The Lotus Eaters was good,well done you,so refreshing to hear some sensible conversation! Yes Connor is a very smart 24 yr old,he is impressive. On the abortion issue,my daughter was born with club feet!! It was mild ish and mainly corrected by me doing physio on her little feet everyday....it beggars belief. Having gone down the abortion rabbit hole recently,we don’t know the half of it,it’s brutal and satanic 🥲

Jabs for babies,I can’t even....

Baby Will,I can’t even.....

Matt Wankcock,I can’t even.....

Bob,I really could 🥰😂

Thanks for the Bach ❤️


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Evening you beautiful lot.

I watched the lotus eaters today, you were your fabulous self as per.

Isn’t Connor lovely? Such an articulate young man, bless him.

You all know my feelings on Wancock so I won’t bore you further.

Great tweet by the Bobster👏👏

Thanks for the Bach .... How calming is that? I feel so calm after listening to that.

I do enjoy classical music.

Our Charlotte aka Baroness of Burnley plays the. Piano beautifully, it’s magical.

Baby Will... they’ve seized him, as if he is a thing or possession. It’s barbaric.

Will is a twin and I’m sure mum was still breastfeeding both of them. My heart hurts for that poor family💔💔💔

I hate this world 🥺😢


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Hi Abi, I’ve just been sitting in my garden far away in South Africa drinking coffee listening to last night’s podcast and I absolutely loved the Bach. What an inspiration. Here’s a link to a brilliant Bach piece that I often listen to when it all gets a bit much - maybe a suggestion for next week’s Meaningful Wednesday? Much love to everyone 😘 https://youtube.com/watch?v=CrbVUQ34WMU&feature=share

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Thanks Abi, great to hear your views which I totally agree with. I can't bear to think of that poor baby and what his parents are going through. I am absolutely livid with that c**t Jacinda! I hope the whole country stands up and says 'Oi Jacinda, NO'! Love Bach's music it's sublime! I lived next door to a young lad back in the 80's he was obsessed with U2 and would play their album every day at full volume. I got so fed up with it one day, I put on beethovens 9th symphony and blasted him with it. I'm not joking, the walls rattled. Funny thing was he never played his music so loud after that. 😅

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Thanks for the Bach piece Abi. It lifts the soul up to the heavens. Beautiful contralto voice. I love music from the baroque and renaissance. Handel and earlier stuff by Byrd and Tallis too.

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thanks for the music

so beautiful


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Hey Abi, I watched you on Lotus Eaters live with the lovely Connor. How refreshing to have such a young man on our wavelength. Connor is a catch for any young lady for sure.

Time Magazine with Zelenskyy as fraudster of the year was inevitable.

So, what new political party to attach ourselves too? I hoped there would be a completely new right of centre party that would draw in the expertise from all of the other smaller parties. Laurence Fox tried to make this happen but he said no one was interested. I think that a new party needs someone well known at the helm so that can only be Nigel Farage. The likes of Tice and Oakeshott make me🤮though.

NZ what an evil regime. There is no reason not to let that 4 month old baby have unvaccinated blood. The baby has been removed from the parents not for health reasons but because they didn’t fall into line with the State 🥲

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Looking forward to listening to you on lotus eaters later Abi.

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