Abi, thank you so much for reading my email about my awful experience at Great Ormond Street hospital with Paul xx💖

Piers Morgan, what a despicable human being and still no apology to the unvaccinated. I posted in my outrage several tweets today about Piers. Yes Piers, I am one of those “spineless pussies” who is a 🩸thank God. Proud that I didn’t listen to arseholes like Piers peddling the mRNA for profit.

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Morgan....what a cunt. Mr Jules has just put the interview on,I don’t think I can bear it.

Jan,thanks for sharing,that must have been a hellish few years for you.....obviously there are good nurses and Dr’s but Jesus,no wonder we don’t want anything to do with hospitals,so many bad experiences between us all. My mum was a paediatric nurse in the late 60s before she had family,it was a vocation,she was a lovely nurse by all accounts. She still tells heartbreaking/heartwarming stories of the children’s ward and remembers all the kids names and back stories.

Spoke to a friend today who’s daughters best friend is suicidal and has bn for some weeks. Couldn’t get seen by the NHS for months ....went private,6 week wait for a consultation,a FUCKING Zoom call!!! I just despair....

We enjoyed your Nigerian Prince,Abi 😂

Mozart,a great choice.... such an uplifting moment in the movie.

Hope everyone is doing ok xx

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Mar 22·edited Mar 24

I’m going to go out on a limb here. Most health workers think they are heroes. I think they are brainwashed, desensitised, latent psychopaths.

Look how they behaved over the past 3 years. And those that had time to Tictok and conform with the Midasolam protocol, should burn in hell.

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Jan, I bet you can still see that evil bitch’s face as she spouted her toxicity out.

You must’ve been out of your mind with worry and more besides.

Thanks for sharing something so personal and I hope Paul is doing well. Huge love to you 💖💕💖

That was nice to meet with your Aunt Abs, hope you had a great catch-up 👍💖

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Mar 23·edited Mar 23

When you imagine and see the terrible, evil things people inflict on each other, it's easy to feel hopeless. Then you listen to or see the utterly profound, beautiful things other people create which makes your spirit soar, and you know with every cell in your body that all is not lost. I don't know about anyone else but as far as I'm concerned, 'they' have already lost.

Jan, I'm so sorry for everything you and your poor son suffered. I hope everything is OK now. Go into any health care setting and you can easily spot those who behave like the doctor you mentioned and those who behave like decent human beings.

Good to hear about your time with your aunt Abi. I was at the Royal academy a few weeks ago to see the Spanish exhibition. I was expecting to see lots of magnificent Goya and Velasquez paintings but sadly there were only a handfull, i would have seen more of their work at the national gallery and the Wallace collection.Some interesting history about the Moors in Spain though.

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Morgan is a disgusting excuse for a human being. I remember my pal came from England to visit, illegally, during lockdowns. Vaccines were being rolled out, to the elderly and vulnerable of course as this was before they decided to stab everyone in sight of any age. We both had almost died at the hands of doctors for really rather pedestrian thyroid illnesses. We've been at the coal face of medical malfeasance and so that night we tanked the wine and basically smoked way too much hash and planned our lives on the run. The next morning, instead of the usual bemused regret, we actually high fived our plans for evading the stabbers.

Jan that horrific experience you suffered does not surprise me in the slightest sadly. God love you and I am so heart happy Paul is doing well.

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Oh my gosh Jan, the treatment you received at GOS is truly shocking, I'm so sorry you all had to go through that, how traumatic 😥 the medical industry has alot to answer for! Thank you for sharing your story with us ❤ and love to Paul 💙

Sadly, so many of us have had awful experiences within the NHS.

My local hospital is Frimley Park, which is quite well known, but they are not all they are cracked up to be!!

My dad passed in 2000, he had been diagnosed with a swollen blood vessel in his abdomen that we were told, would be a straightforward procedure to fix with a small tube. He was only ever given an ultrasound. The night before he was having the op, in the January, the anaesthetist came to see him and asked if he had had a CT scan, when we said no, he seemed surprised.

When they opened my Dad up the next morning, they discovered that he actually had an aneurysm that travelled up his entire aorta! The surgeon wasn't qualified to fix this, so they sewed him back up and had to break the news to him later that day. He was devastated and plunged into an awful depression. Recovery from just being cut open was 6 months!!

We had lots of questions as felt they had been neglectful, but the surgeon didn't even attend the meeting and sent a nurse on his behalf!

He was referred to St Thomas, and we were told they could operate but very high risk, however if he didn't have it done, he would die within the year, as his aneurysm would burst.

He had the op in June and survived it, but he was leaking blood, so they had to open him back up to pack him, during which time he caught an infection. He was put on antibiotics, but he wasn't strong enough, his organs switched off one by one and we had to let him go 2 weeks later, it was heartbreaking, as i was with him the day before, Fathers Day, and his white cell count was up, giving us a glimmer of hope.

