Hi Abi, loved the pod.

Will pray for you through this period where the grief bites harder.

Amongst other thoughts I did wonder, if I went to glory tomorrow, what would my Twitter (about a week old so not much) say about me? Following that I also thought that the Twitter accounts of the dead have a strange kind of live voice to them: because it’s conversational, the medium trains us to hear the initial moment of ‘speech’ carried in text, so much so that you find people answering the texts even when they know the person has gone. The digital realm is place where the dead speak and people send messages to them.

On the music thing, I had Allegri: miserere on loop in 2019 while reading a theologian called John Webster on the doctrine of God. We were going through an awful time in ministry: the music and the subject matter transported me into the heavenly realms.

I write sermons to Ellie Goulding, ABBA and Roger Whittaker.



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Good pod Abi yes grief is sometimes all consuming that you cannot see anything but a black hole in front of you. Not in a million years did I think I would outlive Nick and my brother Chris. I think I’ve had such a charmed life from being a little girl right to now at 62 that being on your own is just surreal. However I am not going down without a fight, still do my hair and make up every day, makes me feel like my old self. Don’t think I didn’t notice the excellent photo of your winter hat and a dash of red lipstick you posted 🥰.. I’d like a link to the Roger Scruton thing if you have that please.

On a lighter note I love a good chat with a London cabbie they are the best. I made friends with one years ago, he and I became FB friends, 100% in my team on zero jabs, with just the best cockney accent x

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Hi Abi, it so struck a cord when you talked about people getting obsessed with having jabs - my 9 and 12 year old nieces’ mum has the flu vaccine squirted into their mouths ‘to protect the adults’!!!? What’s that all about? They are prepping them for constant jabs I think. Of course me (mouthy) says I think those things are no good at all etc, but she is a real normie and so I don’t think listens.

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haha - speaking of the comment "are you going to actually say anything?" I know they meant something a bit different, but sometimes you also have quite long gaps while you go and do things like close the door or turn of the fan or whatever. The other day I was listening and there was a pause - I waited patiently for about 5 whole minutes until I realised my internet had crashed!

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Great to hear you Abi and very helpful on this day. I am so sorry i remembered how awful this month is for you and will also pray for you.

What was the moving Tchaikovsky piece ? needing to re listen.

Have you seen the animated film Flushed Away where posh rat gets invaded by sewer rat 😂 On Amazon i think .

Take lots of massages and the rest !

Much love ♥️

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William Blake. Great name same as my husband who without I would never have survived the last year's of utter madness. He keeps me level. With him i fear nothing.

Hope all are well.🙏

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Hi Abi.

Stopped this pod just over halfway through, notes,rewinds and everything.

1. Your generosity re Icke was gracious, and appreciated...you may well know that Douglas Murray was quite the friend of Sir Roger in his later years, and he deserves credit for keeping Rogers work in mind.

I'd say Scruton was a cultural Christian at best, but is with the angels today nonetheless..and we " Christians" need to grasp that G-d seeks authenticity and fearless seeking after Truth...that's what we were born to do. Your fantastic reading of Blake's letter and Myles Leas courage in drawing strength from it , was what stopped me in my tracks. Just wonderful.

A very meaningful Wednesday indeed

Thanks Hun, like you I hate this time of the year, having lost my boyfriend , just as Wetherspoons put up their Christmas menu off...17th this year...cue waterworks.

As you say, funny things eh?

With love for Terry.


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Hi Abi I can relate to music around the house. Three older brothers introduced me to Teardrop Explodes, XTC, Squeeze even Frank Sidebottom with papier machet head. Mum and dad loved jazz who always had family parties and aunties, uncles and cousins all got up and gave a tune. Sadly missed these parties as a lot of relatives has passed on. Good Times

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Stunning episode. Had everything

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Very good and funny Abi. Can you link to the Roger Scruton video? Thx

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Having faith and believing that I will meet up with my brother again in the afterlife is comforting in these incredibly challenging times.

I love music, it brings joy to my life, makes me want to dance and then open the Prosecco! Dr Cartland told me recently that if I drink less than him then I have no worries. He said that doctors consume huge amounts of alcohol to get through their exams and then continue afterwards😂

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Abi what is that piece of Tchaikovsky called?

It’s so moving that I’m in tears here. The power of music is really amazing. Great pod as always. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I, like you, feel things deeply, but cannot imagine it any other way . Without the dark there would be no light and to not feel such emotions would be a very sterile life indeed x

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I too have an eclectic taste in music. A proper Forest Gump of a record collection. I'm jumpin & jiving to Joe Jackson quite a lot lately. If he don't get your toes tapping, you've had a rhythm bypass - ye ha. Given you have a strong religious bent, I'm surprised you haven't mentioned Sir Cliff, or is he just lurking in the shadows? I also have convergence tendencies, as my friend Dave points out when he says 'you speak all funkin posh when you're with your sailing friends.' He has a point.

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Age 26

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Yes please. My wife needs it, I think. Our future son-in-law, a professional biker, was killed by a drunk driver.

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