work. Still I’m very proud of her for sticking to her principles. Brilliant podcast Abi xx ❤️

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I don't think I've said this before Abi, but you have a beautiful singing voice. Loved your song ! Hope you share more with us

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Such a beautiful voice and song Abi.

Missed all the drama from earlier but whoever it was didn't stand a chance with our substack family. Love to all of you xx

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Ps you truly have a gift with words!

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This really touched me. A brilliant combination of raw honesty , Emily Dickinson , your great accents ,

Great humour etc etc etc . Keep doing what you are doing rather than trying to be accepted by ‘ the others ‘ .it was VERY meaningful .

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Loved this pod Abi,

May I start by saying that your song was lovely, you had tones of Carol Decker( hope that’s not an insult to you) in parts. Beautiful 🥰

What a great poem, we all need hope, more than ever.

Gary Linekar is a prize twat, but he’ll still keep his cushty job. Blah, blah, blah!


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Abi we love you, you keep us sane and make us laugh out loud ……sending much love ❤️

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Oh Abi like Trurdi what a brilliant podcast! I am on the train back from working in London and I was laughing out loud. Was in stitches! Please please keep us laughing! Lots of love…..xxxx

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I didn't mention the poem!! It was beautiful, not heard it before, again very comforting, hope is something we need to hold on to dearly more than ever, but also belief that things will come good in the end ❤️ 🙏

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Abi, please can either you or James Delingpole do a podcast with Dawn Lester and David Parker, authors of the book ‘what really makes you ill’. It will blow your mind about how much we’ve been lied too! They have completely and factually debunked everything big pharma has ever said x

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