We requested a mtg with the consultant, a professor, who was quite frankly, a total bastard! He actually said to us 'I had to get up in the middle of the night to see to your dad'. We also had questions about MRSA, as it was just making the media, and he told us not to believe everything you read in the paper!!

His death certificate stated septicemia but we believe it was MRSA.

We left St Thomas Hospital that day with my mum absolutely broken.

Then, after registering his death in Brixton, I had to collect his stuff, they gave it to me in a grotty carrier bag and told me they had lost his watch! They did, thankfully, find it a few hours later

We should have sued Frimley Park Hospital, a big regret of mine but my mum didn't want a fuss. They actually changed their procedure after my dad's case to carry out CT scans, not just ultrasounds.

I also had a horrible experience when having Elena, that's another story.

I hate knocking the NHS as there are some amazing people within it, but sadly my experiences have been more negative than positive 😒

Piers Morgan is one of the biggest stains on society, and that's all I've got to say about that 😡

That resonated about your Aunt, my mum is 86 and I completely overwhelm her at times and she tells me to stop as it's too much 😒 I agree with her, it is, it's just very difficult to stop ranting, but I've learnt to tone it down! She is quite awake thank god and now knows how evil this vaccine is, and she also had terrible shingles last year after 3 shots, she knows why 😨 it knocked her for six! Thank god she has been ok otherwise 🙏

To end on a much lighter note, Abi your array of accents are one of the highlights of my day 🤣🤣

Love to all 😘


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I'm so sorry to hear your dreadful experience Jan. Glad that Paul pulled through what must have been the worst time. I have no clue how people can treat another human being with such contempt. Especially in such circumstances.

Sorry not to have commented before regarding the unacceptable treatment you and Terry received in the royal marsden hospital. I was so sad to hear what you both went through. Terry was lucky to have you by his side.

This brought back memories of when my Dad went to the same hospital for experimental cancer treatment. I will always regret not visiting him! He didn't make it.

I do feel like the NHS is beginning to be exposed for what it really is. I am aware that many good people work there. I also know much harm takes place in hospital. I hope we can find a better way.

If we as a society do make positive changes then it will be thanks to people like you Abi . Thank you for not letting the bullshit get swept under the carpet!! x

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Can’t believe you had to go through that Jan, absolutely unforgivable. So glad that Paul came through. All the bloody health tourists that turn up here and I bet they get treated better. Makes my blood boil. So much wrong with this stupid country and the attitudes of the “entitled” .

Great show Abi, managed to listen to the BOB cast at last. I coii hi I’d have listened for hours, over all too soon. Loving Bob’s latest artwork today, that’s just how I feel, looking for members of my tribe.

AAA question for Friday, are you good at any sports Abi? Xx

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Jan!! Wow wow wow 😳😳 What a wretched wretched piece of work that 'consultant' was. How dare she treat you and Paul that way! What gave her the right to pick and choose who to treat??? She deserves the sack! First principles! First do no harm!!!! And God love Paul, he pulled through despite her!! People like her should not be anywhere near a hospital. The cruelty is off the charts. I'm sick to death of hearing about these miserable selfish people. Her job is to do all she can to help sick people become well again, not kick them to the kerb. The patients welfare should always come first. So glad to hear Paul is with you Jan ❤️ 🙏 I can see her at the pearly gates and I hope God will ask her "Where were you when you turned your back on the sick and suffering?"

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OMG Jan, you poor thing, what a bitch! Thank the gods for Paul’s recovery ♥️ I can’t imagine the stress you went though during that period- I imagine it takes a long time to recover from all that.

🍺Cheers to all🍺

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God bless you Jan and your shocking experience with that nhs dr .. I am coming to realise there are millions of us who have had confrontations with drs now. So happy to hear Paul pulled through what must have been the worst time of your life. As for Abi and the accents just brilliant .. in the words of Simon Cowell “you’re straight through to live shows” 😂. Love Meaningful Wednesday x Suzanne

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Look up Naomi Wolf , “The Pfizer documents” about how much Pfizer was lying and cheating in their research shit for the MRNA injections. That is why CDC did not want to make the docs available for 75 years. All evil, sub humans.🤮 All criminals, that must pay for their crimes🤮They all new and did all those crimes in purpose, to make all of us sick, and kill as many as possible of us🤮It was not for health, was all for money and control🤮🤑🤮

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In response to Mr Morgan's Tweet, people fought WW2 for freedom to choose and Nuremberg code was set up directly after, well at least it laster around 75 years. I emailed GB News htis morning saying your guest is a cunt and a mandate fascist. Some leftie that was on with lovely Bev. And you mentioned Jacob Rees Mogg, have you heard him chanting 'Vox Populi Vox Dei.....Yeah he really is 'of the people'....Great show Abi.

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O Jan. Love to you and Paul. The evil human's do in the name of health.

Great pod as always Abi. Mr Morgan sold out along time ago. Utter,utter cunt,deserves absolutely to be on the wall.

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Piers is an evil fascist, the end

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