The sound was fine Abi considering that you had to use your phone.

What a great insightful piece by Cherry. History is on our side and those who are complicit in the lies will pay the price ....eventually🤞

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Brilliant piece Cherry.....u managed to put my exact feelings into words 🙏 it’s all so baffling and so sad.

Lovely poem Abi,great choice.

Me and Mr Jules are off to Croatia tomorrow (no vax pass,no masks,no testing)! Haven’t been away for over 3 years and I must say it feels a little weird,not the usual excitement,a little anxious about going away whilst everything is so strange and fucked up. Maybe it’s also leaving home after it’s bn our haven from the madness for the last 2 and a half years. Also it’s the first time I’ve left my mum since my dad died,so that’s hard too. I even had thoughts about getting a jabbed pilot 🤣🙈 I’m sure I’ll be fine when we get there,could really do with a break,I’m not complaining,just trying to articulate how weird it feels in this parallel universe but hey,u guys know,all about that that’s why you’re here with me 😂

Take care y’all. We shall look forward and tune into Abi Daily everday. Xx

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Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading my words so movingly Abi. As our family grows we can give each other strength.

I've had to move job to job in the last nearly 3 years to avoid mask wearing, and the cruelty I saw in the hospital, then in my next job (on nights to avoid masking, ) I was just settled and I was then excluded from visiting unwell patients in the care sector, because I wasn't jabbed, then I moved to primary care, only to be told by the lead GP that if I wasn't jabbed by the end of Jan 22 I would have to leave . So I gave a weeks notice and left. Fuck that.

I had a very interesting showdown with a midwife who pulled me because I had advised a pregnant woman, who was feeling pressured to get the jab, to not be coerced and make her own decisions, I told her she was healthy and young snd at no risk, that we had zero data to show safety. The said midwife was incensed and reported me to the lead GP, who proceeded to tell me that she knows that I have a conscientious objection, but that " the evidence is in, the jab is safe and I must advise all pregnant women to get it", again Fuck that. THIS is what is happening on the ground, thus is the filth I have to share oxygen with.

Naturally, I informed them that they had to look at themselves in the mirror knowing what damage they are doing and that they will have to examine themselves for any professional integrity.

Naturally, I am sure they couldn't wait to see the back of me. And the feeling was bloody mutual.!

Love to you all, you beautiful souls xx

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What beautiful words by Cherry 💖💖💖

The poem was again thought provoking.

Have a great evening everyone 💕

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Sound was fine Abi. Beautiful words by Cherry 🥰🙏

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Thanks Cherry. I know of a young nurse at St James Hospital in Leeds who said she was bored out of her mind during the worst of Covid. She had nothing to do. Medical staff are the ones who have allowed this to happen and it is unforgiveable. Lovely poem to end this.

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Thank you Cherry and Abi, Cherry your experience is horrific but wonderful that you've stayed so strong and I'm grateful you are sharing it. Lovely poem Abi, I too love Dylan Thomas being a Welsh gal myself! Diolch yn Fawr. xx

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I know exactly what you mean. Enjoy yourself and have a lovely time, it did us the world of good. X

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