It’s as plain as daylight that this is a depopulation agenda. They want the weak first. Has nothing to do with “vulnerable people”. It’s to do with weeding out the “useless eaters”. They want our disabled, infirm and old first. Those evil motherfuckers.

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ABI ☺️🙏😊👍 I am back

Super long story so I won't bore you or the tribe

Just good to be back here with the truth seekers .

In Perth now and trying to adjust to this entirely new life

Hope all here are well and safe 🙏

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Bless you Natalie, what an amazing mum you are. They said it was all for our “health” yet it’s clear it was all lies and what they were doing was pure abuse.

Thank you Abi, I will be tuning in thank you. Have you tried gargling the husk out? Been there before.

So sorry to hear about your hairdresser friend, everyone I speak to knows someone now affected these poisons sadly.

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Oh Natalie💔💔💔

We will walk through fire to protect our children, im so proud of you for never allowing your precious daughter to be harmed by these bastards.

What an utterly heartbreaking testimony which makes me angry at them all. How fucking dare they?

Sending love to you all 💖💖💖

Abi, hope you sort your popcorn situation out, that stuff can be lethal.

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Natalie thinking of you what a fabulous mummy you are. ❤

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Dearest Abi, thank you with all my heart for giving a voice to those with learning disabilities who do not have one. I sat with my husband and daughter (in a hug) as together we listened to you read out my letter to her. It was very emotional. I feel so very humbled that it will join the heartfelt and traumatic testimonies of the others in this wonderful family that you have brought together. You and Bob have been 2 voices that have inspired and affirmed that I needed to continue to raise awareness of all that has happened over the last 3 years. The commitment you both have to the whole truth and nothing but is courageous and really needs to be heard - it really resonates with me .

My heartfelt thoughts go out to Steve, the person who lost their brother and the taxi driver. My mum has just been diagnosed with a heart and kidney condition, doesn’t feel herself and has no energy. While in hospital they placed a DNACPR on her without valid permission. My mum had the jabs because of fear , coercion , in the hope of travelling to see her family and to do the right thing. Like you say I cant’t know for sure if they have caused her conditions but …..My heart breaks every time I hear another story of injury or death.

Thank you to every person who has written such supportive comments and who sent me messages, they mean so much and help me to continue to fight for my daughter ,all of those with learning disabilities and of humanity. This month they will start offering a 2 dose Pfizer shot to those 6 months-4 years on their ‘high risk list’ who have a learning disability and are following out a spring booster to those 5 -11 years old. My hope is that we raise enough awareness so that every parent is informed of the whole truth - yourself and those sharing my letter have ensured that so many more will hear our message. A huge thank you to you all , lots of love Natalie. ❤️😘🥰

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Natalie what an amazing mum you are,the testimony had me in tears it was so well written.As Abi said there are a lot of us that stand next to you against this evil i know i will never keep quiet about what happened especially to my parents. As a few know i had a Ct scan on Tuesday and wore my bobs cartoon tshirt “never surrender the right to be with people you love” as u know i always get asked about it and starts off a conversation. After telling my story the guy looking after me cried and gave me the biggest hug.....they know whats happening. I said to my husband one by one if we each just tell our story to one person it will snowball. Just awful to hear about your hairdresser Steve, all of us here know someone who had died, heart attack,collapsed or got a turbo charged unusual illness.3 of my kids all know someone who has collapsed and died which that in itself it just not normal.My youngest sons best mates dad collapsed and died at home but he managed to do CPR on him and bring him back he has apparently had 2 stents put in now but is still not well enough for work weirdly his workplace were one of the first to withhold sick pay if you didn’t have the 💉its absolutely criminal what has happened.Thanks again to Natalie for sending ur testimony in much love to ur daughter xxxxx........Lisa xx

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Andrew Bridgen took 2+ years to change sides, but has he really? If he still believes the first lockdown was justified then he is not one of us. Bridgen vigorously supported all the government’s mandates, encouraging his constituents to get the 💉💉💉 The likes of Bridgen and Malhotra do not have the word ‘sorry’ in their vocabulary. A heartfelt apology would go a long way but I don’t see it coming. Malhotra on his celebrity speaking tour of Australia doesn’t sit well with me ......it’s all about him.

My heart goes out to Natalie for what she has endured from the State with her daughter. I cried listening to her testimony. I never realised that the State will take over responsibility for Natalie’s daughter when she reaches 18 years, that is truly terrifying.

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So sorry to hear what you went through Natalie, good god 😡 what a fabulous mama bear you are ❤️ I have a 10yr old and that's all I can think about these days is fighting this war on us, for her, it's bloody frightening 🫣

Awful news about your hairdresser Abi 😢 the girl who did your hair sounds like so many, totally oblivious to what's really going on, I don't get it, not now with so much in plain sight, but that's where we are folks 😒

I hope your throat is better today Abs, popcorn can be a bit bloody hazardous!!

Hope everyone is ok 🙏

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O Natalie. God bless you. When I was on Twitter I did follow you. I can say I will be right by your side protecting children. The utter evil we have all seen in these past 3 year is well I have no words.

These people now says things we have known from the start in a position to influence can all go fuck themselves im afraid. To little to late.

Welcome back Will .

Love to you all.🙏

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Oh Natalie love, heartbreaking 💔

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Hi abi couldn't agree more with everything you say

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Natalie, you are an amazing mother. I can relate to this more than you can ever know. God bless you and your beautiful daughter x

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Another very honest and moving podcast.We have to spread Nathalie's Trauma into truth letter far and wide!

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Dear Natalie you are such a strong and amazing lady, so sorry that you've been through this. I also went to my hairdresser today and she was telling me all the stories she is hearing from her clients, heart attacks and turbo cancers etc . It's all absolutely devastating but she says more and more of them are questioning things now and she believes the tide is turning. I am so angry about it all, I want to see heads roll. Keep strong everyone. xx

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