Beautiful podcast tonight Abi, lovely lyrics from The Jules 😘

Sending love to Suzanne, will be thinking of you and Nick this weekend ❤️ 💙

Looking forward to The Lotus Eaters, love those guys, hope you gave Connor a 💋 from me ☺️😁

The WhatsApp files are hardly 'new' news are they, not interested, such a drainer 🙄 The news will be, when we can watch these murdering pigs, and there is a lot of them, being sentenced!!!

Happy Meaning Wednesday everyone 💞

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Hard listen at the end, my ex brother in law died suddenly at the age of 50 (before the Convid) we used to have wonderful family parties with lots of fun and karaoke. That was his forte and this was played at his funeral. He was a beautiful soul. Lots of love Suzanne x

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Suzanne, that was lovely. I’ll raise a glass to Nick on Saturday. ❤️

Lovely pod tonight.

I started my new job this week. It’s been a surreal experience. Travelling somewhere new. Working long hours. Meeting lots of different people. Missing my old team.

Someone wrote in my leaving card “I’ll miss the alternative news”.

The only thing those BS WhatsApp messages are good for is that hopefully all the seeds I’ve planted over the last few years are finally springing into life.

My poor dad today told me that he wants to try and get to 80, he has a new patch of skin cancer on his neck #5. The hospital want to go through the results on Monday so I’m crossing everything that it’s not his lymph nodes. Had a good chat about getting his medication reviewed. He doesn’t need statins and blood pressure tablets.

Anyway, great to have normal service resumed. Next time you’re in an office full of young men Abs, take me with you!! 🙏

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I remember that ‘things can only get better’ song and the wave of adoration forTB. Glad to say I’ve always been a cynical bitch and it didn’t wash

Fast forward 2015, by than I’m in Canada - my friend said ‘oh, Trudeau seems great’. And I said how the whole thing reminds me of uk 1997 and he’s just like Blair. I’m wrong about so much in life - wish I could of been wrong on this one😢

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Omg thank you 🥰 you played Fields of Gold . .. much love Suzanne x ⭐️

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Lotus eaters was fab Abi,well done you,I had a fair few giggles too.....it was very welcome after this mornings excruciating Anna Brees ‘chat’.....that was painful 😂

Loved the Bonnie Tyler impression. Thanks for reading Take Me To The Place lyrics,glad you like.

Sending love to you Suzanne and hope you’re doing ok 😘

Thanks Abi.....love to all the Substack fam xx

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John Major shagging Edwina Currie (didn't need that picture in my head gone midnight 🤮) followed by Dylan Mulvaney's inch (millimetre I'd guess more like 😝), thought I was listening to filth on Friday 😆 until the subject of lockdown files 🥱 and talking bauble heads indicated otherwise.

Regarding Bliar and University prizes for all, more like propaganda for all, think that was always the intention 🤬

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Watched Lotus Eaters live yesterday, good to see you back on there Abi.

Isabel Oakeshott, a mate of Hancock and wrote the foreword to his book. Now she is revealing his messages on WhatsApp🤷‍♀️ guess there is always a bigger prize to chase. I don’t think Oakeshott has done anything to promote a good image for the Reform Party. They certainly won’t be getting my vote.

June Slater thinks we should all react like her and ‘be kind’, and never question why it took Malhotra and Bridgen two years to come to the table.

Take Me To The Place, such beautiful words, it made me tearful. Abide With Me is my favourite hymn.

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My tuppence worth on the Lockdown files. https://www.thenewera.uk/p/the-lockdown-files

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