Thank you so much Abi for reading my testimony that was unexpected. My husband is in remission with his cancer but is now vaccine damaged after the second jab. He now bitterly regrets taking the ☠️but unfortunately you can put the ☠️in but cannot take it out. The NHS have put my husband on the never ending waiting list so he is having to go privately for tests.

Yes, the Julia HB photos of her on holiday in some mega expensive resort were sickening. She had the jabs to go on holiday and then stuck two fingers up to the rest of us by posting those photos when so many of us were struggling.

Abi Daily and the SubStack family keep me going. God Bless xx

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I've got a gentleman coming round tomorrow to sort my will out and after that's sorted I'll be happy. Leaving the lot to animal sos Sri lanka the animal charity, FUCK this world it's a Fucking shit show and to all the genuine loving people I wish you health and happiness and as for the rest you can get Fucked.

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Julia fartly spewer! Oh Abi that's so funny!

Jan, I've just listened to your very moving testimony. I hope you are in a better place now. The one group of people we look to for understanding and help during difficult times is our family. To not be there when most needed is the ultimate betrayal. Like you I saw things differently to most people. Some agreed with my views but many didn't. Had so many battles with management at work before I took early retirement. I remember saying to my manager,

'we all have to draw a line in the sand where we say here and no further. I drew my line in the sand a long time ago where is everybody else's line in the sand?. Those of us who have chosen not to get jabbed are the last line of defence. If we fall it will be YOUR CHILDREN NEXT!'

I think that may have got through, but goodness me its like knocking your head against a brick wall. Jan I don't know if this will help, but whenever I get depressed I just say to myself this too shall pass. The fact that you are self aware, look into things to help you understand better, means that every time this happens it will be slightly less severe and painful and last just a little less than the time before. Stay strong, find and do things that make you feel happy and joyful. We will get through this, no doubts in my mind. Hani x

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Lot of strong comments tonight but that’s because we are all so frustrated with the shit show! Jan you were right about critical thinkers being able to see through the crap early on, non of it made sense! How can’t people see it? I try to be positive every day but some days it is a struggle. Let’s keep each other going because we all need to be here when the truth finally comes out. ❤️

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friend sent it to me...what an absolute shill Elliiiiot is! globalist ******! love a bit of Ivor! depopulation shot- (not really a vax) is what it is! heard this week there were very little cancers before the traditional vaccinations started proper mid last century...and look at the adhd? and other problems etc in kiddies now...! I’ve been called Anti vax...I am for sure for all now! john bowe- what a hero! all doctors and nurses are complicit in this! after p fi zer janine small admitted never tested shot for transmission- check out Christine Anderson - german MEP- 5 members speaking out this week! bill gates dad, elon musk grandfather (carbon footprint) and stanley johnson well into eugenics...as were rothschilds, rockerfellers! all evil.

churches catholic and CofE now false prophets...even wonderful fr calvin robinson had to go to another for being right wing...and not woke marxist! Westminster cathedral beautiful building...incense and choir boys...! sorry! mixed loos at schools stops some kiddies even going all day! tom harwood even now shilling for p fiz er! john of gaunt is a ****!

Dear Jan feel same about all in authority! poor dear lady it is still a lonely world. hope hubby doing well xxx

local restaurant closed last week...receivers in! missed you Abi Woberts this while are you still on gettr! love you xx

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Oh Jan,

your testimony is as important and worthy as anyone else’s.

I echo Abi when I ask how your husband is doing?

Your testimony broke my heart and I do hope that you’re ok.

If you send me a DM on twitter, I’ll give you my number, you can contact me for a rant whenever you are having a shit day. Don’t struggle on your own.

So sad about your counsellor, I had a great one years ago and I thought he would save my life.

I had to quit as I couldn’t afford him any longer and he was miles away.

Sending love to you 💖💖💖

Julia what’s her face is on holiday again I think🤣🤣

Great pod Abi, thankyou 💕💖💕

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Yet another terrific podcast, Abi. You articulate so brilliantly the rage that I continue to feel. It is proving to be both a tonic and therapy for me to tune in to 'Abi Daily' every day.

Thanks for reading out Jan's testimony, too. I found it extremely moving as I could relate to a lot of what Jan has been through, particularly with regards to losing old friends, and the moments of sheer despair at what has been happening to our country and the rest of the world. God bless you both and all who gather in the Substack, Telegram and Gettr families.

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Thanks for sharing your story Jan and hope your husband is doing ok bless him. The family and friend stuff is so tough,it resonates,I’m still finding it hard to come to terms with. I have pondered on sending Abs my story but the last few weeks have bn super tough and I couldn’t bear the thought of getting upset going over it all when I’m trying to keep my head above water just now and ‘just keep swimming’. Glad u guys are all here. Sending love and light to you all xx

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Oh Jan, you must’ve felt so alone when family and friends struggled to support you when you needed them most. I’m glad you had some counselling and found it really beneficial, during lockdowns I volunteered for MIND as a telephone befriender and the things I heard were heartbreaking. I hope life is improving for you and your husband is ok right now, although we’ve never met in person I always find your comments to be so genuinely warm towards people and I find that those who have been through a lot have the most empathy, (I include Trudi here, another diamond). God bless Jan, the substack family are with you all the way. Lots of love xx

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Jules, I am so sorry to hear that you are struggling. Writing my testimony for the e-book brought on many tears so I understand that it is painful for you right now to relive this stuff. SubStack is definitely a great support to us all and with Abi at the helm.

If you ever want to private message, I am @JanNewell6 on Twitter and my email address is: preciouspearl999@hotmail.com


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Jan's experience is so important in the shit show story. As you said Abi, it does all blur in to one when you look back. But the division deliberately brought about by government policy, SAGE, Patrick Vallance, Chris Whitty and all those bastards is something that is still palpable today. I expect most people on here have lost friendships and have strained relationships because they didn't fall for the 'narrative '.

I think the feeling of isolation, actual physical isolation because of the Lockdowns and then the mental torture that ensued have been immensely difficult to deal with. I certainly felt that so strongly and can absolutely sympathise with Jan's experience.

And even now, I feel like I'm in an alternate reality. Pretending everything is back to normal, but i look around at others and in my head I keep saying ' you're all fucked!'

Thanks Jan for sharing your experience. All our experiences are individual, but they are all equally important in telling future generations that we knew what was happening was so wrong and that we tried to raise the alarm. The nightmare of the last few years has changed us all and altered the course of our lives, I feel.

Sending love to Jan, her husband and all who sail here on the good ship Abi Daily. We are stronger together everyone and the love and support on here is amazing.

Thanks Abi for another great podcast xx

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Much love to you Jan, I wish your husband all the very best. your story was very moving and I'm so sorry for what you've been going through. The Abi family are really great people so I hope being here gives you some comfort. Much love and God bless. xx

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